All right! This thing check it out guys looks pretty sharp man and its packed with a lot of features. All right, let me break some down. 1080P. Camera has waypoints. Follow me. Um return to home also has lost signal return home gestures, its under 250 grams. So you have to worry about all that other stuff um. It has about a 15 minute flight time, two speeds and lots of other features. All right. This thing is feature packed all right, so lets get into it. Alright, so heres how you unfold it front ones. First, okay, all right, as you can see it has brush motors, has a 1080p camera check it out and its tiltable has a couple leds at the front, these arent sensors. It has lights on the motor pods, which i do like great for night flying great for orientation. Also, the front light is great for orientation as well lets check on the bottom here, and you got your two antennas, one for the video and one for the remote heres, your micro usb card slot up to 32 gigabytes on the back here is your battery bay. Well, get into the battery in a minute on the top. You got your uh power button, so heres your remote guys feels good in hand kind of big, its all good. These little things pop out like this better grip, pretty good sticks, feel okay. This one is centered for altitude hold its good all right, so lets go over some of these buttons on off switch right here.

These leds are to indicate whatever youre, using right now speed on the left, the picture button, headless mode and the uh return to home. All right, so these light up ill show you right there heres your headless mode, return home gps button, take off and land um gyro calibration and compass calibration button top left shoulder button, speed button, theres two speeds top right shoulder button: is your video and photo buttons? All right, um long press for video short press for pictures, cell phone holder, all right wont hold my galaxy note, 10, plus with the case i havent tried it without the case i dont think itll fit does not take double or aaa batteries. You charge the remote all right comes with a micro, usb port right here and cable dont know how i feel about that. I dont know all right so thats. It guys lets see what else is in the box all right. This is the box. It came in guys comes neatly, packed in this box check that out hows everything in there all right. So you got your propeller guards here. You got two charging cables for the battery. You got another charging cable here for your remote. You got some extra props heres. Your screwdriver, you got some extra things here for the top of your propellers um, two batteries instruction manual and some extra screws. All right lets start this thing up. So after you download the snaptane app to your phone all right, so you get the battery put it in like this.

Okay, so you power on and then you power on the remote, so im not going to fly it inside here all right, but this is just the gps procedure. Okay, so you would hit the compass calibration right. All the lights go off. You can see, probably wont, get any signal in here. You turn it like this. Do that compass, dance red ones at first, then you go horizontal or say vertical, then they flash. Then you leave it all right. Then, when its all solid you take off okay there. You go, i guess i could take off in here, but i wont all right all right guys. Let me take this thing outside all right lets start this up guys yeah. This uh phone wont hold this. I forgot to bring some two sided tape: thats it gon na be on the floor in the ground or whatever. Okay, pretty stable check it out its a bit windy. I like the front lights and closer like the front lights. Definitely like the uh, the motor pod lights, the red and the green. All right slide this around a bit: okay, responsive a little funnel there. I dont have a memory card in there. Guys totally forgot you guys ever been somewhere, and you forget your memory card. It sucks well, this thing flies well guys, thats for sure sorry, i cant find a nice sunny day to fly this thing for the first time guys, but it is what it is.

It is winter time i do like the lights for sure, though, and its fast orientation, not a problem. Oh this thing can move guys return home lets see turns around comes back. I was around this direction. I dont know where i was. It goes around here. Its dropping slowly its turning again for some weird reason: okay, return to homeworks, guys all right and that can from that okay, im gon na hit return home again all right, not bad guys its my first brushed gps drone in a long time since my hubsan h, 502E, all right well, thats, it guys first test return, the home test and the camera i forgot to bring the my memory card so well have to deal with the footage from the app all right guys, thats.