The snaptane drone i’ve had it since christmas it’s a really good drone. A cheap drone it’s, like i don’t, know exactly but 30 or 40 pounds it’s a real drone. So today we’re reviewing it um. So what i’ve got actually the box actually here’s? What i normally do in the video shows you details. This is the outside of the box. Obviously boxes snap tan. I got the f15f um, so it comes with a fold up drone, so you can fold it up. Um optical flow. Basically it follows you around um. It takes camera, takes pictures of the air. Um pictures follows you around it circles you around um max speed. This is not true, but it says on the box: speed switch 100 miles per hour. You can see this guy’s uh, this honda doesn’t. That is backwards to you, but a hundred this is 14 plus i don’t, probably like 11 plus now, because, like it’s only a 12, 14 plus and it flies in and smashes your eyes in like something i don’t know um so yeah. So stop uh. One key return. I said headless mode it’s, i tried four, but it didn’t work. Uh uh, one landing. One press landing button, i’ll show you in a minute voice control, say come here: it comes here, go backwards. You go backwards, side to side, it goes side to side, that’s a good feature if you want a good drone, so yeah so it’s that model affordable, drone um.

This is in the box, it’s a f f a x, i s whatever. That means uh. If you want to say that uh steptain and details, you want to see that i’m reading, all that stuff so backwards doing anything uh, it says recyclable, probably not uh, three and over so it’s 14 in the box, uh, not waterproof. Uh don’t fly up in the uh what’s. It called um wire pole wire things, uh don’t fly into any planes actual planes uh. This drone is very light like lighter than your finger or something so if you guys win behind it off in a tree done that before multiple times and put these on, because don’t put them on class into a tree, these will be knackered and probably the drone Inside will probably hit this bit. It protects it when it goes that way. It hits up it that way a bit forward, but she’s dead, the camera’s here, uh it’s uh, something like i think, it’s 2k camera. It depends what phone you have there’s so much resolution. It comes out with uh landing things uh these these things didn’t like help to land uh the battery that i’ll be showing in a minute whether that is q, zero c, four c. Four fortnight uh there’s a boston camera here, and what that’s for uh split sensor? Actually and that’s it for the drone there’s some things in here these are things right: the battery so hey bit battery.

This is the charger if you want to like change your charger if this brokes so it’s one of these ones, this black end and there’s this charger, this lights up when you think um charge it. I think old, one um yeah there’s one like this. I used to have but i’ve crashed like multiple times drone or something it’s actually trash this one’s better. Take the same surprise, this one’s like a 120 pound, but go for this one because it’s much better and either this one this battery. It goes in this way and the even this way slide it in i’ve charged it uh takes like an hour to charge you get about. This is a trash thing, 10 minutes of flight, but you it comes with two batteries: that’s 20 minutes of like quick method. Right there um anyway, then uh charger to my back right, the controls. So this is up and down, i think, left and right, obviously um. So your your way is this is photo and video hold the video down. If you want to do your video, do click on and off so do that take a photo um. It goes quite actually far in the air for a cheap drone, so uh on and off here, uh calibration doing these two buttons random buttons are like here uh. The photo uh light nurse. I think you had lightning when i was about landing. Taking off, stop emergency, stop busting, no press stacks break.

The drone like um circle flight now actually tried that before uh speed, headless and return. So basically, it follows the path back and returns to the normal place. Um it doesn’t really like go up the track a little bit um and also say the uh. You get an app for it. It’S called something like if it’s, not playing drone. You call them up uh yeah, something like that um, so that’s on the actual uh app. But if you don’t have the app and you’re just flying it randomly you only take um photos if you have the thing of the cam, the um phone on it. If you just press it once that that’s this you can’t, i don’t think um. This is the phone thing. It goes this high, so basically the max. I think you can go the small phone. You can go like. Actually this, like, like upwards and sideways, you know um, so yeah uh, so yeah backwards uh. This is the batteries that battery support. I may, after this have some um actual footage of the drone um, maybe actually – because i think the wind might be posting this video today tomorrow, when it’s quite like off uh anyway photos videos of that um yeah. So snap tane drone brilliant drone, four out four star rating out of five, because just the one star left is this: the when it takes off um but it’s cheap jones, so you can’t say anything about it: uh that’s about it.

So you have a car like this. First video um place you video guys. I hope this helps you, the snaptane drone language scripture temple and do right up here.