Hover Music reveal, follow and orbit now lets fly, creating magic, make sure theres plenty of clear space around you do not fly in wind or gusts over seven miles per hour. Select a flight mode to get started. Green led light means pixie is ready to fly. White led light, means its recording, hold pixie flat in your palm and raise it to eye level. With the camera facing you press the start button to begin pixis flight green, led light indicates that pixie is ready to land. You can adjust pixis time in flight for each capture mode in the snapchat app now youre ready to fly how to pair your pixie turn. The dial on your pixie to standby, open snapchat, go to profile, go to settings tap on pixi, follow the on screen instructions to pair your pixie hold down the start button for seven seconds now: youre ready to fly how to charge your pixie these lights, located on The bottom side indicate the state of charge to charge your pixie use, the included, usbc, cable or a certified usbc cable for faster charging use a wall. Adapter pixie batteries are light and easy to carry around with you on any adventure to change your pixie battery gently pull on the groove at the rear end of the battery to remove when installing a battery first insert the front end and then press the back of The battery into place to ensure it is secure, charge two batteries at once with the dual battery charger available for purchase, use the included usbc cable, to connect the charger to a power source.

Now, youre ready to fly changing settings on your pixi open your snapchat go to memories, tap on your paired pixie to open the pixie settings; page select, a capture mode, adjust duration, distance and capture tight.