Hopefully, you guys have been enjoying the series uh last episode was reaper, which i thought was actually a pretty solid good episode um, because the guy seemed like he had good intentions. He just you know was he went a bit far with him, but i thought that the episode overall was pretty solid um. This episode is called drone. I don’t know a drone. I mean at first. I was like a drone like a flying drone, but i don’t think those exist during this year right and those i don’t think drones came out during that time. So drone i mean it’s, drawing a form of like when somebody’s, like kind of like walking without thinking. Like oh they’re, a drone, maybe all right, that’s, a good thing right, they’re being controlled or something that could be all right: um yeah i mean we’re getting the final four or so episodes so i’m. Guessing we’re gon na get like some final major big arc. I don’t know if this show introduces a big, bad or anything like that throughout the season um going forward or anything, but we haven’t really had a big bad it’s been a lot of just kind of getting to know the kids and the family and the characters Which i really like um, so i don’t know i don’t think the show needs anything bad. I think we just kind of keep things going. The way they’re going and just have some fun with it, but who knows we’re gon na happen here have a good time.

Have some fun like comment subscribe here? We go ted cheerleader and president of the drama club that definitely gives her an edge, not to mention that she’s also really hot yeah, but her name rhymes with the french word for luggage, one candidate, so who’s it gon na. Be who cares no matter what she says? People are gon na vote for me. Never underestimate the need for the clinically ambitious to pad their resumes. If somebody controls the bees, i don’t, like them it’s about insects. They can look kind of corny anyway there’s a new candidate on the horizon, who i think, is really going to make things interesting. Oh yeah, who’s that what have you done? I see a big future ahead of you in politics. Clark it’s straight forward. People, like you, uh Applause, Music. I need you out on route 92 miles east of the mansion, a red mustang with engine trouble. What are you doing hey? I know you not that i don’t appreciate your. I don’t grant interviews miss castle. I spent the better part of my life taking back entrances to avoid people like you wait just listen. I want to write an article about you. Uh i’m good i’ll fall for likes their articles, written about me all the time, but you’re either dismissed as a what so you’re going to take your name off the ballot. Yeah well good, because this election is way too important to turn into a joke.

What, if she’s the killer police, i hear she’s, throwing a pre election bash with a band and about tightly wound right. She has to be the killer chloe, not that i’m planning to. But if i ran, do you think i’d have a shot we’re, not the killer, but the person? Oh. This is for that one girl’s party deserted vacant. Well, i was searching for a euphemism. You know i was running, i mean if we get alexis backing for money. I mean we might actually have a shower campaign. I didn’t realize you had political. I had to change your heart man of tomorrow very catchy. Thank you and thank you for the encouragement. You’Ve got my vote. I was thinking. Maybe i could have my election rallies. That sounds great stand for truth, justice and the american stuff. Well, you want to be a little more specific. Like tell me where you stand on the issues. What is your job? The one friend they’re clear, there’s a bear now i know they suck, but you got ta be now she’s shooing the bees away, so maybe it’s not her nope it’s, her Music, i feel like they got her addressing all nerdy and stuff. I bet they’re gon na. I wonder if they’re gon na do the whole. Oh, my god, she looks so good now or something i feel like that’s. What they’re gon na go? Pete suckered you into it paul has a clear stance on issues you have yet to articulate.

I agree: it’s, nothing! Personal yep remember: damn clark: damn are you mad? He asked you questions earlier. You didn’t even have answers, definitely a challenge. It shows you who your real friends are how’s your speech going. I haven’t started. Writing it. Yet maybe your real friends are man but it’s. Not my fight as an investor, you have to know when to cut your losses. So what do you suggest i do? The binary is declared war. If you want to hold on to this place, you need to get creative. I always appreciate persistence. You won’t regret this. Not yet miss castle, oh she’s dead, right, hey, hey, really eat both of you that equally sucks how’s. It going just answered. No comment that way she can’t misquote you, oh you guys are care about. Felice watch your back yeah! You guys are being mega messed up. Matures huh, you wouldn’t happen to know how those bees went up attacking paul and felice. Would you are you accusing me of something clark? I just find it interesting that a swarm of bees would attack two candidates in this election. Hey you don’t even like you have to start nothing. I can come up with something to fight for right. I don’t know how you explained this um. I panicked so i busted the pipe and then are you. Okay. Sorry. I didn’t get further on your speech. That’S. The least of my worries you didn’t, get anywhere on the speech.

Do you think she has something to do with it? Yes, i just don’t know how she’s controlling, i think the asian kid is going to win. You need to call me drop out. Can you see me i’ve decided to drop out of the election? I thought you should be the first to know good i’m glad you finally made the right decision. The fact that those people were even considering voting for any of you guys just proves that this. The first kid was mega qualified now, they’ll have one: where are you sending them? You may be thick skin, but what about your mother? What the hell this crazy, i would have threw her against the wall, not mom the crazy b, lady Music, this little one that makes this kind of funny. Oh, how did you get here? What about your mom? I didn’t tell them to come. That was back that’s. The route he took for that, what a weird rob to go, we’re right to endorse him. He was the more qualified candidate and i got caught up on the whole popularity rush. Don’T start gloating just because you got one well. My candidate may have won, but my friend lost i’m really proud of you tonight clark. Why? Because you’re exhibiting dignity in the face of defeat it’s the quality that all great leaders possess a preview. Apparently a rival coffeehouse, has had several health department violations. They’Ve been trying to cover up how’d you hear about that.

Amanda told me so chloe had a reporter friend, look into it and sure enough it’s, true, damn not dirty, not creative, my father! What are you gon na tell him when he finds out you killed the article who says he’s behind it. Please miss castle i’ve, never insulted your intelligence to insult mine. I’Ll tell them. I got an offer. I couldn’t refuse. Oh my god, the godfather lines all right. Well, that was episode number 18 of season, one. That episode was a six man. It was very much a six. I had some good moments, but some overall very forgetful stuff that i didn’t really care for, or care about really um. The stuff. Like i love lex, the stuff that likes this episode, i didn’t care about didn’t really go anywhere. Honestly. It was like a hit piece that was being ran on him. He got tricked in a way that i didn’t think he would have gotten tricked. He tried to turn it and say: oh it’s, your ego that gets that is your like your achilles heel. I don’t know i just didn’t buy it when it came to that uh and then he just gave her a promotion. So i don’t know it just didn’t. Seem very lex like the likes that we’ve known the stuff with the writing. For president man, that was all fine. I guess it wasn’t anything spectacular there either. I didn’t like the way the boys turned on kloy for about like a couple minutes.

I didn’t really like that. Um i mean they are petty, i mean they are young kids and they were just being petty about it but um. You know i don’t like that when it comes to talent and lana and what lana did to kind of keep the talent up, i mean that was fine. I was cool with that. I mean you found out that they were. You know they were doing health violation stuff, so yeah cool uh. The reason that the that, like the the reason that the dad gave for why clark should run for president actually bought into you know he can’t do any of the physical stuff, because he’s too strong and it’d be much it’d be wrong and he could hurt somebody. But you know he could do the other stuff. The other stuff is just walking, and you know, debates and stuff like that. He could do that. Um, the girl, the girl that controls the bees, not a good villain, not really at all uh. We didn’t really give a uh great reason for her to be that way other than she wanted to win. She went after the people and i don’t know i don’t know whenever it’s a bug episode. Those are those are really hard to nail in tv shows. Like bug, episodes and um, i don’t know i, i don’t think this is as best as it could be, but it was very generic. Probably this is like this is probably like as more often than not as good as an episode could be about bugs.

I don’t know how you can do a bug, episode, that’s great because even on buffy, whenever they do bug episodes i’m, always kind of like here um yeah, i don’t really have anything else. Honestly, even the breakdown i can’t imagine it could be that long, um clark, you know, wanted to run and him getting into it and him always being positive about meeting new people and things like that. I was all for pete being his right hand. Man, i guess, was cool pete needs more love in this. Show man pete doesn’t, get any love. Chloe’S got some love, but pete needs some love. Um yeah, i don’t know there wasn’t anything. Really here, we’ll go through it. I mean i don’t think it was bad though i was never and i was bored a little bit, but it wasn’t too bad, which is why i gave it a six. I guess i like, i think, a solid six is okay. Let’S go through it. We start the beginning: it’s pres, everybody’s, running a class president got three candidates. One girl, who’s kind of out there. The one kid that clearly should be is the smartest and the one that, like the one that should be one that is the perfect candidate for it. The popular girl uh the popular the guy, the kid that is perfect for the role it’s stunned by a bunch of bees um. He decides to nominate clark as a you know, because he thinks clark could do it lex it’s this reporter girl, who i know from something – and you know she’s very you know forward or whatever with like who she well she’s, not forward lex, is able to deduct Who she is really quickly um? Let me get the girl that gets mad about like running the parents, saying you should do it clark, lana freaking out, because the talent isn’t doing good like going to alex and saying hey, you should go.

Some support. Go to the town and show lana that you’re still there for her um find out that she’s the killer or the not the killer. The person with the controls, the bees find out. Chloe is endorsing the chen or that was his name. Um park gets map. He gets mad. Try to figure out the whole thing with the talon again lex gives some advice. One girl gets done by a bunch of bees. This little poor lady gives a massage to lux. To get like this. This girl should be dead. The way she just showed up like this um, then they treat chloe bad here, but they kind of both move on quickly. One girl kind of threatens clark. This part was cool when clark gets the beast show up and he puts he puts lana in the thing and then he freezes the bees that was kind of cool um. We then go here with chloe to find clues, and i figured that she got stung by bees or she got stung by bees. They did something and they were in the meteor, so the beasts had like kryptonite or something in them. One girl turns out. Oh, she was bad who would have thought she was trying. She was working for alex’s father are we and he was gon na write a hit piece on lex um. This part was cheesy, he says the bees after mom and this part when the slow motion run thing um and then you know the bees decide to come after, but we don’t really get a reasoning.

Chloe said that they’ll turn on her at one point, but i don’t really know why, but they turn on her then turn on her and then explosion happens when clark tries to save her park ends up. Losing lana did work, like said about, you, know, find something to use against the other company or the other coffee shop dead and x gives the one girl promotion, lana doesn’t, like the way she felt when she did when she played a little bit dirty. You know i don’t think it was too dirty but that’s. The episode i don’t know, i think i said a very, very sixth generic episode. Hopefully, the next couple are like really cool because it’s like the final arc for the season so that’s.