Just like that were going to go ahead and lift up. This was pretty much bind and fly uh. You did have to switch your left to right, pitching it had to be reversed, because whoa dont want to hit dawg. We didnt want to do that. Come on j drone whens. The last time you flew a drone dude um. So this is what i was talking about. It goes into a blink and it might actually be a safety feature. I dont remember off the top of my head with this drone, so all that needs to be done. We need to just go into here, and we need to just rebind it, which is simple enough were going to go down here, were going to go over, were going to click, bind and thats. Basically, how youre buying this you get on the mjx q protocol and you get on the x600 or x800 and youre good um, and then you just take it easy. Take it easy this things really zippy, especially on this controller. I think this controller has done that to a lot of drones, even though i havent flown too too many drones on this uh as of yet but the mjx stuff absolutely has been burners like im, not even bam. This thing has so much power you, you could almost definitely fly this outside uh and again were just going to go ahead and rebind here. Im not sure why it does that with this with this specific model, it might be again, it might be so you dont burn out the motors and again were already bound um, so were just gon na go up and nope or it could be a connection.

It could be a bad connection back here, uh, which is possible because i couldnt find the charger. So basically what i ended up doing. I used a bigger charger on this and it might have spread the pins out a little bit and again were just going to go ahead and rebind this i do apologize generally like this is not the control, its definitely its. Definitely a drone. Generally, you dont have to keep doing this, but if i knew how to fly a drone, we wouldnt be having these set problems. I really think its, not the drone itself. I think its the fact that i shoved a larger pin into the battery so its not making a super strong connection, but this thing is so zippy well try to put it in full yaw, full yaw, not that impressive. The pitching, though, if i could get i mean, hopefully you can see some of that um whoa id like to go into a full yaw. If i can no way no way thing is so zippy yeah see that time it didnt blink or anything. So i do think it is just the connection and again thats just the way that i charge this battery, because the battery has an extremely small connection and i could not find the chargers but the zero one. Zero connector connectors will charge us. You just have to bend the pins together, love the profile on this uh. This was one of those i believe that would fly inverted, so there probably is a way to set up this switch uh set up a switch set on this.

That way, you could do that if you wanted to, i never really got into that myself here we go all right hold on hold on here we go Music, you want to talk about a fun flyer, and this is you fly it too. This is just like the bugs 3, but much smaller Music weve got blinky lights, thats. Probably the battery super small battery. I think a 200 milliamp an hour guys if you havent subscribed.