Today we are flying the t motor tron, 80 hd whoop. Now this morning, i’ve been flying it in the house flying back and forth, making some circuits like i normally do, and i can’t get batteries charged fast enough for how much fun i’m. Having with this quad like, i am flying the 3s batteries indoors, and i believe i just said yesterday on a review that you know an 1103 motor was primarily for outdoors. Well, here comes the tron 80. Proving me wrong. Generally. 1102 is about the largest brushless motor. I like to fly indoors. I was flying a 1s whoop yesterday and uh the day before, and here i am flying this 80 millimeter dji version of an indoor outdoor whoop on 2 and 3s and flying it on 3s indoors with a low camera angle, really giving me a nice bit of Control and speed so really nice response on the throttle i’m able to slow down and kind of stop before i go and make these really tight turns around like the lamp over there. You guys have seen me fly that before i will show you an indoor flight test of this guy and god how much fun i’m having with this one. So, if you’re looking for one with a good tune on here, that is a small size, it’s, not a 4s quad, but it is 2 and 3s and at first i was like yeah yeah, two s3s, you know 4s is all the craze right now um.

But this one has a lot of a lot of maneuverability as far as freestyle, and it has those inverted motors on here. It will do cinema and freestyle, and it also has a secret weapon on here. It has the same type of plastic that we saw on the iflight protect 35. Whatever this stuff is right here, it’s really durable and they have dual reinforcement on the prop guards. Look at that dual reinforcement: prop guards – inverted 40 millimeter props on here super smooth with an aio board and my cadx camera there in the front. So plenty of protection up front very durable and it is a bit of a hybrid frame. So it’s, not just what i call a hybrid combo of carbon and whatever this polycarbonate stuff is. This might be polycarbonate, but um yeah these little these little bumpers. Here they absorb a lot of shock and it releases the shock on the outside barrier. Instead of putting it straight into your props, so that’s also keeping your quad flying without flipping a whole lot when you bump into things so that’s, pretty cool for indoor stuff and the battery goes on sideways xt30 in the back yada yada. They have the vtx replaced with the dipole, which at first i was kind of like well. I don’t know about that, but when you’re running 700 milliwatt indoors i mean yeah you’re gon na get great video, so let’s go ahead now and let’s do some flying and we’ll go outdoors as well.

We’Ll do some outdoor flying with it i’ll show you how it freestyles and uh man. This thing is fun. This is like 110 fun. Like i. I know i like a lot of quads, but this one is tuned extremely well and is manageable indoors. On 3s, with 1103 so consider my mind, blown it. It doesn’t happen that often but um yeah tron 80 is um, pretty cool, so let’s go ahead and do some flying and we’ll come back in here we go. We go made in flight of the tron 80 whoa crazy bit of throttle there 1103 on 3s indoors, yeah it’s gon na take some getting used to right here so i’m kind of trying to back off the throttle a little bit. You can see those like flashing lights side to side that’s, because i have the camera all the way down and look at how bright the leds are. The leds are super cool in this quad. If you don’t want to see the side to side flashing that you see on the screen here, you can always up the camera angle and then that sort of comes out of the camera view. So if you’re strictly recording your cadex vista nebula nano on there, then that’s the way you can do that, but right away, i i realized something with this downward facing motor design. It flies really really smooth indoors, like i left the lamp right where it was all the way back and i usually pull the lamp out away from the wall a little bit.

But i was able to skirt behind the lamp right there and i can just kind of slow down and and just come to a stop with this quad. I immediately wanted to fly it under the couch, and i had that bouncing effect, because there’s not a lot of clearance on the top of the quad. So when that happens, there’s not a canopy like a traditional canopy. Above it, it makes the propellers kind of suck to any hard surface, but wow look how slow we can slow this quad down, and you know this is my second battery. So every single quad on the channel is different and you really have to get used to the characteristics of one quad. I always say that a guy who has like a couple quads at the field is probably going to be a better pilot than somebody like me that has hundreds of quads um you guys that are flying the same quads. All the time get really really good at flying them, so um yeah, i’m bumping into all kinds of stuff today, it’s just one of those days where i just seem to be attracted to chair legs, but as smooth as this quad feels on 3s. I just kept wanting to go around the table and play around with these gaps. If you want to speed it up indoors too, you have tons of control and a lot of power, so you have a lot of boost with this quad like i was having fun just boosting over top of the refrigerator there i’m just kind of slowing down around That curve, now getting a little bit of speed, still just bumping into everything today, but down the hallway and catching a corner again and i’m, not editing any of this out i’m.

Just going to show you like how many things i hit today, i just hit everything just one of those days: man. What is going on here, um yeah i’ll come back into the laundry room behind this lamp and i’m starting to get a feel for it. It it slows down a lot which i love, there’s, that corner again getting me again, but once you find the right stick position, this quad really opens up and there i am boosting over the refrigerator and just kind of skirting over top of things, and this is A completely different animal than what i’ve flown on the channel recently um. We had some 1s fun on here last week and we’ve had recently the gap. Rc tiny go if you’re looking for a ready to fly type of quad setup with goggles and everything that’s the one to get there. But this is for kind of like the guy who doesn’t mind spending. You know around 250 dollars on a whoop, but the cool thing is that out of the box flies amazing, it’s, perfect indoors. This is one of the best binding flight quads around that you can get for indoors with hd on there at this size, so got all quality gear on here t motor is really at the top of their game. As far as quality goes, i’ve reviewed, a bunch of t, motor, quads and and like gap, rc t motor just doesn’t seem to disappoint me, their their quality.

You know their stuff is a little more expensive, but you know you got multi gp racers like using t motors out there, so um they’ve always been kind of a name brand in our industry and even in like 3d heli industry, but now i’m, starting to get A little better feel for it and uh really kind of just ripping around on the throttle a little bit and it was so much fun to fly. I just wanted to keep the batteries going. I had four batteries charging at once on the parallel board and i had another charger going and i just kept the batteries coming and – and i couldn’t stop flying this little thing. It was so much fun to fly dji indoors and the tron 80 outdoors is also quite fun. It has great range with the cadx receiver, which is plugged straight into the board. So if you guys want to bind up the dji transmitter, you can do that. It comes set up with a harness that plugs straight into the board. So this is, you know, one of those typical newer style, hd, transmitters or flight controller excuse me and up through the trees, and if you know honestly, if i wanted to slow this down and do some nice kind of canopy flying this quad will do it like One of the smaller loops like the ae65 – it could really get in there and the ur believe it was the ur65 as well from eachine little tiny, zero, eight zero, two motors, but man this thing rips on the 1103s.

Look at that boost. This quad flies like a true micro brushless. It doesn’t have a ton of washout. There is some jello in this tune, so i did my best to get rid of that, for you guys and i’ll put the link down below for that. If you guys want to check that out, give it a shot, save your original settings before you load mine on there just in case you want to go back to the stock tune, and i don’t know that they really changed anything in betaflight from what the stock Settings were, but they had all the rates really super high on there. As far as the um, the pit numbers go looks it was just too high, so i had to dial everything back a little bit, but the roll rates are very, very smooth and again you can increase. You can increase those if you wanted to flip and roll faster, but um. You know some of you guys are just getting started so leave it just like this, and just have some fun with this quad. You can get really creative with this flying ability of this quad too. It is kind of a whole nother level, comparing this to some of the whoops that i’ve had on the channel recently and man. I had some crap some bad crashes today. With this quad i mean i slam dunked it straight into the concrete, and you guys know what happens when we slam stuff into the concrete.

Today it was like 30 degrees outside super cold. It snowed today for quite a while and it hardly ever snows in this town, so yeah there’s that and i broke some prop guards. Unfortunately, but they are making parts for the tron 80, which is great, so you can get new, prop guards they’re going to be pretty cheap and i’ll try to put a link down below for those, but man. This thing gets on it down the street great range with the vista as well. I i i don’t think i’ve ever fail safe on the cadx vista. You guys, like i’ve, been testing this receiver with a dji transmitter for so long now. I i would highly recommend getting a dji transmitter. I love mine um. I i didn’t use it for probably like six months when i had it, and now i use it all the time when a vista comes in it’s, just so much fun, either that or the the uh the new whoa, the tea light transmitter as well, and it Made it around the house but right there. I crashed, of course, all right guys. Welcome back from the flight test now let’s go ahead and jump right into a camps review of the tron 80 whoop, which is an hd whoop. You will need dji goggles to fly this one. It is kind of like the ferrari maserati of 80 millimeter whoops. I mean you, know we’re, seeing this vista show up on smaller and smaller quads recently, and our transmitters are also getting smaller.

So this is like the the perfect storm right here. If you want to get a really high quality quad, along with a full open, tx, four in one module interface transmitter for around 75 dollars, get the jp four and one version. This is the one with the full blown form, one with all like 100 different protocols in here, so you can also put crossfire on this bad boy. It is running the vistan nebula nano camera on here. You can see it is a smaller format, um and i think it actually looks pretty good outdoors and, i have to say, it’s fairly overcast in oregon right now so you’re looking at video from today. That was like not the greatest day to be out recording. But since this little vtx one here can pump 700 milliwatt and 50 megabit, i think it looks really good in the dji goggles. So i have no complaints there. You do have an access port down there available you’re going to have to register this unit. Once you do that, you can update it to the latest firmware and you can get 50 megabit on here, so they also included 13 amp aio flight controller with an f4 chip on here. It does support crossfire, like i mentioned before. It has an f port on here for various different s, bus receivers, so any s, bus receiver – you want to put on this quad. You can do that xt30 in the back dipole that has been replaced from t motor.

They added their own motors on here, which are the 1103 series, 8000 kvt motor they’re, the f 1103 motors, really nice high quality motors, and they are inverted which gives this quad a better indoor flying capability. So for indoors. The coolest thing about having unobstructed motor flow under here is that it creates a really flat surface on the bottom of the quad and also stabilizes the quad for indoor flying even better than having the motors above suspended above the frame. So you get interrupted air flow underneath something like that and indoors that’s, where it can really slow down and go places. Other quads can’t go even at this size and power system running up to a 3s battery, which i mentioned before i shoot i’m, like yeah 1103’s. For outdoors well guess what t motor proved me wrong there, so i can accept my defeat. Um two and three s. If you want to fly it on a 2s, 450 you’re still going to get like four minutes flight time out of this indoors, flying around cruising around enjoying recording 50 megabit video to your dji goggles. Also, a 3s 450 fits on. There really nicely still get you about four and a half to five minutes there and with a 3s 650. These are the omp hobby ones. I recommend these because these are much smaller than the tattoo 650 and the gmb versions of this battery. So i don’t have they shrunk this down, but it’s great, because it fits on this quad perfectly and some of the other brands didn’t fit with these straps.

So these straps will accommodate this battery. This battery has been almost tacoed and crashed pretty hard. This was crashed into the concrete and you can see it there. It kind of bent up and broke the pack. The casing on that and the reason was, is that well number one. I broke the prop guards online that’s, not a good thing, to see in a review, but it was 30 degrees outside. So it was super cold and i did a full on flip crash straight into concrete on a really cold day and it actually snowed today. So um it’s just a crazy day to be doing my outdoor test, it’s unfortunate that i broke the prop guard, but all the frame up here survived and most quads on this channel when it hits the concrete, with a full on head first crash, like that, it Usually does break some part of the frame or prop guards, and i was really hoping this pro tec style frame. Wouldn’T have broke on me, but i think with the temperature and the perfect slam. Just did it in the cool thing about this. Is that t motor is offering uh prop guards separately, that you can buy? They’Re not gon na, be super expensive and you pull these motor bolts off and put a new set of prop guards on there, and you should be all good to go there. So um yeah that’s one thing that you know we obviously can’t hide in this review, but i really like the way that they designed this with these dual support: struts on the edge of each prop guard.

So you’ve got this inner surface here. You got a strut here here and here so when you’re indoors, this baby, just bounces off chairs and other things around your house, which is nice, so i still got a little bit of a prop guard there, but that’s. Typically, how you see regular prop guards just with one little strut going around, and these are super thin, so they also freestyle a little better than some of the thicker ducks. So this doesn’t have quite as much kind of wash out to the the controls of this. When you’re freestyling, which is pretty cool – and i have to say that for the beginners, the tool on here felt pretty soft. It was very soft. It didn’t have a really fast roll rate on it, and everything was like really smooth flying around and doing flips and rolls so it felt, like you know, a really dialed back. You can raise that up in beta flight if you want to so i’m going to recommend that you guys get a hold of a jumper order, this one as fast as you can it has. The 18650 has the external module bay for ghost or tbs crossfire, and i believe r9 is, is now compatible with it and the charger that i’m using right now is the toolkit rc m6d, with that blacklight breakout board from ur uav. This thing is the bomb charge up to about six different batteries at once, so really really cool let’s go ahead now and let’s just do a quick weigh in before we end out this video um and again, i think that uh overall flight characteristic was great.

On 2s and 3s, i think the tune could be a little bit better outdoors at the high end of the throttle. The 3s battery did give me some jello um, so that’s one thing that i hope that t motor can improve on but we’re at 68.5 grams. There, with an hd system on there, isn’t that cool 80 millimeter frame and now let’s put the largest battery on there. Let’S get the largest battery on there and see where we’re at. If i can get all that to balance out and we’re at 127. grams that’s, not even 150 grams, you can still add your smo 4k camera on there with no problem um. That is really cool, so the largest battery in the bunch really weighing in at a low weight now 3s 450 let’s see what that gets us up to that’s, going to get us up to 108.9 that’s looking awesome and now how about a 2s 450 let’s see What kind of weight here with the tron 99.1 grams that’s awesome? That is just crazy, so yeah it’s really light you guys and it’s so cool to see dji hd systems coming out for the woop class. I mean i’m seeing other stuff on the forums recently of this same type of quad, with a d cased vista, so yeah. So things are getting really cool and really interesting out there um. If you want a really smooth fun, little cruising quad for indoors and outdoors probably one of the nicer style, hd whoops – that you can get this i’m buying and fly right now.

Um and i have another set of prop guards coming from mine. So super excited about that, and i want to say thanks to t motor for sending this little bad boy over and hopefully you guys enjoyed this sort of first look at the tron 80 whoop hd. I will include my pidtune down below and if you want to load it up on yours, it has drastically different numbers than what this one came with. It might fly a little better if you want to push it a little further make it a little better for the community. You can do that and also share it in the comments down below and let’s, hear your comments down below. Let me know what you think about tron 80, if you think it’s a cool trend and you hope to see more hd sub 100 gram whoops out there. This is just too much fun, so um, thanks again for watching guys, i’m justin davis. Please do subscribe on the channel and i’ll bring you more cool cool cool new releases in the drone community.