The gold one here this is my been my daily analog driver for fpv, and i use it all the time, but i recently switched to this one here: the white one. This is the o4l um to use it for last the last couple of weeks and wanted to see how it was. Basically, the only difference is the screen technology, which is l cost, which stands for liquid crystal on silicon um i’m, not very good at explaining what that is so i’m going to put a link to a wiki page. That explains what that is: it’s, definitely different from oled technology and the oled screens are definitely different. The optics are different on this one, so it’s got a basically a smaller lens and this is going to be difficult to show let’s see. Let me just show you the oh is the 04l lens you can see. It’S got a thicker rim for this optics, but on the 04x Applause, the lens is uh, quite a bit bigger, and so the combination of that and the screen gives a different field of view for both of these. So the o4l has a ‘ degree field of view and the o4x has a 46 degree field of view. So for those of you guys that are field of view, junkies and can’t stand anything less than 100 degrees field of view. Then yeah you’re, probably not going to like the o4 it’s going to be smaller, but for people like me, who prefer a smaller field of view, actually i’m, considering switching to these um over l’s because on the o4x, the 46 degree field of view is actually a Little bit too big for me so that all the corners are blurry for me and actually i get actually.

The corners are cut off because the framing of the the screen’s too big for the optics. So i actually can’t even see the full field of view. For my eyes, i can almost see the full feel of you in this one, even at ‘ degrees, it’s it’s, a little bit too big still on this one here, so it’s still very immersive and just the tiniest amount of the corners are cut off on the Overalls for me, but the biggest thing, that’s kind of giving me a pause is the screen and it’s it’s a very, very subtle difference: i’m gon na i’m gon na put up on here on this uh in the video. What the screens look like on camera – and it just does not really depict how it looks like in in real life um now in the camera. When i look at the video it looks almost virtually identical the i think the camera is doing some exposure adjustments that i can’t really control. Four, i tried fixing the shutter and all that and i’m i’m thinking that maybe the iso is getting adjusted because it looks almost the same. But when you look at it in real life, it’s a little bit different it’s, not like a huge difference so like. If you haven’t flown a lot of fpv dolls, you’re – probably not going to be able to notice too much of a difference on the e4x with the oled screen, you get a more vibrant image.

It’S uh the colors just pop a little bit more and it just feels like it’s a little bit brighter. Now, when you go back and forth, you can kind of tell it, but when you kind of use these god the o4 l’s for a while, you can’t really tell that difference. So much so you know when you go back and forth on the o4ls, the the screen image looks a little bit muted in terms of the colors it’s, not it’s, i wouldn’t say it’s like washed out or like doesn’t it’s, not bad. It still looks very good. The colors are very good it’s, just that not doesn’t, quite pop as much as on the oled screens on the o4x. So i know you could probably adjust the saturation i’m basing this purely on the factory settings. I i know you can go crazy and adjust all the settings. I just wanted to tell you guys about a comparison just based on the factory settings and not just like. Oh, i customize the settings, so you know the overalls look better than your i. This is purely on default settings. So clearly you can probably tweak the settings to make the colors pop more, but just on the factory settings it just looks like uh, they don’t quite pop as much it doesn’t look bad. The colors look really good just they are they pop a little bit more on the oled screens, also on the oh, by the way, the resolution on both screens are exactly the same as well: 1280 by 960, both 4 3 16 9 switchable.

So in terms of that there’s no difference there’s just that the field of view is smaller. I think it’s, mostly due to the optics now again back onto the lcos screen. The other thing i kind of noticed is that the image looked a little bit softer, not as pixelated, so i guess for certain cameras where there’s a lot of pixelation it kind of helps, and maybe it helps a little bit because it’s, you know on most analog Cameras because most analog cameras, look pretty pixelated nah, i don’t know if that’s good or a bad thing, it kind of depends. On your perspective, if you’re looking for a lot of sharp details – and you like that, pixelation then you’re – probably not going to like the screen, you probably want to go for the oled screen. So really, you know it’s just subjective, it’s, very subjective, and you know, even if you look at the two images, one after another, going back and forth they’re, both very good, both totally flyable, um and i’m. Just in terms of like the refresh rate latency and all that it, i hadn’t noticed any additional latency on the o4 on the uh over l’s, these lcos screens now i’ve heard that lcos screens can have more latency versus an oled screen. I’Ve read that in various forms, but i don’t do racing so um and i can’t give you a racer’s perspective on these goggles in terms of latency to me in terms of flying just regular flying freestyle and just you know, flying close proximity around objects.

I have no issues with with latency in terms of flying. They seem the same to me, although i haven’t gone through the whole measurement thing, because i honestly that whole thing with the gopro and then like you, know, counting the frames all that i, after i’ve done a number of these tests with a lot of these goggles. I don’t really trust that methodology anymore, so i don’t do it anymore, so that’s. Why you’re not going to see in this video? I just trust based on my actual practical use of it in terms of flying it around and to me, the there doesn’t seem any difference in terms of flyability, so uh, obviously you’re, probably going to want to consult some racers if you’re a racer in terms of Whether or not this is going to be fast enough for you that i can’t tell you – and i don’t really have a good perspective on that, but for me totally fiable no problems with that now, as i mentioned before, everything else is the same same dvr same Shell, you have the same options for the two wide versus narrow face plates. Um, all the buttons work, the same got the same scroll wheels um the yeah, the dvr is the same as all the h.264 dvr. You got the same, steady view, receiver on. You know everything they looks the same they’re, they really are identical. The only difference is the screen and the optics um and even the weight’s the same so oh also, the price is different, so that’s another difference so um the o4x are more expensive, with the old load screens, obviously at 499 in retail and then the o4ls are Cheaper at 4’.

, so it’s. What is that 60? Less because the screen technology is a less expensive screen technology, so you know again, if you’re very price sensitive, then maybe this is going to be a factor uh. You know in terms of price performance. I still think this is pretty good that’s. Why i’m, considering switching because i’m kind of wondering if i really want that or need that oled screen technology? Is it really that important to me, because i actually feel, like the smaller field of view, is more flyable? For me, because i don’t feel like i have that sort of like tunnel vision, effect, it’s kind of hard to explain um, because you can’t really see the periphery as easily on the super large field of view. However, if you can take advantage of the super large field of view and that’s, what you prefer then obviously go for the larger field of view. So you know again, this is very subjective and with any fpv goggle both of these might totally suck for you or either one that might be great for you, or only one or the other really depends on you sitting basically sitting down flying these for a little Bit of time, i can only give you my perspective on this and that’s what i’m trying to do and it’s the best i can anyway, i think that’s going to cover it for now. Uh, like i said, i am still kind of debating whether i will switch to this new one or not i’m.

Still, considering that i, you know kind of 5050 right now. I i do like these, i feel like i can uh you know, enjoy flying these. No problems, so i may just end up switching to these, so you may see me flying these in a future video and will wonder if i’ve switched them as my daily driver or not. It is my daily driver right now, because i’ve actually been using this. You know to test it. I haven’t been using the o4 x as much or pretty much. I actually haven’t been using it all in the last two weeks, so i’m going to continue using this one and we’ll see if i feel like i don’t have any desire to go back to the o4x, then i’m, going to just keep on using this one. So that’ll that’s, i guess that would be the test. Ultimately, whether or not i you know if i at some point feel like oh, i really want those oled screens and i might go back, but if not then i’ll just keep using this one. Hopefully that settles the debate for me anyway, that’s gon na do it for this one links down below.