So this is um another new one from skyzone they’ve been kind of putting out some a lot of new models lately. But this one is kind of a remix of a old goggle that i reviewed a while back, maybe almost two years ago, the skyzone 02c goggles. I think there was two variants of those there’s uh, the o2c and the o2x, and i think one of them had the camera. I think that one, the one i had at the camera in the front here, obviously they don’t – have the camera on this one they’re. Basically, reusing the shell of that goggle, so um it’s a little bit of a step backwards in terms of the design, although some people actually like that design, so maybe perhaps that’s why they are bringing this back um. They obviously brought back the the old button layout as well. Now, as you guys know, i use the 04 x goggles as my daily analog goggle, which has the basically updated buttons, updated shell with scroll wheels, and you know i find this to be a much better experience and then it has the steady view. Receiver, module, which is similar to rapid fire and also compatible with other receiver modules as well so we’ve gone to this sort of setup here. This is their latest setup, but they’ve kind of gone, uh old school. With this set up here now with this shell uh, it only has the one faceplate.

So basically, if you have a really wide face like like me, um you’re not going to enjoy the experience of the pressure on the sides here. I prefer the newer design with the two different face plates. So you have the wider face plate here fits perfectly. For me, i really actually like the fit and feel of this one for my face, but uh this one also does come with the narrower um faceplate, so it’ll be similar for people that actually prefer this narrower faceplate. So they’ve also gone back to the diopter. So you can print the factory diopters in here like on the old goggles, instead of the adjustable diopters on the new setup. Here. This is sort of like the way the hd02 and some of the newer goggles have the adjustable adapters. So you don’t have to put in diopter inserts. You can actually get the exact focus you want. The ipd adjustment is the same as on the o2c. I think it’s 59 to 70 millimeters. I believe so. No improvements there uh. It does not power off a usb. Like before, the dvr is also the old dvr, which is using the m jpeg 30 frames per second dvr, which wasn’t bad. I mean it was better than the patrick dvr, but not as good as the dvr on the o4x, which has the h.264 dvr much higher. Bitrate much better video recording than on the old dvr. So go back to that, but this one does have the new steady view receiver built in now: it’s, not using it via a module, so there’s no module bay on.

This is basically going back to the two individual antennas, the steady view receiver is built into the goggle it’s like on the actual circuit board inside, so they replaced the old receiver with this new receiver, the updated, steady view technology and they upgraded the screens so they’re. They got the um oled screens in here now, but they’re much lower resolution than what’s on the 04x goggles. Their 4x goggles have the highest resolution screens also the most expensive uh 1280 by 960. I believe it’s a 4 3 and 16 by 9 switchable screen as well. This one here is a 16 by 10 screen, although on the sky zone website, it says it’s 16943 switchable, but i have not seen anywhere in the menus where it’s switchable. So i think it’s 16 10 fixed. This is what they say on the banggood website: um it’s, a 29 degree field of view and a pretty low resolution it’s like 640 by 480, i believe or 600 by 480. So it’s not super high resolution. But it is a smaller screen and a smaller field of view, so compared so compared to the larger screen, a much larger field of view on the o4x, which has a 43 degree field of view, the lower resolution isn’t as noticeable to me now i have compared Them directly and i tried to show what the screens look like on camera it’s very hard to focus and it’s really difficult to see much of a perceptible difference, because the difference has to do with the field of view and how much uh viewing space it takes.

In your in your actual field of view of your revision, so because the narrower field of view of this smaller screen, the basically it’s like taking the larger screen here and then just reducing it by half, which is basically what it is, and you reduce your field Of view, so the resolution doesn’t look that much different. It just looks like you have a smaller screen, a smaller field. If you compare to the larger o4xo, you know for some people, it’s not going to be a problem now they actually for me. I prefer smaller fields of fields of view, because you can actually see the whole thing versus on the really super large field of view. You know your perception of the outer edges of the field of view are not as basically not as used now. Some people argue that that gives you a more immersive experience, but at the same time some people don’t like that. So if you prefer a much narrower field of view than yeah, this one might be better for you, but you know you’re going back to the basically an old design. This is like the o2co2x design. They brought that back with the old um button layout. Now they have the new ui interface here, that’s on the newer goggles, because that’s, basically just software, so um uh. You know, if you you know the basically, the minions are a little bit better but um the basically the only difference between the old goggles, the l2.

The o2c x and these o2 0 0 2 0 goggles is going to be the oled screens and the steady view receiver built in, but obviously no receiver module no receiver module base. So you can’t swap them out for other receivers. So you you’re pretty much stuck with whatever receipt. You know the receiver that’s near the steady b receiver, but it does have that you know that new technology, where it’s merging the two um uh images coming from each receiver into a better image. So for some people they actually like that um for some people, it doesn’t work out so well. It depends on the camera you’re using and the video transmitter and some instances some certain combinations. You get the rolling shutter rolling, video, basically it’s, really bad video and in which case study view receiver isn’t going to work for you, yeah, in which case you can just switch the receiver from the steady view mode to the diversity mode. That’Ll just act as a regular diversity, receiver and i’ll just pick and choose one of the receivers which, whichever one is the strongest signal, so that is available to you. If you i need to go, you know back to the old technology of diversity receivers. The rapid fire receiver has the same mode where you can actually flip it back to basically legacy mode and um. You know just switch through rapid fires. You were into basically diversity mode, so you just pick one of the receivers which one ever has the strongest signal.

Now, in terms of powering up the goggle, you have the barrel, plug of course, um two to six s for the battery duke it comes when it comes to the cable with the xd60. You also have the av in and out connectors as well. If you wanted to do that, and then you also have the head tracker, hitchhiker is built into this one as well. So if um you were using hitchhiker before and the o2 x or o2c goggles this one also has that as well – and the last thing to note is it does come include these two antennas. You have your circular polarized antenna here and your patch antenna. I believe the o2c goggles came with like um. I think the whip antennas, the old style. Just basically, you know linear antennas, but this one comes with a patch and a circular, polarized included in the package. Now for me, you know this. Goggle is a step backwards compared to the o4x goggle um. For me, the o4x goggle has the much higher resolution screen much wider field of view and also the wider faceplate. So it fits my face a lot better, so i won’t be switching to these, but you know obviously with goggles it’s, a very subjective and personal experience. So for some people, the older faceplate and shape is better for them. Maybe they like the uh, smaller field of view etc. For those things you know, for those guys that liked the older style goggle but wanted the updated screen and the updated receiver then yeah.

This one might be a pretty good choice for you. If you don’t, like the much wider field of view, the steady view module, because obviously this one’s a lot heavier than this one. Here i go to the product pages. The links down in the description next for the weight it’s, not a huge difference, it’s like i think, if i remember it’s, like 80 grams more, i believe for this one. It also depends on the what battery you’re, using as well but yeah there’s a weight difference as well, so some people prefer the old shape and style, but they wanted the updated screen for the old head screen and the um built in steady view receiver. So if you wanted that, then this is going to be pretty much up right up your alley now. It’S much interesting is that the old o2c o2x goggles how we had the lcd screens. It was like an 850 by 480 screen. It was a slightly higher resolution screen than this one, but um. You know when it comes to analog cameras that much of a difference isn’t that noticeable. Now i don’t have those old goggles to compare. I wish i actually had those but no longer have those just because i, if i remember right uh with that narrow field of view, it’s really hard to tell much of a difference in terms of the resolution difference now. The oled screens, in my opinion, definitely are nicer than any current lcd screens.

They just have a nice to the screen is basically, the image is brighter. More vibrant uh, just just overall old head screens, just appear better than uh lcd screens, especially if you’ve been using oleds for a while, and you go back to an lcd screen like an older goggle. You kind of know the difference, but you know if you, if you switch from lcd to oled at the beginning, you’re not going to really be able to tell much of a difference. But then, after you use it for a while and you go back then you’re like oh wow, the oleds, definitely look better so yeah again. If you’re, looking for the old style goggle with the updated screen and the steady view receiver, then you definitely you want to check this one out all right, so that’s going to do it for this one again: standard disclaimer for goggles. This might be great for you. This might be absolutely terrible, for you really depends on how it fits your screen or, if it’s, your the the faceplate fits your face, how it fits and how well you can focus on the screen. Those things are impossible to tell in any kind of review video you just have to try them out. So if you happen to know a place that is offering this um, you know if you have a friend that has it try them out first before you buy them, because it may turn out to be a terrible fit for you and you can’t see the screen.

Whatever, then, of course, if you can’t view the screen, well, then the goggles are completely worthless for you. So keep that in mind anyway, that’s gon na.