SJRC Z5 Review – GPS WiFi FPV Foldable RC Drone with Adjustable 1080P HD Camera

SJRC Z5 assessment, This NEW SJRC Z5 GPS 2.4G WiFi FPV Foldable RC Drone with Adjustable 1080P HD Digicam, Comply with Me mode and 14 minute flying time …


  1. Contixo F 22 is the same drone for about $160 on Amazon. Just rebranded. Great little flyer. Nice review. Thanks!

  2. You have to be within 3m to use gesture pics and video. You were 4 that's why it didn't work. As for the follow me malfunctions, when you calibrated the unit you should have rotated the unit, not your whole body with it in your hand

  3. Is the dog there to retrieve it from nearby gardens or was it him flying it lol

  4. May i know the app u install on ur phone? Mine is on chinese language pack, can hardly understand. Or is they any other way around to change it to english. Appreciate so much 😀

  5. Dear Bill that was a brilliant, detail clear explanation video for this new drone product (SJRC Z5), amazingly covered everything I need to know about the products before purchase. And now I just got myself seriously poison to order one unit for my personal flight enjoyment. What more can I say, simply love this high quality awesome yet low cost drone. Anticipated for your next low cost new drone product review. Thanks for sharing & take care mate~ Cheers!

  6. Subscribe thanks for awesome review

  7. Dear Sir,

    First what is first: Congratulations on this video and some others I've seen You did too.

    All very well explained and in detailed … I must say that you answered all the questions I had about this drone, even without my asking :-))

    I believe you, Sir, are an English man, so your english speech, with, I believe , grammatically correct phrases make it very easy for me to understand everything you say.
    Teens I can barely understand … they "eat" half the words and speak using initials!

    Thank you one more time!

    I am a Portuguese man of 54 years, very beginner in the world of the drones.

    Forgive my poor speech in English … google translator lend a hand 😉

  8. Do 4G phone works? kindly answer thanks

  9. I tought I subbed you awhile back but either I did something wrong or it disappeared ? NO matter I subbed you again Bill ! I like the SJRC products and this one folds up, very nice . I still fly my S20W every now and again . Thanks Bill !

  10. Is this a knock-off of the Virhuck Z5?

  11. 像白癡一樣,還要跟飛行器轉。

  12. You have great videos bill. You're always honest and thorough.

  13. Great review of the drone Bill. Looks like a really steady flyer. Not sure what was going on with the tracking/ follow mode but on the list for what my nephew wants…

  14. I guess the 5G version cannot operate in 2.4G?

  15. Very  nice  review my friend sorry I'm late

  16. Awesome review Video and great maiden flight…..thumbs up Bill👍👍

  17. fantastc review there Bill thanks for sharing with us should give people a few options now cool video my rc friend !!

  18. nice 👍👍👍👍 drone boss

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