There drone enthusiast welcome to my channel reviewing the drone from sjrc guru manager, resolution, Music, plastic, Music, sjrc, foreign user manual, f11 4k, pro next extra propellers, Music and simon screws and allen wrench, then the usual charging cable batteries, Music, absolutely quadcopter, uh, 11.1, volts 25, mah, Lithium ion battery Music pressed longitude and kitabayan and yellow young color blue led full charge anything controller. The phone holder, then, to your handle charging port select so built in battery uh light polymer 3.7 volts 300mah battery launcher Music, then to you, uh picture camera button and take down pictures then into your video on the recording video angle, digital screen, foreign 4k, pro Music And three kilometers long range: it is one point too long: Music, okay, foreign one press and then long press all right turn off: okay, drone, attire, Music, propeller and pull that in f11. Drone f11 drone. So i brushless motors, then my Music um dream foreign image. Stabilization, Music, foreign, Music, optical flow mode, gps, Music, then hey mode or point of interest in power and in flight Music mood, Music, uh, Music, okay, lets go controller and connecting up sjf pro gps down. Both sticks outwards ready to fly guys, ready, take off Music, Music, Music, oh Music, Music, um, Music, Music forward and back Music, so Music me: Music, Music, Music, um, Music, Music, so Music. So me: Music, Music, Music, um, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, oh so, Music.