Yo Music – these guys are awesome. They'Ve both been featured on community spotlights and actually erod was on a on the previous episode. Where we went to the phosphate mine, we all did some freestyle. He absolutely crushed it every time i watched that episode i'm jealous of some of the lines he pulled out. I definitely like bobby's style, it's kind of more of the way that, like i fly, i think he's really got that link it together, sort of thing and he's been up and coming how long you been flying man uh two years now, two years, two years but He'S, like gotten, really good real, fast he's only 15 years old. I thought it'd be really fun to get these two guys out here today, let's get some quads in the air and see what happens Music. This is for cleaning your electronics that's for banner water and uh when you crash in the mud, so you crash in the water. You just go like that and then it's fine, usually yeah. It dries it's like alcohol or something it dries up pretty quickly. So, look at that i'm gon na try to cartwheel over that bench or something Music and you're pretty low to the ground when you're approaching it right, yeah, which it doesn't have to be, you can do any obstacle not low to the ground, but i just like This one, so i guess i'm kind of going to the side of it not directly in front of it, so that when i do the cartwheel, i can see it, but the more momentum you have the cooler it is and basically once you get to it, i Just throttle up a little bit and then i roll to the right and then bam.

Are you usually trying to like track an object? I usually try to track something with like all my tricks, because i don't like dirty rolls people that just do a roll with like high camera chill without mixing the yaw. So the roll just goes like all over the place. But if you mix the yellow end and the roll is like centered to do a nice roll, you want to mix the yaw in the opposite direction that you're rolling in so, if you're rolling to the left, then you want to yaw inward to the right. A little bit it makes sense. You know it's just like take a a snapshot in time, they're like if you tilt forward and you just roll and right here, you're looking down at the ground. You know, like you don't, do that, whereas if you do that cross coordination so that you rotate around the camera, then when you're upside down it looks weird because you're kind of pointed the wrong way. But the effect is your camera looks good, so i'll try all right so you're hitting that you're in the cartwheel up. Try to imagine the quad like how it's flying and try to flatten it out when you do it, instead of like being at an angle, you know yeah, i meant i for some reason the quad starts like i roll something and it gets going forward when i'm Over the object, you got ta like kind of glide with it.

You know, when am i giving the throttle when you're gliding sideways then hit throttle and roll over and i'm gliding sideways yeah and, like you, blip the throttle there dude? That was great. I think my issues right now is that i'm, coming straight at it, you start to come up like offset well, i say: come well yeah kind of off to the side so that you can look at it there you go dude that was brilliant Applause, Music, so Music, all right, so i think one of the tricks that erod is most known for is the sideways power loop. So we all know what a power loop is. We go under an object power up loop over it and go back under it. What erod does that's a little bit different is he'll, go at an object, sideways start, looping it and keeping that object in frame. Oh, my gosh that's insane yeah push for sure. How do you that's crazy man it's, like you're, doing a power loop, but instead of using the pitch axis you're using only the roll? This moves pretty blind because you can't really see you cannot see beside you. You have to like look at your entryway and then like turn, and then just try to stick to that gap that you're doing it through yeah, so it's kind of like a power, a power roll or we could call the e roll an e roll. An e roll it's, your own trick.

What is it your thing? Are you ready to take that we'll force it on him and then the internet can hate on him for having a trick named after himself, see how do you see where the pole right there is you don't, you don't you don't, Music, yeah, Music. The hardest part is going to be trying to avoid the picnic tables. I think i should give it a go: yeah, Music, would you say you want to come at it with a little bit of of momentum yeah so that when you yeah, oh ah stupid picture table yeah, i told you the picnic tables bro, the first step to Achieving is believing it's believing if you believe you can do it, you can loop it all right, so practice power loop in it. First, okay, there you go so you have an idea of how much throttle you need to give. It then maybe like maybe just do 180 like through it sideways yeah, just go through it sideways there you go, it feels so weird flying sideways, yeah forwards or backwards is a lot easier. Perfect, yeah, that's, perfect i'm gon na try just pushing throttle over dude. Yes, ah yeah i was getting there. The ceiling is scary. That'S, just gon na make it epic, because you can't go too high. You can't go too low, like if you can do it here, you're beat dude how you how you had, like your sight, locked onto the the top of it the whole time perfect dude.

I need to give it more throttle going to clear the yeah yeah just clear, running whoa it's, the picnic tables yeah. You see what i mean. You see what i mean about being angled forward a little bit: yeah yeah. You really have to level it out or you're going to hit the you're going to hit the pole. If y'all go yeah scary, that was sketchy was that it or was that no no, it was missing dude. He got the motion he's just trying to get that there you go. Why am i going forward? You'Re such a flowy person like you're, not really gon na get it until you like really commit to it like. I feel like you're, going really slow and kind of trying to like feel it out like. I think you just got ta flow into it. You know whoa, that was nice dude. Maybe like do some other tricks. First, you know like Music, even though you have some epic saves it's so hard like. How do i incorporate this into a flow for me? Maybe turn sideways while you're in it? Oh, no, oh, that was nice dude. That was great don't crash into metal. I only fly trees that it hurts me still learn today. So if you're looking for an easier place to learn this, which is a good idea, i mean it's. Not a bad idea to you know, break something down in the open air and then take it to a pretty open obstacle where there's not a whole lot around.

It learn it kind of in a field, then take it to just some pole. If you can find one with nothing too much above or below it or just go straight, beast mode, bubby status and just learn it on an awning with poles and benches and trees, because if you can do it here, then i mean you i'm determined to get It today good yeah, i got it today, so i think i like yawning to the left a bit better. Music, hey let's, go i kind of i did it. I got to clean it up and then i got to get it in a line because, if it's not in line, then it's not with it Music – oh nice, road to the mice, so you do the epic thing you're in a line and then just wrench Music, Music, Music – that was awesome. We learned how to do sideways things today and bobby really get it because i was, i was sideways. Oh edwin taught me the sideways power loop, or do we have a new name for a roll, the e roll, the e roll? It is kind of your signature trick, though i i feel like it every time. I see one of your videos, you do them with some of the cleanest i've seen and i feel, like you, have a style to it and like really a good like breakdown for it. So – and i mean you got him doing it first day, yeah first pack, even in a couple in a like a difficult obstacle, yeah really close to like the roof or like it looks pretty scary, hit the like button.

If you learned something – or even if you just enjoyed the vibes here subscribe so that you don't miss a single rotor ride, episode don't forget the bell guys links in the description to both bubby and erod's channels. They'Re both amazing pals, some of my favorites, and really glad we got them together doing stuff here, having a good time, we're gon na get some flying in. So you guys should get out and fly too we'll see you next time, Applause, Music, but as long as you don't do like the victory roll, i feel like that's a habit. We'Ve all had like the victory rolls. We do a cool trick and they're like i did it roll and we've all done. I think they're great leave a comment. Victory rolls yay. I think no keep the flow like if you're done with the line anyways, if you're done with the line, never be done with the line.