Another glover, also known as passenger, is a six star chain, caster from colombia, a genius engineer and kelsey acquaintance that is now undergoing treatment and providing support in rhodes, island as the second chain. Caster after easy passenger has an attack speed between the single target and aoe caster exactly 2.3 seconds for one normal attack passenger has the traitor chain or jumped his attack from one enemy to another, but each jump will deals, 20 percent, less damage and a brief, slow Effect that is 0.2. Second, currently, passenger in global have not yet received any kind of buff, but he got exactly the same tray like lizzy. After her current buff in her tray and in cn service and alter event, he and lizzy will receive more buff that decrease the damage reduction to 15 attack, damage, buff and slow effect increase to half a second, not a super big buff, but its something. As for his general stats, this is his attack stats before and after buff in cn server right now we got the one on the left, but he will receive some attack buff. That is actually pretty good like most caster. His hp and defense are thin as paper and his dp cost is extremely painful, but he has a good resistance against arts damage Music. As for his talents, the first talent, when attacking enemies with 80 or more hp, increased passengers damage, dealt to them for three seconds and for his second talent increases attack when there are no enemies in the four adjacent tiles so similar, like pobs talent but enemies.

Instead of allies, both of his talent is a good damage booster. Although talent one will be useless when attacking enemy with less than 80 hp Music and then for his skills. His first skill, a generic skill that will increase his damage on the next attack. His attack can bounce up to four enemies and it will increase his slow effect duration. It is actually a good skill for starter, but its a shame. It cant hold any skill charges, despite being a per second charge, type Music. This second skill skill to offers a longer range, shorter attack interval and a good skill duration, but the increased damage is considered too low, since passenger will decrease his attack for each attack chain. But if you are constantly fighting crowded enemies with a low resistance, this skill can actually provide big dps and then his third skill. This skill range is similar to sarya skill 3.. He will then target enemy with the highest hp within range, creating an unmotivated, lightning storm with a range of phalanx caster like mint and beeswax. The storm will do additional attack with an increased damage against random enemy within the lightning storm. Every half a second. The attacks can also bounce to other enemy, so passenger will attack enemies, non stop within that storm and it can also hold to charges flashy skill without flashy damage. The sp cost is quite high, especially for the second charge. Although the storm can attack roughly eight times for four seconds, the duration is still too short and trust me.

This skill will not only attacks your enemies, but also your game fps, although without massive change go for this skill. If you want to master e3, then for his base skills, the first skill, he will increase drone recovery by plus 15 in the power plant. Meanwhile, his second base skill delete all productivity point from all operators in the same factory, but increase that factorys productivity by plus five percent for each power plant. This one is quite complicated to use, so i recommend to use other operator instead for your factory, so will passenger become a good operator for your team? Well, theres a pass in passenger, but for clearing early stages. He is actually pretty fun to use and he is also quite useful in the future contingency contract. But of course there will be many strategies without him. New six star caster have an issue to be compared with eja, but so far all six star caster have that unique different usage in battle. Its a shame, passenger didnt, highlight his trace low effect more his skill, 2 and skill 3 could use slow effect booster, but instead we got passenger that seemingly focusing on dps, considering his tray to reduce damage for each attack, jump, expensive, dp cost and without good damage. Booster from his skills, it will be hard to use him especially to fight with tough enemies, although the cn server buff will make him slightly better, he still kind of lack in terms of dps.

Our only hope for his upgrade will be the module system, update that will significantly upgrade operators ability and because of the possibility of the next banner. After this event, it will be a good idea to start saving for these two, a limited with first life, 2d and ex wife operator. That is much more versatile and provide better utility. But hey lets not just focus on his ability. He has a gorgeous art style from scade, and i heard leduc also take part in it. He has an interesting law and not to mention he got a famous voice actor, so its good to have him if you are a collector that should be all adios Music.