So right now in china. So you know the dji is a chinese company so who better? Now, if you are in china and you dont go to check the dji new brand stuff, we will talk about few things. The first thing we will have the first look, the first impression. The second thing we will see the built in quality. The third thing we will see the camera, because the most important thing in every drone is the camera because we always buy it for the camera reason and the fourth, we will see the price and the fifth we will talk about who this dji new mini 3. Is for this drone brings a lot guys. Everything here have been changed for the last minute too. So stay with me till the end of this video, so lets have a first impression: the first look of the product Music. So the first is, you guys can see this shape. I have never seen this kind of shape of the drone im using the dji drones. I have three of them, but this is like a spaceship guys. Look at this look at the belt. Look at this style. The ship is incredibly beautiful. I think dji have played a lot with this and uh the engineers. I will must give the credits to the engineers of the product, because its really beautiful, i love it because they have given the cut here – and there is some sensors here.

So the for the first time did you have given more sensors to the front sensors and back sensors to here. You guys can see two back sensors here and two front and almost two down so six sensors in this dji drone and there is no side to side sensor. So you must need to be careful if you are flying from side to side work, but from the front to the back. There are completely sensors, so you dont need to be worried for the first time and another is like the. This is 249 gram, but the plastic is power. I love this plastic and its very, like kind of very smooth and very clear design. The propellers are is always as light because this because of the light weight and uh the motors are pretty visible, so dont fly dont, try to fly it in any rainy or overcast condition, because it it can cast you a bit. Look at this. Oh my god. This is incredible, like my hand, is more bigger than this drone. This actual drone is smaller than my hand. Even my hands are not dead longer, but this is like a space ship very beautifully designed. I love their design and the design first impression is 100 out of 100, so 10 by 10, amazing by their design. This dji mini 3. Camera is the main point where you guys would love to buy this and what makes mini more professional than previous minis is the bigger sensor size, the gimbal design, the gimbal design, provides a one or one point three inches sensor.

This is big guys, a 48 megapixel camera. This can take 48 megapixel photo and 4k 60 frames per second at 1080p. It 120 frame per second – and this camera feature – includes the true vertical shooting mode which allows you to shoot in portrait mode. If you want to take together an instagrammer, this is your dream. Camera. So lets talk about the controller. The controller is pretty solid guys this controller, the grip is very amazing. You guys can see the the time the the way you just hold it. You will feel it because this is very solid grip and here are two custom buttons, so you can just sit on your choice and there is no worry about it, and here you can see the recorded video button here is ace, the same the photo button and The joysticks the hand sticks are pretty solid as and the other dji controller, and this controller have five inch screen. This is pretty big and have it can last up to four hours. So you have not to be worried about the the battery timing and this you can last two times your battery in the mini three pro and they will still have some battery. So here you can see this the same as before before you have in the controller. The same buttons and but something have been changed here – micro sd card slot here you guys, can see so you can download your video directly from the camera to the controller and this smart pro controller is pretty amazing.

I have in my dji mavic 3 cine, but uh. This is also okay. This is very solid, very lightweight, you have not to be worried and the speed is pretty good and the i i checked. The the resolution is pretty nice and i think this is good because i dont like to use the phone with the flying time. So here are some wheels for zoom in zoom out and the tilt of the camera. This one is for zooming zoom out. This is for tilting the camera very, very amazing, so the quality is pretty rock solid and i like it and the is very smooth. I think the screen is very amazing and you can you can see it, you can feel it goodness me. I love this controller as well. Look at this guys wow. So this controller is uh upgraded guys. As you see the last controllers, they have some emptiness, but this is a move from dual antennas to four antennas and bringing you a full hd live feed from up to 12 kilometers. If there is no interference, if you see some obstacles like mountains, trees or buildings, so it will, it will have some interruption and you cannot fly 12 kilometers, Music and the battery is you can pull in and pull out the battery from the side button just keep Rest and boom the battery is out, so the battery timing is pretty incredible. This battery is, i think, the the weight is almost the battery weight.

This is nothing this is just like, i think, its very light, but the bear 2 is actually having a bit of the weight it. The dji officially said that this battery can last 34 minutes, but i have seen some people are flying that they have seen. They have said that it can be up to 30 minutes. I cannot fly it right now, because this is the only uh drone here at the store for the display version, but you guys can see this is uh. They are saying that it will cost 34, but mostly 25 to 30. You guys can see and you can boom. The sound is pretty relaxing, so you will not be worried about it will fall or not. So you guys can see in the back side. Here is the memory card slot and some usb c so lets talk about the cost of the dji mini 3 pro. If you just want to buy a drone with a single battery and with a with a simple controller, it will cost you 699 usd. It means 700 usd, but if you want to go for the combo size, it will cost you 1158 us dollars so at the last lets talk about. Who is this drone for guys? If you dont have any drone, and you want to go for a drone, you want to buy a drone, i would must recommend you mini 3. If you are not very professional and your work is not for clients, if you are just making your youtube videos or short cinematic films or travel videos, this is very convenient.

If you want to go to the other countries, or you are worried about the regulatory authorities and the police and the other things, this drone is under 250, so you can fly it easily without any restriction in any country. The regulation of the drone is, you cannot fly more than 250 gram drone without license, so this is the very plus pawn Music. This time they change the wing side style. Look at this look before this. One was like straight and this one was like down, but they have completely changed. Look at this wow. Look at this for the closing the camera. The button is on the right.