It just makes your neighborhood look worse, 1960s to learn art and they broke their own bed to learn how to do backflip. The new york city subways. Do not have this anymore right when we went there, we didnt see it. I think theyve replaced all of these yeah. They replaced all of these. It was considered. Vandalism yeah. I think i think delhi, metroid Music and i grew up. We go to these garage doors to get our cars cleaned in gta, city, gta, 5, etc. Music. As a kid i used to play train games, real gadi, we just came out of a museum of graffiti learned, a lot about the culture of graffiti, how it started from new york ill try to summarize it so basically in nineteen fifties and nineteen sixties bachchoke past Passing to afford to learn art, take your art, school japan, but then what they started. They started practicing art on the roads, one another on the streets on the subway trains on on the houses as well. It was amazing to see how creative they were and hes a famous f1 car, racer creativity, op and then in 1970s they started to consider graffitis as criminal offence. He can go to jail, i think currently also they can go to jail, but kyoki graffiti. These are the common. These are the popular from new york to miami and miami to even la so thats why they kept some of it and is coming banaria and currently its not technically illegal.

But i dont think they stop anyone, because miami is full of great colors yeah, poor, challenger youre vice city, both Music Music yeah, its really fancy its like a helicopter landing. Okay, flight time 38 minutes more than mavic mini than one i have or price need to cover like this must be like, like 5 000 minimum, really look at the size, theyre supposed to be like six thousand dollars, some gimbals for iphone and mobile 2 use qa Mobile, maybe the drone that indias into you know this one is agricultural drone without a military donor, so huge. So you like fly over like agriculture, yeah, corn fields and see if i think it has water too, so you can like water, the plants. This is really cool its bigger than my face, oh because the ones in here like on the sides, look like they cost like thousands of dollars. Yeah lets ask them. Wait. Look at look at this one. For instance, it says six thousand dollars an advanced one: crazy price agriculture dont, the ten thousands of you put that one and my drone is not even here: mavic mini yeah. So since they have malik mini 2, they removed mavic mini from their store, so they dont have it because theres a fifty dollar difference right, minus four hundred dollars. I bought it one year ago, now, 450 dollars. You can get this one just like its. It has 4k mine, mine, doesnt have 4k, this is the biggest gimbal ive seen.

This is for professional cameras, at least the flaps or the you know. It will not break the wings, the propellers will not break and they said they have refurbished mavic mini 2 to 450 kata. You can get it for 379. charging base. Oh, it looks beautiful yeah i mean i have mammoth mini. I can get it lets see how it costs trophy case for 30 dollars, so what this drone is for, so these two drones both are mostly for inspection inspection. Thermal capability. This one here on the left is one of the newest ones. It has a really large camera come on. This camera has a really crazy, zoom feature and its used mainly for fire rescue and inspection, so it could tell the temperature variation. This is the most expensive drone, because in the zoomer you can zoom and you can check building a concept hotter and then you can. You know, work on it up. Fire brigade its a funny or you can even use the agriculture drone to drop water, but they said keyboard safety. Agriculture is not safe, its just for agriculture purposes. Yeah then this one is fifteen thousand dollars fifteen thousand dollars and that one Music. This is the most expensive tone here right, its not like the us military is buying their drones. Yes, maybe if that were the case, theyd say no yeah exactly yeah, but military can be used, but theyre not made by tgi, and i wouldnt be surprised that barmesh at dj might be making military drones for u.

s military as well Music. Finally, the city is crowded. We came at like 8 a.m. There was no one here, oh yeah, and by the way, where are you from huh? Where are you from im from honduras, honduras, yeah? Oh mexico, right its new mexico, its near mexico, america, central america? Oh nice! Yeah! Do you miss honduras or um, not really, because my family is here so but um i even i go sometimes which weather is better honduras or miami? Oh, my yummy, its too hot Music, yeah thats him Music, Music happy new year. So currently we are in the miami market whats the name of the market, katie bayside marketplace, bayside marketplace! Okay, so here we have planned to do a tour of the celebrity houses. Are the celebrities right there, such as tom cruise, i think pitbull as well? So we will do a tour on a cruise. It will be my first time first time. Actually, you came in after earning so today ill be on a cruise for the first time in the u.s Music Music, and these are famous landed american ice creams like trigard watermelon, healthiest concealer, i think healthiest is watermelon. No yeah watermelon Music. There is uk there is israel, Music yeah, i think its clickbaity for us. Hopefully this will be us soon. Yeah, hopefully well go to real india soon and cruise boat right Music that cdc just posted a notice that avoid cruise this is actually about.

This is not a cruise because crews may copy, but Music, where all the celebrities live folks ill, be your tour guide today, youre seeing your dj as your captain. Today we have captain matt in the park, but no one can stop miami from partying Music.