Applause understand stuff on this very stuff necessary stuff. So i know now all of you know whatever i ordered from amazon, but now for the video at least i should say guys: i’ve ordered a drone. So before i destroy the box and get the drone out of it, let’s check it out. So at the front you have the company’s name, which is shift and they’ve written the perfect small. This is the controller for the drone, and this is the drone itself at the bottom left it’s written in highlight pack, and if you move to the left at the bottom, it’s written exclusively by easy making lives easy. Okay, thank you and at the back, if we see it’s written shift red the perfect small and then we have some of the things which it can do so i’ll just read them out to you. First, to save your moments, so it has a camera and a certain virtual gimbal. And then, if you move to the side, it’s written hyper sensor fusion, then there is in the zero palette mode again. What on earth that is, i don’t know and then there’s a one thumb controller. So you basically go like this and then look at the bottom left. It’S written tie tie it’s in the box. There is the shift drone, the controller and the ring a battery and a usbc cable, the bottom again now the bottom right qr code for the app it’s rated for 14 plus.

Obviously, no one follows that if i move to the right now marpi, which is written here, i focus this 25 990, but i got it for 15 990 of amazon again links in the description guys, so it does come sealed on both sides. You need a pen knife for this too, so now let’s just open it like that nothing else. Now this becomes unnecessary stuff. So let’s keep the draw aside right now there is the user manual shift red user manual version 3.0. This is a pretty thick book. Then there’s the quick start guide, not need this. We know everything and then now let’s head to the main thing which you pay money for so the packaging is very nice. Let’S take the drone out first, so i have reviewed uh dji tello in the past. The the video will be linked here somewhere. It is quite better than that in looks, i must say, and then at the bottom. If you see again, there are sensors comes a little more expensive around three thousand more than the telo now there’s, a usbc charger, which is a big big, big plus point here, because usb c units isn’t fashionable and if you see at the bottom of all the Cordless motors there are these kind of plastic things: there are legs, but yeah, obviously they’re protected from glasses, so they’ll not break. If you crash or something and at the front you have a camera which is in hidden and then i, i suppose, there’s a ring light.

Next to it back all the electronics are exposed, like some trigger in your hand, and now let’s do the satisfying thing wow. This is the controller again usbc, that is nice, so it does not need batteries. This is a big headache for every single person changing batteries. Every time there is a power button, okay, so it just made some kind of sound okay, so this thing’s on now, if i want to depict you how to wear it, so you wear it like this or this yeah like this so like this, and then this, Like this a trigger just blast, something off, then, if we move in there is this, this is a usb type c cable. At the last, there should be battery battery comes in its own case, like the mavic mini, which is nice, 1100 mh, 3.7 volt battery. So i think around 10 15 10 15 minutes. It should be able to power it. So, just before we go out and fly this thing let’s put in the battery and see: how does it look so you put the battery like this reason, and this is the switch like this. I need to press it like this, and so this will indicate the back of the drone, and i think this should light up. Oh and at night this will look like a transformer flying in the sky, so till our drone is charging. In the meantime, we can download the app so first of all get your phone to search, shift drone and then just click search, and this is the app you need to download so again, the four dots here and then the four dots on the box.

So this means this uh. This is the app, so you will just click get so now the app has been downloaded. So let’s click open one confirm so now to connect your drone to your phone. First of all, you need to unplug it from charging and then click on this button at the back, like that now, that thing is done now: go to your mobile and go to settings and then wi, fi Music. So when this kind of wi fi appears, the name is shift drone and then the model number obviously so when this appears just click on it and the password here is one two: three four five: six: seven, eight nine and zero that’s it and now click join. So after you have connected the drone, go to your app and then click on this option connect to ship. So as you can see, the live video two thousand years later: Music, yes, Music.