The things you can find when you're out are seen on a walk. If you live in an area that you're fortunate enough to see this kind of thing, if not, I bring it to you here on rcadventures. That is a chipmunk hard to see that little fella is camouflaged well, nothing better than being outside, hey that's. I think that's part of the magic for me for radio control is, I love actually being in nature and getting to breathe that beautiful air, but speaking of which I'm in the middle of a city that has a beautiful park called Fish, Creek and I've done. So many of my videos here throughout the RC adventure series now I know you all – are looking forward to today's video because it's to do with the tracks this summit. This is one of the older vehicles that I've had over the years. I'Ve done tons and tons of videos with it and most recently I did a brushless upgrade, which you guys are all shaking your heads that no because the summit's on brushless, like with power like this it's only on 4s lipo. But it is a diff killer. But I do have upgrades throughout this vehicle and I've turned the brake drag brake the brake Drake. I have a little dane Bram j. This drag brake has actually turned down very minimum I'm gon na probably keep it in high gear for most of the day. Because of the torque on that motor, I did not use my grim reaper body today.

Instead, I decided to go with the sheriff, because a little bit cloudy and this one's got a nice LED on top of it, even though some of those lights have burnt out let's get into the action, shall we Applause? These are big 40 series: mud slingers from RC four wheel, drive in case you're wondering and those are undyed rpm plastic arms it's been so long since I've been able to get out on the trail, because it's been absolutely freezing glad to be back in town, Music, Music, beautiful, Music, Music – I get her straight now come on baby plenty of torque, Music Music, I got ta, say I've always been impressed by the amount of traction these tires have like you, try to get this to do a burnout there's or like a cyclone there's. Just no way and it's aa nice great to be out guys, it's freedom that's, not even full throttle I'm just kind of taking it easy. So I can go through out a nice trail, crawl here or whoa, not really a crawl. I guess this is the same summit that was the Traxxas floating summit. I did in 2012. That is how long it's been with me. You can literally see the transition from the darkness to the light. I think that's how it is for a lot of people when they discover this hobby. Well, I hope you've enjoyed today's RC adventure guys. Thank you. I hope you've left a comment and, like click, let me know the reason why you guys are see or want to RC.

Is it to get out like this, or is it simply to build and create new things? See you in the next episode guys bye for now, Music takes a beating and still keeps on going yeah. Now I know you guys would be upset if I was leaving the parkade and didn't jump. This huge berm come on. I got a straightaway right down on the pole. What are the chances? Oh well, not a big deal, 20 part.