You checking out the frequent flyer – and this is the rc glow motion drone from sharper image, and this is available at walmart now and im not going to waste a lot of you guys time with this one im just going to let you know early on that. This is not a good one; this one has obstacle avoidance and the obstacle avoidance. Just doesnt work very well. I think that its just not implemented well, the problem is once it detects, an object is close to it and it begins to fly away from it. Itll stay in that action of flying it away from that object for entirely too long, and so this thing will be flying away from something for about uh. I think four seconds and thats way too long, especially in a small room, but this thing crashes into walls. Even in the large room, because when its in the act of flying away from an object, the obstacle avoidance is turned off temporarily and so thats a big problem with it um. I guess it would be a goal if the obstacle avoidance was still active when its flying away from an object, but its not it turns it off. It seems, and so this thing doesnt react to any motions or any objects close to it when its flying away from something which results in this thing flying into walls and stuff, and so it looks awesome though it has lights all around it.

The on and off switch is on the bottom here right there. So if you hold that or press that the lights will start flashing but as you set it down, itll go solid to blue and then, when its flying, you actually have to toss this to get it to start flying because theres, no transmitter or anything. But once you toss it, the lights will start changing gradually, so the lights will stay. Blue theyll go to a yellow color when its flying away from things and usually when its in the yellow color its crashing into something itll change into a purple. Color and itll turn red to let you know that its at lvc low voltage warning one other good thing that i can say about it is that this one has the obstacle avoidance, sensors on all sides, so it has one on the top. Even usually, theyll have one on the bottom and all four sides and theyll be missing the top, but this one does detect things from the top, so that eliminates it running into the ceiling it you know um, since, if its getting too high – and you know about To hit the ceiling, the other ones every once in a while, they get stuck on the ceiling, but most of them work a lot better than this one. Because of the problems that i already mentioned about this guy, it really doesnt come with anything, except for this. Usb type c charging cable – i guess thats a good thing that is usbc.

It is up to date with that, and it has this instructions manual, nothing else. No spare props or anything like that. Well, the props are fully encased inside the body there. This protective uh shell or barrier um, so youre, not gon na, have any prop strikes anyhow, but the problem is this: guy doesnt do what its supposed to do. So i also had another issue with this guy staying in the air. I had problems with the accelerometer. A lot of times i would toss it up and it just wouldnt stay in the air. It would just go down and its just too many problems for me to feel comfortable with recommending this thing. So this is the rc glow motion, drone obstacle avoidance, drone from sharper image and its available at walmart.