Previously we did a video analog versus digital. You guys absolutely loved it, but we have some new gear to play with. We have sharkbite and dji. So this is like what you flew in the last episode, where youve got a race quad built with the dji digital fpv system, its got the vista in there. Uh, but this this isnt an analog quad. This is also a digital. This is sharkbite, so this has the hd0 race vtx. You can see. This looks a lot more like the analog setup. Did its real slimmed down. Even this one is too a lot has developed over the last year and a half two years, since we did that video so now were able to put the vista in a much smaller package. These quads are darn near identical, despite the fact that this one has a vista, and this one has an hd0 theyre, really the same quad, so im gon na race around the track and were gon na see, which ones faster, and i i dont know which is Which ones gon na be faster, because i have been flying a lot of dji in the last years and ive only just started flying sharkbite recently. But i know a lot of the top racing. Pilots are flying this and they are switching completely away from analog to it. If you havent seen some of the other episodes where weve talked about the different video transmission systems, you might be wondering why would one be faster than the other on a racetrack and its all about latency, because with the dji digital fpv system, there tends to be A little bit more latency, which for people like you who are racers, can kind of feel that, but with sharkbite theres, a lot less latency so and thats always been.

The big difference is that you know dji has this increased latency, but the image quality is incredible. So, whereas analog there was virtually no latency, the image quality was pretty bad, so its just like what matters more on a race track, seeing the gates super clearly or seeing them in real time shark bite kind of is in the middle grounds, between analog and dji, Where it has a lot less latency, but the image quality is not as good as dji, necessarily but its better than analog its much better than analog yeah. So i think its kind of a good middle ground so im very curious to see. We dont have an analog quad here, because i really want to compare the digital systems between the two of them, because im very curious to see. Like again, i havent flown that much hd0 sharkbite, but ive been flying a ton of dji ever since that first episode thats when i just kind of got into it, so i actually might be faster with the dji because im so used to it. So its were really gon na be able to push the systems today, theyre, identical quads and ill go and talk about whats in them. Right now we have some frames from 533. This is a switchback zero and a switchback hd. The only difference is this ones. A little bit bigger to carry the vista in there. This has the van over motors, which are 2021kv.

We have a fox ear stack in this quad. This one has a race video transmitter in here, and it has the brand new fox sear digisight v3 camera, which is like the best sharkbite camera that you can get. That is something fun about sharkbite is it was developed to be more open source? Any company can develop cameras or transmitters for it. Dji is way more locked out. The performance seems to be pretty standard across the board when youre, using dji other than a few exceptions like the polar camera, but with shark bite. The different types of cameras you can get can provide. You know vastly different types of performance in terms of the resolution and the latency, so you know whyd. You pick this particular camera. So this one first off im, a big foxier fan ive, always thought that in the analog world they make the best cameras for racing and for freestyle when it comes to analog video feed, and so when they came out the digisight. It just looked like the best camera option for me to use, because i trust fox here, ive always found they have the best image and plus i always like to try the hottest latest greatest thing. All the guys who ive talked to whove tried. This say its. The best camera you can get for shark fight right now and its the lowest latency, and i want to try that for racing now. What i have tried to do in this case is make these quads weigh as similarly as i possibly can, its not 100.

Its just its never going to be anytime, we do a comparison, video theres, always someone in the comments. Why dont you make it like when youre, when youre, comparing different things, theres, always going to be some little bit of difference because of how they go together. So i would say these are theyre nearly i can tell you what they are theyre six grams apart, six grams theyre six grams apart. You may not be able to visually see it, but they are six grams apart. I have way these quads theres a piece of electrical tape on the other one yeah im, not even going to tell you, which one is heavier because i dont i mean you can probably assume which one is maybe a little bit heavier. But the quads are literally identical everywhere else, so its just going to come down to what i feel as a pilot which one i prefer and which one im ultimately faster with. So we have a track out here at fpv oasis in orlando florida, which is a public fbb park where you can come and fly really awesome that we have a location like this. Just be able to come out and not be interrupted and just be able to fly our drone safely, yeah if you live in the orlando area or if youre visiting come by bill frederick park and they got gates set up for you, im gon na go ahead And warm up with both of these quads make sure everythings flying good, get used to the track and then im gon na set down my fastest laps on each and well see which ones faster, Music, so Music.

I think shark bites going to win, but i wouldnt be surprised if dji wins only because ive been flying strictly dji for two years now and ive only gotten a little bit of time on shark bites. So the fact that this is definitely lets. I want to talk about that, so why have you been flying dji? I got a job. Well, actually, what i mean by that is ive been working in the fpv industry and in the fpv industry. The kind of standard when youre on a big set is youre not going to show the director an analog video feed youre, going to show them a dji fpv view, so i kind of got forced into flying it and then the more i flew it. The more i started really like the image of it, to be perfectly honest and for freestyle i felt like i was more confident flying it, but when you enter a race, do you then still use dji, or is that the one exception where youve been going to Analog yeah ive been going to analog and then now previously ive been trying to build some quads on sharkbite because it seems like every single racer is switching away from analog to sharkbite, okay, so so youre already convinced that for racing youre using shark fight 100, i Think thats better than analog its better than analog okay thats. Why i didnt even want to compare, were just going to give dj one more fair shot at yeah.

In my opinion, after like warming up on both of them, i feel great on both a little more comfortable in dji, but the quads are flying identical to each other. Theres really no difference there. So if dji is going to win and were not trying to make dji win, i just like, if dji lost badly highest, all right, so ive got my warm up packs on both of the quads ive flown two packs on sharkbite, two packs and dji. So now were gon na fly and do the test were gon na see what my fastest lap time and also my like fastest three lap times are so im gon na start with the shark bite im gon na then fly the dji back to the shark bite And then finish on the dji, so thats four batteries were gon na see whats the fastest time: Music, Music, 132. Music, hey Music, 12. 12. Oh lets go fastest time. So far, yeah lets go Music Applause, Music, 12, 9., Music love, one Music. I will say from my end: okay, can i notice the variable latency? Yes, i can, but after flying dji for two years its less so you learn to predict it yeah its just not as like. I dont have the issue with it and what i did notice, though, is flying. Oh, i can see these gates the pictures, nice and big, so you think the picture is even better than on that digit.

That was my first time looking through a shark by camera. Other than the you know, the the standard run cam camera, and i was really impressed with that. I thought it looked really good. Who do you want to win? We know theres bias. Who do you want? I dont think theres any, like part of me, really wants shark bite to win, because i just put it in three of my quads yeah, so i i i i generally want h zero to win. I also it just seems like in the racing community thats the most accepted, so i know im gon na get a lot of hate, for if decide is better, but at the same time like i dont really care like what i want at this point. I just want to have fun like i want to go to local races. I want to use whatevers compatible whatever i can use and just like go out there and have a good time. One thing i have noticed is the i think, its 120 fps of the dji. I noticed it big time because, like this is 60fps its only 60., its only 60. so like when you put the dji on its just like oh its smooth thats. One thing i do notice about it: Music, oh Music, Music. I was giving it everything at the very because it was a good lap. So im like all right. If this is my last lap im like im waiting that was sick, it was a good laugh.

So like in an actual race that would count and just got ta get through it through the game and it was power on too so there was, the timing would have caught it. Gotcha nice motors are fine, those van over motors yeah. We got actually look. You did, oh, my god, look at the dent you put in the bell. Look at that see where it like took paint like this motor is so hot too. What are these? These are. 20. 21. 20. 207. 20. 21 kv 160. 6S, no throttle cap, but thats. What you got to do to go fast these days, man, i think, if i were to put more time on this system, you know get used to the hdl goggles. Once again, everything i probably would be going, maybe even a little bit faster, but thats really fast. Dude 11.3, but at the same time, if i also put that same time into just specifically dji racing id probably go a little faster there too, but we got one more battery on dji for racing lets see if we can make rake eleven three ill, be very Clear too, im giving it absolutely everything on all these batteries. I, like i said i. If anything, i would want shark bite to win just because ive spent money on it, but like im, im genuinely giving it absolutely everything you like pushing the throttle. Stick all the way up: oh yeah, as much as i comfortably can are we going.

We get shook Music, Music, eleven, five Music. So actually my average is better. Your average is better on dji, because i had like 12 12 and then 11 3 on shark bite. Thats true on this, it was like 12 11 11. yeah. I felt like i would be more consistent with dji, because ive been flying it a lot. The shark bite im like okay im getting used to it, but i feel like that 11 3 on shark bite kind of showed the potential of what thats slightly lighter and it could be much lighter as well lets be very clear. I was trying to make the weight similar. You can really not get this set up any lighter with the vista. So if youre competitively racing, you can make that shark bite quad that down to match it just so, we can focus on like latency and everything like that last time, if im not mistaken, analog not only had the fastest lap, but it was the best three consecutive Laps every time, but with dji i had a better three consecutive lap time which, technically by multi gp, is whats more important because they go off of your three consecutive time versus your single best. Shark might have the faster single lap, but dj the more consistent three laps, and i think i attribute that consistency to me being comfortable with the dji headset that 11 3 showed the potential of what i could do consistently.

I think the latency makes a difference. The ability to be lighter makes a difference. It was really close, but i i can confidently say the winner: is you alex youre, an amazing pilot, its always great having you here, putting the gear through the test guys? What do you think is better yeah because were not going to say were not going to say you saw the results which do you think is better suited for racing. Leave a comment down below getting an argument engagements, a good thing. If youre new here hit the subscribe button, we are always having a great time with drones, pushing them to their limits. We post videos every monday and if you dont, want to miss a single one, theres a little bell icon. If you hit that well spam, you well lets know hey. We posted come on over and watch something guys im madrid im alex fanon im, bubby fpv, well, see you next time on road to ride Applause, Music! Well, also, we just first yeah. This is the better! The post roll like ill be like im doing some orbits around winston were getting some b roll im like all right, bring out your timer. Let me see, like i dont care at this point. The episodes done lets like try and kill the quad like i dont care. If i crash it or the times, your first lap was an 11 5 and the second one was in 11 8 and then you got an 11 2 11 2.

So so get this. So now i got ta get the shark bite and i got it. I got ta, try it. We can just be here all day. Just watching alex youll need to fly. We can just be here all day watching alex just grow up.