In addition to that, a review after 100 covers a wide variety of things, and while it does include the achievements, it is not just the achievements if youre curious, what all of that entails and youre not subscribed to my channel. If you go to my channel, the first video youre going to see is a video explaining everything that i cover in these reviews. Now, with that out of the way lets turn our attention to the game itself. Shadowrun dragonfall is the second game in a trilogy, often referred to as the shadowrun trilogy. Now the game itself is an isometric crpg from harebrained schemes. Interestingly enough dragonfall actually started its life as a sort of expansion or dlc to shadow run returns. It was released in february of 2014 as a module that one could play in shadowrun returns. However, about six months later, it then received its full standalone release as a directors cut which, in addition to, of course, releasing it as a full game, also added quite a bit of content as well. Now, while i will cover the basic story, setup im going to try not to spoil too much in case, you want to actually play the game, but the general story set up is that you are a new member to a group of shadow runners in this world. Shadow runners are basically like mercenaries, who do things behind the scenes to just help general people and get paid in this particular game.

We are a member of a group of shadow runners in the city of berlin. Germany, now, in this current time period that this takes place in germany is actually being ruled by what is called the flux state, which is basically anarchists. Just to give you a little bit of background, but well go over more of that later, but as the newest member of this team of shadow runners, you are with your team on a job thats where the story starts. That job goes south very quickly, leading your team to discover – and this is a very early on thing. The existence of firewing firewing is a notorious dragon in the shadowrun universe, but to explain the significance of that, i have to explain a few other things, such as in the shadowrun universe, magic exists and is real. However, it is on a 5200 year cycle, so back in 2012 in this universe, when the world was supposed to end. What actually happened is that magic re entered the universe as the world had just gone through its 5200 years of no magic. So this caused all sorts of problems, but most notably dragons awoke. Apparently they hibernate through their offseason, so to speak, but one dragon in particular fire wing, went on a rampage and killed tens of thousands of people before she was eventually shot down. She was presumed dead, though nobody could really prove that she went down in an incredibly radioactive area, so nobody could really follow up.

So your team, at the very beginning of the game, keep in mind im not spoiling anything. This is like the first mission information here. Your team goes in botches a job because you accidentally, as far as you know, stumbled onto something which turns out to be quite probably the layer of the fire wing and the story evolves from there, as you kind of have to figure out a way to deal With this situation at this point, which is honestly a pretty good intro to the start of the crpg, especially back in 2014., now a few more notes on the story without spoiling anything again, there are eight endings, or at least i would say, eight distinct, ending options That, i would say largely boil down to three or four different conclusions: theres, the terrible bad ending. There is all sorts of neutral endings, and then there is what i would call the good ending. If you will the good ending like most true endings, if you will requires a lot more work and specific options taken throughout the game, but well talk a bit more about what kind of choices you can make here in a bit now for character creation. Largely the same as shadowrun returns, because again it was based on a module in shadowrun returns, but, to put it very simply, the game does more with the same system and where shadowrun returns was arguably a fairly low level adventure. If you want to put it that way, you start out with a lot more karma, which is the experience points in this particular game.

So youll use your karma, spread that around your appropriate attributes, which kind of makes your build and this being a magic mixed with regular technology universe. You can, of course, be a mage someone who uses technology. You can become what is called a decker, which is basically just hacking. You can be someone who specializes in robotics using a drone in combat that kind of thing. You can be a shaman who summons spirits and things to the battlefield, theres a lot going on and it expands on that stuff. A lot more than returns did, and that honestly makes it feel much more like a crpg. Now, when it comes to the difficulty of the game, i will say the game is more difficult than shadowrun returns, but its not overwhelming or anything in general, though enemies will actually use tactics on normal, whereas in returns it was basically just attack everything until its dead Dragonfall takes a much more tactics approach as well as enemies, just not being so dense. They will actually use things like grenades and abilities that rob you of your ap, your action points and thats just on normal, compared to normal for both of those games. So, with all that said, lets jump into the world building a little bit now. World building in dragonfall functions quite a bit differently from the first game, whereas the first game is a fairly linear path. The world building of dragonfall sees you taking on missions from a central hub, so this central hub is kind of like your neighborhood, the area that you are in charge of and after the botched job, at the very beginning of the game, your character is put in Charge of your team of shadow runners, which kind of inadvertently puts you sort of in charge of this neighborhood.

Now, through most of the game, you can tackle missions largely in any order. You want. There are story, critical missions that have to be done and theres all sorts of optional missions. These missions can largely be unlocked by talking to characters throughout the central hub area. This is especially true of your companions, as this game actually has proper companions. There are four of them and three of those companions will have a story mission unlocked if you talk to them in between missions, so go out on a mission, come back and then talk to all your companions, theyll open up to you more eventually, theyll give you A side mission to complete now thats true for three out of the four one of the four their side mission, is directly tied to one of the main missions, which makes it much easier to do frankly, in addition to talking to everyone throughout your central hub youre Of course, going to find all sorts of shops for things like consumables, armor weapons, medical cyberware and a couple of notes on those shops are that one. There are a lot more items which leads to a lot more build variety. If you want to call it that, for this particular game, there are a lot more weapon types. For instance, you can use sniper rifles that kind of thing you can buy different kinds of magic and you can even buy different types of cyberware cyberware. In my opinion probably saw the biggest amount of variation from the first game, but whats more, depending on your exact, build youre, probably going to buy most of your equipment from one character as each of the shops, around kind of caters to one specific, build type b.

That somebody uses like weapons or just melee versus ranged attacks or someone who likes to use tech such as hacking or someone who uses drones, etc and theres. The magic shop which your shamans or your mage characters would go use, and those shops are also where those particular characters will go to find armor appropriate for their class, and then we have the cyberware shop. Cyberware is an interesting one. It primarily benefits people who are not magic users, as installing cyber wear will lower your essence, which lowers your spell slots, which makes you less effective at using magic. So, typically speaking, a magic user is going to use at most a very tiny amount of cyberware, whereas somebody whos not casting magic, can go all in on the cyberware and become a bit of a powerhouse in a different way. I played the game both ways. I honestly found both of them to be pretty satisfying. Personally, i think i preferred the mage or spellcaster route myself now when it comes to leaving your central hub to go on a mission. Youll basically go to the train station and youll board. A train and youll launch your missions from there, with the idea being that youre taking a train to the mission or the appropriate place that the mission will happen. And this is where you are going to be able to pick your gear and your layout. What consumables youre taking with you, as well as what companions youre taking with you, because, typically speaking, you can only have four people going on a mission, and you have yourself plus four companions.

And if you dont, like a particular companion or if you want to bring a particular type of character with you, there are other mercenaries around your neighborhood that can also be brought along on your missions and, depending on your choices, you might actually wind up with one Or two characters to also take with you on missions potentially as well, all of which have strength and weaknesses and can bring different things to the mission with you, because, if your character lacks skills in a particular thing, typically speaking in a lot of cases, a character With those skills can instead do that task for you now thats sort of how the world building works on a mechanical level, but for the rest of it, as i mentioned earlier, berlin is largely ruled by what is called the flux state. Now there are still corporations people in power, questionable experiments, youre going to see all of that stuff, but theres not like a proper police force at the moment, which leads to all sorts of shady groups, and all of this is colored by the terror of firewing. As you play through the game, you learn more about firewing and the destruction that she wrought when she woke up and went on rampages destroying whole cities and again killing tens of thousands of people over the span of a few months before she was eventually taken down And what dragonfall, i think, does a lot more than returns did is expand upon the world, especially dragons and their role in this world and what their absence might entail.

So, on the world building front, i will say they do a fantastic job of laying the world out for you in terms of interacting with it and learning about it, as well as subjects such as dragons and high magic and what happens when these things could potentially Be gone: are there implications to those things, and last but not least, on the world building front, there are a lot of stat and skill checks pretty much any way. You build a character, youre, probably going to see some sort of stat or skill check. However, i will say these tend to be a bit more weighted in favor of charisma and decking. Decking is basically just hacking, but they call it decking in the future of shadowrun, apparently those two options: decking and charisma. In my opinion, they see a lot more use than all the other skills, though all of the skills are represented and with that lets talk, combat a little bit now combat is a turn based action system. So every turn you will get to move your entire team, which i always like. I think that makes combat feel a little more interesting in terms of turn based combat and it doesnt feel like youre just waiting for your turn all the time. However, each individual character will get a set number of actions. Now some actions like throwing a grenade might cost two actions instead of one, but if youre using like say a melee weapon.

Typically speaking, moving to the target and attacking it is included as one action, but that said, combat just coming straight from returns is much improved. We actually see the addition of action bars, which leads to a lot more abilities that we can then use. Of course, in combat, which makes combat feel a little more tactical, as opposed to just the attack everything that we saw in returns. You can also even use the environment a bit to your advantage. Shamans can actually summon spirits here and there, throughout the game from the environment, deckers will often be able to hack into things mid, combat which will allow them to take control of turrets and things through the matrix. The matrix is sort of a physical representation of the internet. If you will and deckers will navigate this with their deck, which is why theyre called deckers and using various programs etc. They can hack things in real time as you are in combat, which makes them pretty interesting. But overall, i would say combat in this particular one gives each archetype a bigger opportunity to shine either through weapon variants or new abilities added. I actually played through the game. A few different times, two full playthroughs and a couple of shorter playthroughs just to check around with some of the classes and each of them kind of has their moments to shine. Now when it comes to enemy tactics, as i mentioned earlier, enemies are just generally smarter.

They will use things like grenades, etc against you, if youre all clumped up together, they will actively use abilities to try to take your action points away. That kind of thing, but, moreover, something that will come up in combat a few times throughout this game, is that sometimes theres just too much of it frankly often times youll find yourself infiltrating a place just you have to then fend off waves of enemies before an Objective completes – and this happens multiple times throughout the game, and frankly, some of it just takes too long because often times youll have to fight things on your way to an objective, get to an objective, fend off waves of enemies and then fight even more enemies. On your way out the door, and while i will say a charisma character, can help alleviate some of this, even with a charisma character. There is just tons of this combat. There were several moments in missions where it was just like. Are they really just still throwing waves of enemies at you and it gets to be a little much honestly, i think if they had scaled back the combat just a bit, it would have flowed a bit more naturally, in my opinion, but that brings us to the Companions first up we have eggier a female troll. She is former military. She uses a sniper rifle as well as a shotgun, so typically just a ranged character. Then we have glory glory.

Is a cyber weared up combat medic? She is just covered in old cyberware and she is often taking on the role of healer, as well as using special claw weapons through her cyberware that she gets. She can also be a very good melee character. Then we have blitz blitz. Is your decker? Should you yourself choose not to be a decker, you will likely be using blitz as deckers in this game are quite important and having someone to hack things with, you is a very important thing to do. If you cant, do it yourself, so blitz will likely be with you. Quite often, he himself is a former gang member who is now using his skills to help you after you helped him out of a tight spot and then last but not least, we have dietrich. Dietrich is a former punk rock band front man, who is also a shaman shaman in this world, connect to a totem or a spirit from beyond the world or the plane of existence that we live in dietrichs totem. The dragon slayer pushes him to be rowdy, basically and kind of stand up to things and take on fights against larger opponents, that type of general thinking so dietrich himself, pretty cool hes, a largely support caster in that he has abilities that will increase your aim, increase Your action points per turn that type of stuff. Now each of these companions, as you go through, the game are going to level up a few times and with each level up, they will potentially bring new weapons or abilities with them in combat.

Some of that is set in stone and some of it you can actually choose yourself as they hit certain milestones. You can pick between two abilities for them and, as i mentioned earlier, they all have companion story lines. I think glory a gear and dietrich all had very good stories. I didnt really like blitzes so much because hes supposed to be your hacker extraordinaire. If you chose yourself not to be a decker, but they often portray him as incompetent and given just the serious tone of most of the game, its just like, why would you keep the seemingly incompetent person around so, in my opinion, i dont really like the way That was written, but the rest of the companions are very well done and, unfortunately, you will still need blitz if you yourself are not a decker in addition to these characters, depending on how you play the game, you might take on one or two more people late Game and i use the term people loosely that can also potentially accompany you on missions and, in addition to all of those characters anytime, you leave for a mission. You do have the option to potentially take on other members of your team, but basically youll have to pay them to do it in typical shadow run fashion. So you can mix up your team as necessary to get you through fights alright. So lets talk, positives and negatives and then wrap this thing up positives.

This game has vastly improved on shadow run returns in basically every way possible. In addition to this, whereas returns was a very straightforward and linear experience, dragonfall really lets you have a great deal of player agency, theres a lot of choices in how you build your character, choices you can make in game and how they affect the story as well As again, multiple endings, the negatives, on the other hand, are the waves of enemies that come especially in missions that go just on for way too long. They could have cut those by probably a third and then been in a good spot, but as it stands, some of those fights just drag on for far far too long and then the other negative for me was again a couple of the classes. Just see more representation in game than others, these primarily again being the charisma and decker, so anybody with those skills is probably going to see a lot more use than other characters as being one of those two types of characters. Well, see you just passing a great deal more of the games. Checks than you would otherwise, and thus playing a high charisma character or, as a decker class, will just be a more rewarding experience. Frankly, and while you certainly dont have to play as one of those classes to get through the game or anything, it does at times almost feel like youre punished for not playing one of those two.

But there you go guys. There is my review of shadowrun dragonfall to draw a conclusion. Before we wrap this thing up completely youre unlikely to buy shadowrun dragonfall by itself, you will most likely buy it as a trilogy. I believe, full price that trilogy is 55. However, you can often find it on sale for very cheap, but individually. Dragonfall is 15, so i will say, outside of the trilogy. I think dragonfall is absolutely worth 15 bucks, its a great little crpg, especially if youre just kind of getting into the genre. So if you happen to catch the trilogy on sale, or did you just want to buy dragonfall individually its a great game, i think more people should check it out. Hope you enjoyed the review. If you did please remember to like comment subscribe. All that youtube jazz. We will be reviewing shadowrun hong kong, the third installment in the series next, but regardless of all that truly just thank you. So much for watching.