This could be really quick, and i guess i should say that if you’re new to drones, you probably think all drones fly in all weather. Well, budget drones like this one. This is a budget drone, the sg906 max it’s designed for warm weather, so at 9 degrees celsius, it’s not designed for that, so it might vibrate like heck out there, but we’ll try it here. We go now for this video i’m going to do a bit of a voiceover, because something went wrong with my microphone and this is what you hear. Listen. Yes, my microphone recorded the cold wind blowing, so we don’t want to listen to that anyways. Here i am with the sg906 max and once again, i’m pretty impressed that you can leave the little obstacle avoidance unit on the top and put it in the carry bag here i’m unfolding it getting it ready to go next, we’ll power on the controller and the Big thing to remember is that the gps mode is on you have an option to turn it on or off make sure it’s on for outdoors power on the drone, and here i want to show you that in this video i’m going to use a tablet holder Because, normally i use a cell phone but i’m going to use a tablet holder because i’m actually going to use a tablet for this here video. This is new. This was sent to me. This is the triple tech.

7 inch pro it’s new on the market and i’ll be doing a review in the future. You can drop it in the snow, it’s very durable. I think you can drive a tank over it. You can’t damage it super bright screen on it and you can see everything so i’m gon na start up the app and the app to use is the zlrc app. You can use the h fun pro app if you want here. I am in the settings menu and i’m showing that you have an option to turn stabilization on or off for the camera i’m turning it off, because a lot of people asked what, if you turn it off, how does it look so in this video? The stabilization is off now i’m doing the compass calibration and once that’s done, we’re ready to fly now let’s go back to the outdoor audio and hear what i say and take it out up in the cold. There goes the obstacle avoidance, spinning, looking really cool there. She goes it’s like pretty darn cold. To have this out here. Let’S see i can go forward. Yep fly forward. Okay, remember! In the last video i was talking about the gimbal moving it up and down. So i can do it right here on my screen, my finger’s frozen, so i don’t know if it’ll work, i can go up no that’s down. Oh up there we go see how smooth it is and no beeps and i’m bringing it down nice and fast there.

We go so let’s see if it finds me i’m going to go forward now got beep, so it’s not coming at me so that’s good. But if i turn it this way, let’s see away from me turn it away from me and fly forward and there we go so it works great. All right going forward into the building fly, fly, fly, fly, hear it and it stops so it works perfect. So i’m curious now to see how it works in the follow mode. If the obstacle avoidance works, let’s do that let’s go up. I’Ll put it in, follow me mode, so it has to get the gps from the tablet. So it’s in follow me i’m walking towards it but i’m going to change angles here, it’s like walking on a beach in quicksand for those who have never walked in snow. So now my drone is going backwards. It will smash into that tree. It found the tree it’s not gon na hit the tree. Look at that look at that. The tree’s right there awesome so here i’ll, take it backwards away from the tree. It didn’t hit the tree, though okay taking a picture with this drone. How does the picture look? Applause? Okay, the drone is right down there outside and uh it’s too cold out. There pick it up there we go she’s going up. Take it away up turn it around let’s see. I can look down i’m way down below there.

I am down there in my frozen jeep and come back up going forward there. We go it detects the trees, so i am going to move i’ll hold this up, so you can see my screen too. There we go and i’m gon na move this way where there’s, no trees, the obstacle avoidance works really well, but if you were trying to film around trees like kids or whatever, or things like that, you’d have to remove the module to uh use it. That way. Now there’s two speeds on this here: drone i’ve been flying in the slow speed yet says low. On my screen, uh speed, speed, speed should make a beep. Here we go there, we go. It says, warning all these things there’s a big warning on my screen. Anyways. It says you’re at fast speed, and here we go. This is what it looks like filming with fast speed on the gimbal uh handles. Well it i thought the gimbal would drop, but it didn’t drop, but look at how fast it goes. It is quite fast now, if there’s anything in my way, it’s still the obstacle avoidance will still work but um if i’m going too fast. You know at the last minute it won’t say: oh look at that. It saw the trees. It saw the trees down there and says nope, because when a drone flies it’s like this and when you go full blast, it tilts like that. So now, my obstacle avoidance is more or less kind of looking down a bit more than straightforward.

So, even though the trees are at the lower half of my screen, it sees them because that’s what it’s, pointing at all right i’m going to hit the return to home button and see if it lands beside my jeep. Here we go going home. It says on my screen going home: i don’t know if you can see it. The screen is the sun’s over there here’s. What the screen looks like on the tablet. Can you see that this tablet is super super bright? So you know i can see things quite well on the image that’s, the drone coming back, that’s the clouds and the ground it’s either going to land on my jeep or beside my jeep. I have no idea here: let’s let’s scroll, this camera down and see where it is looking down. There’S my jeep cool. I took off beside it, let’s see. If it comes down beside it, i got ta look straight down there. We go where’s it coming down. That’S not bad, it looks like it’s coming right back to where i took off, but uh i’m going out the door to look at where it’s coming down. This is right. There all right, pretty sweet, come on down Applause, Music, all right there we are and it should shut itself off. Nice. Hey well done all right. So first off the tablet really good for flying out on a super bright sunny day. Look at how white i am with the sun coming it’s so bright, but you can still see the tablet which is it’s it’s bright but uh.

I don’t think anybody would buy this tablet if you want to fly this drone, because this drone costs like half the price of this tablet. I think this tablet is more for people that are right into drones, so uh i’ll put links below to it. It is the new pro version of the triple tech tablet. Super super rugged, durable toss it in the snow toss. It anywhere drive over it with my jeep it’s good. Now, let’s get back to this baby, so this little guy did well. I, like the obstacle avoidance, it’s, pretty cool. It really works. Well, i think a lot of beginners are going to like this drone, because it’s going to keep you from crashing the drone as long as you’re flying forward. If you fly sideways or backwards, you are going to fly into something and, of course crash the drone. But if you always keep flying forward in the slow speed yeah, it will stop all the time it won’t crash into things. If things are getting out of the way, so it’s really good, hopefully everything turned out because it is pretty cold out here. I’M surprised it even worked in the cold, but uh links are below to this baby. Go check it out, it’s, not very expensive. All right guys hope you enjoyed this video catch.