This is Music, one battery Music, a black one, because this one, the orange one it’s the orange one. I got it like two months ago, Music, this dude, so i got another black one here’s, the remote Music for the orange one. But this one when i bought it, i ordered two batteries, one battery here and an extra battery, but this one i ordered only one battery, because i know it is the same. This one would fit in this black one Music. So i order only one battery for this Music. This one is a brushless brushless motor there’s. This motor 4k camera it’s only way, like 242 grams, same thing, with this Music cable charger extra screw small screwdriver Music, useful. The reason i bought another one, because i was surprised when i blew this one – really flies well it’s, like very nimble, very nimble and fast. So i got the black one: Music it’s very similar to mavic mini Music, and i noticed that they used the same roughness motor magic mini. I compare it and i count that i counted the Music coil inside of the motor this one exactly the same. The size of the Music same exactly the size of the motor and the propeller exactly the same size, i believe the copy, the magic mini use exactly the same motor same motor Music, 12, rows of coils here and also Music similarity Music, expensive. I got this for like four hundred dollars.

I got it like two years ago.