We have something new from dietone on the bench today and were going to fly. This were going to talk about the components on here were going to talk about the price point and what the options are for this one, so were just going to jump right into this. This one is the analog version and it does have the 6s motors on here theres a 6s version and a 4s version theyre both the same price 259.99 without the receiver. If you want to add tbs crossfire thats, going to get you up to around 289. For that setup and thats bind and fly, that means you have to have a radio and a battery and a charger outside of getting this quad, but its pre built it has a factory tune on here, which is pretty good and in this review were going to Show you the camera footage coming from my sky zones and have them back there in a fat shark case, go figure, but were going to show you that footage were going to show you how it flies, how it freestyles and, most importantly, how durable this is when It crashes so if you guys are looking for like an ultra durable binding fly thats under 300 right now. This is a good deal, because i prefer this four inch. Propeller quad over the 3.5 inch that have been coming out recently weve been flying 3.5 inch. Theres. All kinds of versions of them out there, this baby hawk hd.

There is the diaton 35, and now there is the f4, and between these two props i prefer the four inch over the three five. The three five is pretty fast, but i feel, like the four inch has a little more forgiveness in the high end of the throttle, and it gives you a little more float coming back around from those big maneuvers, so yeah, just a little more power and throttle In these motors, so i would go for the 6s version, because you have all that top end power at the high end of the throttle. If youre coming back around from a big maneuver, you can save yourself a lot better and its just its going to be faster on 6s and you might have actually a little longer flight time. So tbs crossfire nano rx1 thats, the one id go for. But if you dont want to get it with a receiver and you want to add like a taranis xm plus on it and run, say something like your t16 in d16 mode. You can do that, for you know, 259, plus the price of a a pretty cheap fr sky, xm plus antenna. I was also running my firefly excellent here and i crashed this into the concrete today and i hit a curb and the good news is that i did a durability test on the firefly x, and you know this camera is getting 4k video with sd card support. I do recommend this over top of the peanut right now i will say that i havent tested the peanut, but if i was gon na fly on any given day, i would grab this first because it has a mount that comes with two options on the mount.

It comes with the larger mount for the gopro size mounts on any quad and it comes with the smaller mount. So you can put it on smaller size. Quads like this one here from beta fpv, so it has that little mount there and this mount. That comes on the top here, so in that durability test i crashed into a concrete curb, and the camera took a hit right here. You can see it did not break, which is really good news. There are a lot of cameras out there that are d cased that would have broken two pieces: um the gap rc my one of my favorite, my favorite high end dks gopro hero8 its 550, but this thing hit the curb and it was exposed in this. It was this direction here and it broke the bottom of this base off, so i can still use it on the smaller quads, but the larger gopro mount broke off the top of this quad and i was using a diatone mount to do that. But i have to say that the durability report coming back from several weeks of flying the firefly x, is super good. So if youre going to pick up one of these, you should grab one down at the link below before these guys sell. Out and again i prefer the sd card support over top of something like the peanut or the go tube just because well i have expandable memory in this setup, so i can put up to a 512 gigabyte sd card in the firefly x.

I think the video looks decent its not as good as the hero 8, but then again not all of us are willing to put down 550 that i can just smash into the concrete. So this is highly recommended, but were going to go out and fly this now um. When i had my crash into the curb guys like problem, the problem was: is that the camera turned off because the battery came clean off the quad and i lost the video im, not sure i had the video of that crash. If i had, if i can find it ill put it in this flight test, but i did a lot of smackdowns with this quad and if you are beginner, i would actually recommend this for a beginner outside of saying have flown like your first, like micro quads Around the house, if youre looking to get outside and do some real ripping start out with the 4s or the 6s one if youre a beginner, because this is kind of a beater quad too, and it just flies really really well so lets go ahead outside now And lets do some analog fpv flying flight test with the roma, f4 4 inch version, 6s and 4s. You can fly it on either one by the way. If you get the 6s version, you can fly 4s or 6s batteries. No problem lets. Do some ripping guys here we go check the mic and make sure it sound right boy, Music, so now white boys, it sound right boy, Music, Applause, Music! Is it sound right boy, Music, so, Music, Applause, Music, Music is Music Music.

It sound right boy, all right, guys, welcome back from the flight test. That was pretty fun, and i have to say that that this quad survived my flight test, thats a good quad. You know what that means. That means that if youre a beginner and you watch one of my reviews, um a lot of times – you see that i i i kind of fly stupid fast and i kind of fly it like. I stole it um. So that means that im flying like a crazy man high on the throttle im just going for stuff im, just trying power loop after power, loop and um, really just seeing what the performance of the power system will do on a quad and im. Not one of those reviewers that kind of pussyfoots around in the baseball field, i actually like to just go for it, and sometimes i i freaking ive saw tree branches off of trees. You guys have seen some of my reviews where i just cut right through a tree branch and keep going actually throttle up when i hit a tree branch instead of some. You know throttling down its kind of stupid, but i try to fly out of it. Fly through it and sometimes just to see what happens now, uh this one in the case of hitting a tree branch when i did a power that came back down into a tree and i hit a tree branch and i kind of tried to you, know level Out the quad and aggro and fly out of it, which i did not, i flew into the street and hit a curb um, and the good thing about this is that this quad it took a really hard hit on the concrete.

So you know if you are a beginner, i think this frame is pretty good as far as durability factor goes, because it looks around like around a four and a half to five mil frame unibody again it has that long body frame design. So you can run a full size gopro on here with a battery. You could run like a 4s 850 on here. If you want, it has an xt 60 back here, thats embedded in this tpu mount in the back. Weve got our sort of medium sized antenna coming off the back. It has enough clearance from the battery, which i also like sticks up above the battery, and you can run up to like a 4s or a 6s 1550. Well, 4s 1550 would be the biggest battery. I put on here you can even fly 4s on this 6s version with these motors um. It also comes with trapdoors, so you have these little trapdoors. They kind of stick out on the side to give the flight controller and the wiring some room here. Ive seen this one, this type of trapdoors on other diatom quads, which is kind of nice. No other company out there is doing these trapdoors. But one thing i got to report about the trapdoor might be a negative about this. One is that when i did have one crash, this popped off and i tried to turtle mode and i flipped back over. But when i, when i powered up again, this trapdoor had popped open during the crash and it broke a prop.

So thats one thing to think about there: you could also just take these trapdoors off and um fly it traditionally how we fly quads with exposed flight controller. But if you want to have everything protected in here, you could just leave the trapdoors on. If that makes you feel better, i also have my receiver in here and again. This is the diatone aio f411 flight controller with 35 amp escs and its 4s and 6s capable. But if you get the 4s version, youre going to get 4 200 kb motors for 4s, if you get the 6s version, youre going to get the 2200s. So these are the toca series. They have three bolts on the bottom and they have that larger motor stem on here and the traditional sort of uh self locking nut there. And i kind of prefer this one. Over top of, like the two bolt configuration that a lot of the three inch props have, this is just nice, its its more like convenient out in the field. If you have to switch out a prop, if you do break a prop, you just grab your wrench. Take that off and youre back up in the air, so i think these motors actually look really nice. I was joking in the field the other day, when the guys were there – and i was like man – these are some nice wheels. 2203.5 2200 kv dont. Those look. Nice, i mean gold interior there with the green accent, looks really cool and the stator inside looks nice and the coils look nice and thick in there.

That means its a nice high quality, copper, coils and again they did wire covers over top of them. So when i crashed through the trees, these didnt break off looks like that. One might have moved a little bit, but ive crashed had other crashes where these completely break off and this time they didnt and it will save the wires going to the esc, which is nice. But again the aircraft aluminum up front weve got that run cam phoenix on the front here as well. That is a phoenix 2., its a really nice analog camera. I think one thing about this design is that they should have, i feel like they should have taken this piece of carbon out right here. It gives you some extra protection for the camera, but the problem for that is when i went to put my diatom mount on for my firefly. It kind of wouldnt go underneath um. It was not able to get underneath here for mounting that mount, but i was able to get it on there with a couple screws up front. Just leave the back up and i have to say i run. I ran this camera, but i had a problem during one of my crashes when i flew across the street and hit the curb with this quad. It broke the top of the mount for the firefly x. Now that was a true durability test for the firefly x. So if youre watching this review and youve already watched my review, my shirt, my shootout of all the different dks cameras and this one is kind of like the budget choice.

Its 150 dollars for 4k at 60 frames per second thats. What we all want to record when were flying fpv videos, 60 frames per second – makes the video look great um and it doesnt have a lot of stutter, because these are moving at really high speeds um. So this is the kind of camera you want, but its much better price than the gap rc. You know hero 8 at 550 dollars. So i feel like the video on this ones acceptable, but i feel like they also need to make a tpu mount for the firefly x if you could find that and source that thats the way to go. But i love this mount because just because it survived hitting a curb now, this is the damage that i got when i hit a curb with this camera other guys have been flying the gap rc hero, 8 and theyve broke those and thats a 550 dollar break. If you smash one of those that would be just terrible im, even scared to crash mine, i know bardwell crashed his and broke his and it it can take a pretty good hit firefly x and you can see it broke. The top of this mount off. I feel like this is tpu it might have bent, but it also kind of gave a little bit in the crash. So in a way it might have been less hard on the camera, since this gave instead of this.

So something has to give in the crash and thats really important. So i also have the extra mount on the bottom for the smaller point, so you can attach it to micro quads. So this is pretty cool that this mount actually comes with two types of mounting harnesses so for full size, gopro mount that would fit nikki four inch over here and the smaller for the micro. So now i can still use that mount on my smaller quads, but now im going to need a new mount if i want to mount it to my larger mount setup for the gopro size. But this camera is great so far, and i i think this one combination wise. If you got this camera and this setup, that would be a nice freestyle setup and uh as long as youre not crashing into the concrete youre, probably going to be fine. I kind of wish this one had a little larger vtx on here. This one does have a smaller vtx and let me just double check on the specs for you guys on the vtx thats, the mamba tx 500, so it will go up to 500 milliwatt recently. I reviewed one of the diatom quads that has the mamba 1w thats one watt up to 1 000 milliwatts. So that would be crazy, crazy, crazy, nice and you can go miles out on 1000 milliwatt, but you can see thats only a half size vtx with a ufo connector.

Here it comes back around and if you buy this quad, i would move this cable away from that vbac cable going back here. You dont really want your vtx antenna, cable right next to on top of the power thats, just not going to be a good thing for you, but i also like that, even though this is on a tiny bit of tilt its not as much as like the Evoke where they have theirs on the iflight quad, the the nascar evoke its almost tilted back like this. This one lets you still plug in the battery without having to have a super long battery, and this quad body is shorter. So you have no problem with the length of the battery cable reaching the xt60 in the back, so a really nice high quality design and under 300 bucks. So i think this is one to to look out for and youre honestly, if youre looking for something super super durable and fun to fly four inches the way to go uh for like a beginner freestyle or intermediate like theres. Some really good bottom flies out there right now in 2021, so you can check out the link down below for this one, which i highly recommend and the firefly x camera. This is the x light and its just fantastic for me. So far, im loving the footage and im loving the fact that im not um tied down to on board storage like the peanut versus having sd card support.

This is just easy to pop out put in the computer and upload to facebook or or youtube and edit your videos. So super cool comment on this video as well, because were still going with that giveaway. The phoenix 8 coming up soon ive been kind of pushing it out to the end of the month so that we can start our october giveaway whats going to be next. What should i give away next guys make some comments down below and get entered to, win and, as always, give us a like and subscribe on.