This is the fourth drone im setting up so lets dive in with the first one, which is a tip around what to know about the batteries. I know i know i know i know this is so exciting. I want to put the propellers in. I want to do other stuff, but the first thing you should do is get the batteries on the charger. One of the things most people get wrong is they think that the batteries are really fast to charge when they take way longer than you ever want them to to charge so get the batteries charging. They do not arrive pre charged, so you cannot go outside until your batteries are charged, get those on there first, which, by the way, if youre new here welcome im christine – and this is drone with cl where i, ah, i love flying drones, and this is all Tips and all things to help you this is the beginning of my course check the description i want everyone to get to flying super fast lets dive into number two. The controller lets put the sticks in to get them in you just take them out of the bottom, and then you just turn them into place. Next pick your poison. Depending on what kind of phone you have youre using your phone to be able to fly your drone and so make sure you have the right cord attached in here to go into your phone now lets get that sexy body set up if youre unfamiliar with whats, Covering the camera, this is simply a gimbal cover and save it its great for traveling with or when youre moving around with your drone, but make sure you take it off before your first flight.

Otherwise, you wont be able to look around with your camera lets put on the propellers. Yes, so for this part i have a couple key tips to know. The first one is that dji is making it very easy to figure out which set of props go on which side so theres a props and theres b prompts, and so you can simply follow the little images that they provide to you or the second fail. Safe way to do this is to match up the colors, so the a props have the additional orange matching with orange, and the b props have no color so black on black. So thats your fail safe way to make sure you have the correct props on each side and you might have additional spare propellers just hold on to those for some other time. One other helpful tip is once you push down turn to get it in just try. It out a little bit by lifting it up to make sure that its correctly and securely and safely in there and make sure theyre just all on the correct size. What happens if you put them on the wrong side, your drone wont take off properly ive done it before oops, its not the end of the world. Unless that happened on a boat, just put the props on right on to the next one. Once you have all the propellers on and youve taken off all the little tabby thingies then now its time to get set up to fly by downloading the dji fly app the dji fly app is the one that you need for the air and the mini.

Otherwise, if you have the pro drone like the mavic, 3 or 2, pro youre gon na need the go for app and make sure you just set up your accounts connect. Your drone add it to your account and that will help you get set up to fly. Wow, a lot of time has passed, updating the firmware and getting all of that stuff set. While you just sit here and eat a meal, it takes a minute and so make sure once you have enough battery, get it into your drone, while the other ones charge and get set up with the firmware and all the other stuff. With your drone and the app just tasty, you didnt get to see it thats how tasty it was helpful tip. Turning on the controller and the drone is exactly the same, its one and hold so youre pressing it twice once to wake it up once to hold it down and actually turn on the thing thats the same way, you turn it off also so youre pressing it Twice one and hold another important one is: if you want to take photos and videos – and my guess is you do make sure you put an sd card into your drone and another one. If you care about high quality photos and videos, then make sure you can actually write high quality, 4k and upwards onto that sd card. So i will link my favorite ones in the description below, but lets talk about the next one which is taking it outside to fly.

If you had some fun with me in this video, choose that like button consider subscribing – and i bet you have a million questions – do i need a launching pad? Can i actually fly here? What are the basic laws? I need to know? What is this trust exam? What is that theres? A lot more content check the description you want to learn with me. I am this excited about drones.