The r010 comes in red and black and blue and black inside youll find two instruction manuals with multiple languages. A screwdriver four spare propellers a usb charger to charge your 3.7 volt 260 milliamp hour lipo battery here is the non altitude hole controller which needs three aaa batteries: Music and there you have it thats everything included with this drone and now its time to take it Out for a flight all right, we are charged and ready to fly test out the red, paws r, zero one zero. If you notice this battery is pretty long, its actually longer than the battery compartment makes a little hard to plug in while the battery is in. So the easiest thing to do now. This does not have an on and off switch, so you do have to plug it in to turn it on. But the easiest thing to do would be to plug it in first and then put the battery in and then the plug actually keeps the battery inside the compartment, because it is a little bit loose and slides in and out of the battery compartment. So now that we got it plugged in and turned on next thing were going to do is turn the controller on, and this does auto bind there is no up and down to bind see it. You can see that leds are solid, they were blinking before. I turn the controller on and the led on the controllers solid.

So there we go, we do have a bind, lets, take it up in the air, so this does do two different speeds. This is the first rate right here and it doesnt fly too bad in the first rate and then right here this button right here you hear the two beeps. Now we get some more speed out of it and it moves pretty good in the second rate. So then, right here this you push this button in and then you pick the direction wow. That was a fast flip front. Flip back flip. We have a neighbor over there mowing perfect timing lets do a side. Roll here lets wow, so yeah. This thing is a great flipping drone Music. Oh look at those funnels, does really good on the funnels. Oh yeah. I like this. This is a good flyer, good flyer, so it also does a return to home and headless mode. So you push in the left. Stick and well there it goes and then once you hit a direction, you hear that beeping now were in headless mode, see i can go forward left or well. Thats right actually left, but it beeps the entire time its in headless mode. So, to get out of headless mode, you just push down on it, one more time and now were back to regular flying and yeah. This drone moves around really good lets. Do some more flips because im pretty impressed with the flips and anyway i missed that roll.

There we go wow this. I can see why people turn this into a little fpv whoop, because this thing flies. Awesome Laughter lets see how long that 260 milliamp hour battery lasts its a decent sized battery, its a zippy little little drone. Here i do have a slight breeze too, and it is cutting through the air pretty good Music. So the only other features that are on here is you get a forward and backwards trim thats this one right here, the button in the middle and then this one right here is your left and right trim. So that is all the functions on the controller but im just having a good time flying this drone because it its pretty quick so sorry about the sunlight there. Oh, the leds are flashing, so we have low voltage detected already so that didnt last too long. The battery lets see how long it flies after the low voltage is detected. Oh thats it right there thats it, so it just cut out im gon na post the time up on the screen. How long the battery lasted it didnt last too long other than that. This is a great flyer. The flips are amazing on this. It has some decent speed. The headless mode works on it, so yeah pretty good drone, all in all so im gon na put this in for the september giveaway. So what does that mean? That means that this rc is going to be in the giveaway for september, but not guaranteed that this will be the giveaway, so how the giveaway is going to work its going to be a little bit different.

This time before i used to have people just click the like button and the rc that had the most likes ends up being the giveaway, but its changing im gon na try it differently this time, just to see how it goes. The entry is still the same. Youd still have to be a us subscriber and you just comment down below and then your comment is going to be your entry on october, 1st im going to do a live drawing, but this time im going to pick names off of each rc. That was featured for the month of september, and i have two more right here. I have this udi boat and then this fx635 two channel plane so whats, going to happen on october 1st during my live. Drawing is im going to pick 10 random names out of the comments using a random comment, picker and put those names on a spinning wheel, also im going to pick 10 names out of this video and im going to pick 10 names out of this video. So were going to have 30 names, total im going to spin the wheel until theres, one final name left on the wheel and whichever video that persons comment was taken from whether it be the red paws, the udrc or the thats, what they win so id suggest Getting comments on everything for this month, so that way you have a better chance of having your name put on that wheel, so these videos will be coming up on the channel shortly watch for those get your entries in on those as well.