I'Ve got some tips that will help out in both cases, so stay tuned. Alright so it's time for me to sell the old Mavic air here, she's been a very good drone for me for the last couple years, but I've got no more room on the shelf, and so this one's got to go I'm. Actually, gon na probably give it away rather than sell it so stay tuned to my channel to learn how you could potentially win this thing in a giveaway. But what I want to tell you about today is if you are gon na, sell giveaway or buy a used drone, especially a DJI one. There are some tips that I think you could follow. That would really help you out so let's go through them, there's. Twelve of them total most of them, apply to most drones, but if you are specific to DJI, so let me see if I can help you out with a few of them. So the first tip is to remove your FAA number from the drone, because it won't be yours anymore, and you don't want somebody else flying with your FAA number on it, just a label. There we go that is off and then sometimes I put them on the batteries themselves, but I haven't in this case so I've removed it. You may also want to remove stickers, but I think in this case, because I just like that sticker and I think hopefully the next owner would like it and if they don't they can always take it off.

But your FAA number should definitely come off the drone. As well as any other stickers or identification that you have on it, alright so number two. If you're not specifically planning to include your SD card, you definitely want to take it out and keep it or if you are planning to include it. You'Re gon na want to format it in the app. In this case I don't think I'm going to include the SD card because it is actually a pretty expensive good, SD 64 gig card so I'm going to set it aside and hold on to it. So the SD card is no longer in there, but now I'm gon na go in and number three format the internal memory. A lot of these drones today have 8 gigs or 16 gigs of internal memory that you don't want to send out with your content on. So, in that case, you're gon na have to fire the drone up and open up the app so that you can format the internal memory. I'Ll show you how to do that real quick, always a good idea to if you're working with a drone indoors just to be safe and pull the props off. It only takes a second and then that way, if there's any issue, it's not going to fly off the table or anything like that and the way you format the internal card, is you go to the little three lines with circles on them and you go to The gear and you go down, and you say: format: internal storage card; ok, so now there's, no more data on the internal storage card; ok! So the fourth thing you want to do after you've removed your FA ID number and removed your SD card and formatted.

Your internal memory is go ahead and check the age of your batteries. If you're doing this for the buyer, so you want to make sure that you give them an accurate representation of the age of the batteries. So if you go into the app and you hit the little three little dots in the upper right corner and then you hit the button, it looks like a battery with an arrow above it, and then you go down here and hit details. You can see this battery here has four charge cycles on it, and its current status is normal, so two fairly new battery in pretty good shape, I'm gon na. Do that with all my batteries and put a probably just a piece of tape on top and right how many charge cycles gets each on each one and then I'll, probably screenshot each of these, so that I can actually show the buyer how many charge cycles each Battery has alright so once you've identified the number of charge cycles on all of your batteries. The next thing you want to do is fire up the drone and go into DJI assistant. Now. The reason we're going to go into DJI assistant is because you can actually do a factory reset on the drone that will put it back to its original State when you bought it kind of like you can do with a mobile phone. This is great because it means the person who buys it from you will have the experience of activating and setting up the drone is if it was brand new.

Okay, so DJI assistant is a free program that you can download from their website once you've downloaded it and plugged in the drone via USB. You should see it pop up here on the assistant and when you click on it, you'll get the option here. In addition to a lot of other stuff, you can do with the drone, which is actually very useful, it's a it's, a great program that I think is a little bit under utilized by most pilots. But you can actually come in here and say: restore factory defaults right there, so I'm gon na say yes confirm and it says restoring factory defaults. Now, what it's going to basically do is wipe everything put it back to the way it was when I bought it, and then the next person that plugs it in will have the ability to register it and set everything up brand new, just like it's a new Drone, alright, so it's done restoring the factory defaults, so I'm going to go ahead and X out of DJI assistant. Alright. So now that I've done that I'm gon na go ahead and turn the drone off, because I don't need it on anymore and unplug it from the computer, and I actually don't need the computer anymore just yet for this process. Next now that I've reset it I'm gon na do some physical things to it. Now, what I'm going to do next is kind of a courtesy to the buyer I'm going to check all the propellers that I have – and I have quite a few of them here – let's see how many propellers I have I'm gon na check.

All of my propellers for any nicks or dents, or anything like that, and make sure that they're all in good shape, I don't, want to sell and sell somebody's a propeller that has any problems. My recommendation is that if you have any bad props, just trash them, don't don't sell props with problems, and these are brand new, never been opened to your next buyer. So the next thing I recommend doing, if you have an ND filter on the drone it's, either removing it. If you want to keep it or if you're gon na sell it with a drone, make sure you tell the person that's buying it that it's on there number one and then what type of filter it is whether it's polarizing neutral density, how much it's? How much light it blocks etc, because then they know what kind of filter they're working with, because it's not always obvious and sometimes they're, not labeled, so that would be Mike. My next thing is either remove the filter off the lens or note it in your ad. When you're trying to sell it or give it away alright, my next thing is to make sure that you securely place the gimbal guard on the drone before you pack it back up and include the gimbal guard if you don't have it definitely want to note that, But it's something that I think is really useful to protect the gimbal wall with things in transit, especially if you're shipping it somewhere so make sure that's secure, and is that that it's included when you sell the thing? Okay, the next thing is, if you have extra phone cables, and by that I mean the cables that go on the side of the remote control over to your phone for Android and or iPhone, be sure to include them all, because you never know if the person Buying it might have a different phone than you do, a different operating system.

So if you have the ones that came with it, especially if they're still in the package like this and these little squares that are in the package, that kind of help keep it in place. These are a great thing to include so go look for these if, if you don't have them handy, go see if you can find them and include them and note that you're, including them when you send the drone or when you advertise the drone to be bought. Ok, the next thing I would definitely recommend, is to go ahead and after you've checked the life cycle of all the batteries go ahead and dish charge them all to below 50. This one is it about. This is about where it needs to be for storage it's. You know got to solid and one blinking anyway, you don't want to ship lipo batteries that are a hundred percent full fully charged in the mail it's, a better idea to go ahead and drop them down to a good shipping level, which is around fifty or sixty Percent or lower and send them off that way. If you know they're gon na be sitting for a while, you don't want to leave them empty like these two are so I might actually charge these about halfway before I ship them, but regardless what you don't want to do is ship them full. So make sure you either go out and fly it before you do this or you can use the angel, which is made by a guy named Alex proto and I'll, put a link down there and that that will help you discharge your batteries to good level before You send them out: okay, the next thing, I'm gon na recommend is, in this day and age, always a good idea to give the drone and the batteries and everything else a good wipe down with some sort of a cleaning cloth, disinfectant and or lens cleaner.

You want to send them with a clean lens, so I'm gon na go ahead, and this is a lens. Cleaner I'm gon na just wipe the lens down real good here to make sure that when they get it, it doesn't have any little dirt particles or anything like that on it, and then I'll get some kind of Lysol disinfectant wipes. Now you don't want to wipe the lens with Lysol wipes, but you do want to wipe the lens with lens cleaners and then wipe the drone down with everything else that way, you're giving them a nice clean, ready to go fingerprint free drone for their first flight. Okay and then the final thing I recommend you do is, if you do end up selling it or giving it away, find out who got it and maybe they're a YouTube creator, maybe they're a videographer. Maybe they do cool stuff with the drone. So following the buyer and or person that you give, the drone to is a cool way to kind of keep in touch with your drone after you've, given it away by following them on their social media accounts. Alright, so that's it. Those are my twelve hints for either selling or buying a drone if you're buying it. I just kind of look out for these things to make sure the seller is doing them. They are remove your fAA ID and any other stickers and let's it's. A cool Ready Set drone sticker, in which case definitely leave it, remove the memory card.

Take that sucker out unless you want to sell it with it, in which case wipe it. But if you are gon na sell it with it make sure you charge a little extra so that you can buy a new one when you need to format the internal memory check the age of your battery the number of cycles and maybe put a piece of Tape on it with the number of cycles, so that the buyer knows how many times these batteries have been run factory reset with DJI assistant. That is a great way to make sure that the buyer is getting a like new experience check your propellers for nicks and cracks anything like that, and if they have them just throw them away, don't sell them a propeller that has an issue make sure you sell Them good for good propellers and if you don't, disclose that you don't have four good propellers. Obviously I have a bunch here, but you don't want to send it selling bad propellers, so definitely toss any propellers that have any issues be sure to remove any sort of filter that you have on the lens or if you don't, remove it disclose what it is. So that they know what kind of filter they're getting whether it's, polarizing or neutral density or whatever, so they can account for that and to compensate for it as they're filming make sure the gimbal guard is in good shape and properly installed.

When you sell it and send it that way, the gimbal is protected as it travels and if you've lost the gimbal guard or something like that, be sure to disclose that and there's. Some some drones, like the original Mavic Pro, have two parts to the gimbal guard. They have a little bubble and then they have a little thing that slides underneath. So if you've lost one of those parts, just let the guy know or the gal know so that they don't. So they know they're missing a part, go back and find your unused phone cable adapters. So if you have an Android phone, go back and find your iPhone adapters and if you have an iPhone, go back and find your Android adapters and send those along. So the person has them as well otherwise, they've, probably just gon na get thrown away so be sure to discharge your batteries from full charge when you ship just for safety sake, put them down to about fifty sixty percent. That way, you can ensure that there having issues when they're being transferred on playing or ground transportation, take some sanitizing wipes and some lens wipes wipe down the lens with the lens wipes and wipe down the drone with the sanitizing wipes just to make sure it's all Nice and clean and ready to go for the next person that's going to own it and finally follow the buyer on social media if they have an account, not a big deal but kind of fun to do so, that's it.

Those are my 12 tips for selling a drone to somebody else and, if you're buying a drone again, you might want to look out for these things, like maybe asking the number of cycles on the battery asking if there, including the SD card or any filters on The lens asking, if they wiped it down real good and making sure that if they send it to you with their FAA ID, you go ahead and pull that sucker off and throw it away. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you want to win this drone, keep watching Ready, Set drone, be sure to watch my live shows. I will be giving this drone away on. One of my live shows coming up very soon, so hopefully you can join me there.