We have been researching for some time now. Back in 2019, we introduced our vision of hydrogen fuel cell commercial vehicle with the neptune concept. At ces 2020, we presented the purpose built vehicle, pushing the boundaries of what is possible when systems go fully autonomous. This blank design slate is a never before experienced dream opportunity, and we put everything that we learned in the last few years into this project. The culmination of that effort is the fuel cell e boogie, creating the e bookie wasnt as easy as putting one and one together Music. The requirements of the commercial vehicle was significantly different from that of passenger cars, who knew so. We had to think completely differently and consider the modularity needed to cover a vast network of the value chain devoid of passengers. We could encase the entire fuel cell system in the dedicated chassis with a fully autonomous system. A steering system could be placed at both the front and rear. What does this do? It enables the sideways movement. Lastly, the intelligent package resulted in the entire system being compact enough to sit under the container. Hence the term boogie that originates from the rail industry whale bogeys is are real that sits under every train car. The e boogie really is more like a smart robot than a traditional car. Just like the smartphone revolution, the fuel cell ebogie is a platform that offers a limitless business. Application. Large and heavy containers are limited by their size and the space they require to move, but with two e bookies in a double boogie configuration under a container, they can articulate movement from beneath.

It helps them minimize the turning radius or to slide sideway into a tight spot. Logistical efficiency is further enhanced by the cluster mode. This allows multiple trailer drones or a single ebogie to travel together in unison, in what it is an almost train like configuration. It is a true multi purpose platform that can be adapted to an even wider value chain: container transportation, poor site logistics, airport operation, construction, fire and rescue. Ladies and gentlemen, fuel cells, trucks, trailers and robots. All these businesses can now be supported by a single platform: Music heres, an old saying, store, new wine and new wine skin.