I only you know, build my own custom fpv rigs. This video is not for you. So just go ahead and click stop right there on that youtube channel um were flying something today on the cheap and im talking like the kind of cheap that, like a bolt, falls off this thing, and i have no idea where it came from this thing – is Sixty dollars um, it has some questionable hardware on here. It also has some components on here that um, i hope hold out through the rest of this flight. It is seems to be in competition with eachine, so eachine. If you listen uh, you better start making some cheap quads very soon, because these guys at darwin fpv are kind of listening to the fpv community. Bunch of you guys said: hey man, you know what binding flies are too expensive right now. I dont want to pay 300 for an analog binding flight quad. Are you crazy, im feeling it, and so is darwin fpv, but were going to talk about whats on this quad? For that 69 dollar price point, you got to add your own receiver, so youre going to be getting upwards of. You know 80, some dollars anyway. There is a baby ape and a baby a pro. Also. The pro gives you a little nicer camera about 1200 tbl versus 700 tbl on this one and three inch props are in the box. I have a few zip ties.

I have a little darwin fpv sticker. Thank you, darwin fpv, for that you can check out their website down below. If you want to pick up a baby ape, it also has built in leds, which is not bad for the 69 dollar price point replaceable arms on here they look fairly thin. They look about 2.5 millimeter ill. Let you know about that a little bit later, and these motors right here are pretty old. They are around since the age of the original baby hawking. These might even be the original baby hawk motors, who the hell knows. I dont care really im just gon na fly them, and it has one of the strangest camera setups in here that ive ever seen. It is a compacted little camera that is squished in between two tpu mounts that do not have bolts directly into the camera. No, they are sandwiched in between two plastic nuts yeah sandwiched between two nuts thats right there. It is um. This has a pretty decent amount of tilt on here and uh four bolts for removing the top plate pretty easy to find the s bus tab on here. They have it labeled if you want to solder up your own esc, but two to three s: battery im expecting a pretty good flight out of this. As long as it does perform the way it looks, it looks cool, but does it fly cool? Who knows its cheap, its 69? Who cares here? We go all right guys, the quads all set up were gon na fly on two and three s, and we just wanted you to see the leds that they actually do come on.

Uh dont. Try this in the house im going to arm it. You can see that red in the rear white in the front, pretty cool now lets see if it actually flies. Music. Do Music do Music? Do Music, do Music do Music, you Music, she aint mine, but she looks fine gon na take some time. Im gon na make her mind Music im the man. I got the plan when it hits the fan do all i can do all. I can Music, she looks in my eyes, Music. I dont care its a double. Dare i aint scared, Music, its all right, shes in my side, ive got all night, so just retired Music. She looks in my eyes: Music ive got to move now. Music, all right guys welcome back to the flight test. That was a lot of fun if you buy this quad start out on 2s in your backyard 2s battery was nice and controllable around the yard. It didnt have that extra bit of throttle to kind of throw me into the fence if youre flying in a kind of a tight space like that you, you kind of need to be on 2s, if youre on 3s, with this quad, it is actually extremely fast. On 3s – and it will probably end up having you thrown into the neighbors yard, on a power loop or just even on a turn where you just accidentally hit the throttle. When i was flying this on 3s, i was flying literally about 30 throttle, maybe 25 throttle around the backyard.

So this thing is actually pretty fast with the 1104 motors on here. So it is a toothpick race car and i i think you can also fit a camera on the front of this. You could probably fit a go to up front here. You can scoot your battery back like that plug in your xt30 back there. I also like that it does have a 200 milliwatt vtx on here so um that is pretty good penetration around the yard, even around the shed. The back side of the shed as i came around it was just as good as the petrol with the zeus 350 milliwatt transmitter on there. So i think the transmitter on here is pretty decent. I also think this pretty cool that they include leds. They only turn on when you arm the quad thats the thing, but today when we were flying, i was flying the 2s 450 from eachine. This is just a basically a little freebie battery that i got its already a little bit swollen, but i was still able to get like three and a half minutes to four minutes out of this just kind of making some some runs around the yard and really Having a ball um, so i think you could fly a pretty cheap battery on these motors im going to try to look up the kb on the website. Um. You have 40 channels on that switchable vtx. It has smart audio already set up and ntsc or pow.

The input voltages on that btx is seven to 24 volts thats, pretty good. The baby 8 pro has a different camera as well. It has the cadx ant, so thats, the one i would go for and that also has tbs smart audio on the pro version or the regular version. We have the 30 16 by 3 props. These are the hurricanes from gemfan. Those are tri blade, props on there and theres no bolts on these, which i thought i might throw a prop, which i did not thats good theres, a 1.5 millimeter shaft and lets just double check. Those motors im trying furiously to find it, for you were looking at 4 300 kv motors and those are two to three s. Brushless motors again, i have seen these on previous, like emax quads from like two years ago. So so these motors are not brand new. They are super old and the other thing about this quad lets get into like the cheapness of this build um im gon na tell you this camera right here. Doesnt even have screw holes on the side of it. It is a cmos camera which both are the pro and the regular version, but this has some strange tpu mount around the camera and it sits in between these two sidewalls with a couple of little tiny plastic nuts yeah in between two plastic nuts, like i said It again, but it is compressed there and you can tilt it up and down so you cant really get the camera any tighter than being able to move it with your fingers.

So thats one thing to think about there uh its kind of strange. I would go with the cadx and if i were you, you also get some extra zip ties in there, which i did secure my xm plus in the back right there. I had plenty of room to be able to put an xm plus back there. If you want to run elrs, you probably can also do that and we have a dipole antenna coming out in the back right here with a tp amount which is kind of cool and again, like you know, running 200 in the backyard was absolutely fine. So, if youre looking for a backyard ripper, i think the baby ape series is okay. I wanted to hate it, but i enjoyed flattening on 2s and you know what ive talked about this before on my channel the 1104 series, 110 actually 1103.. I like 1103 on 2s. I could fly that all day long and go home happy its just a fun power to weight ratio, and if this quad was a little bit lighter on 2s thats, all you would need you dont even really need to run this 3s. Unless you go somewhere where you have a whole bunch of wide open space, because this squad hauls ass, so yeah, you can check this one out in the link down below on darwin fpv and it looks like they have some other quads on their website. On the super cheap, the pro version by the way is 81.

99, so youre going to get upwards of 90 some dollars. Once you get a receiver on there close to 100., they have a long range, seven inch for 1′ dollars. What in the h is going on with that darwin fpv send me the seven inch uh. We would like to test that right here on the channel and see how that does. I cant guarantee it ill flat five miles out, but that is one of our big things on channel is long range fpv, so that would be cool. They also have another one on there. It says darwin, seven, nine for 90 bucks. They also have an 18 650 quad on there for 120 bucks thats, the you know another just another: uh 1s, 18 650 3 inch, quad 120 bucks theyve got a whoop on there, a 75 millimeter whoop and they also have a tinier tinier 59 series. 81 dollar toothpick here so some cool stuff. You guys can check that out and always subscribe on the channel for more honest reviews, guys and uh check out darwin fpv.