Okay, look dont worry! I called my girlfriend already and shes bringing jumper cable, so i dont need jumper cables. What i need is a new car. Wait. Didnt, you just get a raise, use some of that money to upgrade. Oh thats, a good idea ill buy a new car with extra 25 cents. I make an hour. I cant even buy tank of gas with that yeah im. So sorry, man, i wish there was something i could hey guys: hey, babe, oh max im, so glad your procedure went well today, buddy wait! I thought you guys couldnt afford the surgery oh forgot, to tell you. Denise here. Had the bright idea of setting up a go help me people ended up donating the 10 grand we needed. Well, it wasnt all my idea. Randall did take the pictures, but were just glad you made it through maxi poo. We wouldnt want to lose. You did. I hear that right, so you guys got 10 grand and it was donated, like you, dont have to pay that back nope. This site is for helping people cover things like unexpected surgeries and funeral expenses, and upgrading to a new car. Thatd be nice, but its supposed to be for a real emergency like life or death situation. You know dead, huh. Sorry, i was just thinking. Do you guys still need a jump? Yeah thatd, be great thanks ill get the cables Music hey! I got your message. You, okay! No! I need some help, my god, what happened to you come in.

Oh, that was a pretty bad accident. Uh everything happened so fast. A truck came out of nowhere. Wait a truck, thats crazy, thankfully youre still breathing. My doctors saying im gon na need surgery, though its not gon na, be cheap man im. So sorry is there anything i can do to help. Actually there is, do you mind taking some pictures from me? No, whatever you need Music, okay, Music, got it one more for safety there. What are these for again my go help me page. You know to help pay for the cost of the surgery. Yeah, hey. Are you sure you should be taking that off? Oh, my necks! Fine, i just needed pictures with it on for the accident to look convincing, wait, wait, wait so youre saying you werent really in an accident! No everything i told you is the story for my go help me page, so i can buy a new car check. It out. Bmw 3 series sweet right. No, this isnt sweet. This is fraud. Dont act like you guys, didnt keep a little cash for yourself for max of surgery. Absolutely not look! I did not handle the money. Denise did but im sure every single penny went to max ill. Tell you what ill give you 10 of whatever you make just help me out no youre gon na get caught. I fooled you didnt. I come on. No look. Ive always believed your actions have a way of coming back to you, so i dont want any part in this hold on fine.

I dont need you sharing to facebook helps raise three times more. That sounds good to me. Oh, hey guys, im at the hospital again its my fifth time this week. As you can see im in a wheelchair, i can barely move oh im in so much pain. All thats keeping me going is all the love every one of you guys have shown me. I cant believe weve surpassed our goal of forty thousand dollars, i mean now i can buy, i mean pay for the surgery. I need. Thank you ill post. The video after im out, please pray for me. Music. Excuse me, are you here for surgery? Oh no im on my way out ted you doing. Okay, dr gupta, hey! Oh, yes, im! Fine! I was just leaving i heard about the accident on facebook im. So sorry it sounded terrible yeah thanks. It was pretty bad anyway. Ill see you around hold on a second, your brace seems a little off. Did you have this put on here? Uh? No, i mean yes, sorry. I really have to go. I know what youre doing you do. I should have figured it out sooner but wow. I. I cant believe you look, please dont tell anyone. I really didnt have a choice. You see i youre seeing another doctor arent you, oh yes, thats it. Sorry, i couldnt find the right words to tell you just please tell me its not dr singh mm. Hmm thats, the one you know ever since he scored higher than me on the mcats hes had this chip on his shoulder almost like hes, better than me.

Sorry! Well now, you know have a nice day ill. Ask him for a copy of your x rays. Just to make sure he hasnt missed anything, no harm in having a second look right. Sure all right. You take care. Okay, oh so urgent, that you needed to see me right now: youre, not gon na! Believe this look at my new ride. Huh isnt you pretty! I thought you were getting a bmw, oh, that was before this happened. 80. 000. More than twice my original goal amount. So i figured why not upgrade even more so you called me here to show me a car you get from scamming people, no, not just that Music for helping me take the pictures you deserve. It whats this keys to my old car, its all yours. Now small token, my appreciation you got ta be kidding me dude. Look. I want no part in this at all. Okay, just keep that denise just got home. Does she know no, no shes straighter than an arrow? If she knew what you did she? Never. Let me talk to you again: okay, so just hi babe, hey um! I see you got a new bag. Oh this whole thing, ive had it for years, how you doing ted i heard about what happened im so sorry that youre going through all this. It looks a lot more painful than it is. Thank you, oh youre, so strong wait. Arent you supposed to be in surgery today, yeah.

I thought thats what your last video post said: yeah uh, i was just leaving great seeing you call you later. Randall wait! Youre not going to surgery by yourself. Are you its? Not a big deal ill? Be fine? No! We cant! Let you go alone right: randall, Music, im im, not too worried. Uh hell, be okay. Randall hes your best friend come on well. Take you no really ill. Be fine, dont be bashful ill drive its fine come on. This is all your fault, my fault, if you did not like you, wouldnt be in the situation in the first place. Okay, if i get caught youll be in trouble too, you know you took the pigs. What okay, i should be set now you guys can go dont be silly well at least wait with you until the doctor comes no thats, not necessary. You know how hospitals can be. It can take a long time before ted youre back, hey doctor. Give me one sec. All right i should be set from here. You guys can go. Are you sure you dont want to no ill? Be fine? Just please! Okay, guess! Well, just go good luck with everything. I hope your surgery goes well surgery. What surgery um, please dont tell me dr singh is operating on you today. Yes, yes, he is the nerve of that man. You know he never even sent me your x rays when i see him im gon na dr gupta.

How are you, dr singh wow, your ears must be ringing. You know i cant help, but wonder why you never sent me teds x rays. I mean what do you somehow think youre smarter than me? What no its because i dont have a patient named ted? I was gon na tell you but oh shoot im. So sorry i got ta get this but ill talk to you later, but i dont understand. I thought you said: hey guys. Three fbi agents just walked in. What excuse me. Can i help you im agent smith. Were doing an investigation into the crowdfunding scam? Okay, look before anything, i just want to say i try to stop. Dont worry. We know you arent behind any of this theres. Only one person responsible, listen, i just want to say im really sorry hurst youre under arrest. No, no, you got the wrong person. This is denise. She hasnt done anything wrong. Patty, denise, giovanna, kimberly, megan, lauren, shes gone by dozens of names, shes broken laws in a lot of different states, shes even won in three different countries. Her latest scam was faking a 10k surgery for her dog, no, that wasnt fake, that was real. Our dog had to get surgeries. How about this? One 12k for scout 17k for prince 22k oreo shes been pulling these scamps for years. Acts like her dog is sick, but instead buys herself new designer bags. What is all of this true come on its not like you would have gotten me in louis vuitton.

Take her away, sorry to be the one to break the news to you. Take care. I cant believe that just happened tell me about it, so sad how many scammers are out there, this things itchy. Can you hold this for me doc, please? What? Where are you going? What about your surgery? Sorry again about your girlfriend thats all right! I had a feeling something was off about her and i got max true and i still got my porsche. I guess you can say it all worked out. Wait! Isnt that yours see. I dont usually like to be the guy. That says, i told you so, but is there something you want to say yeah? I really think that you should look at your. Oh, i was thinking more like you were wrong. Ted im serious! You really want to see this. Your actions always have a way of coming back to you, blah blah blah dad just isnt that proportion. What how did this happen? Hey man, if this is your car, you should call the cops because someone just crashed into it and just took off. Are you serious, dont stress, im sure insurance will cover it? I dont have insurance yet oh wow. Look i usually dont like to be the guy who says i told you, but i dont want to hear it. Yeah. Okay, lets give him some time: maxi. Okay, so its all the old rich people that live – oh hello, dorothy, im, chad, your new caretaker.

You have all this cash.