I think im about to show you the best free editing software for 2021. So you definitely dont want to miss this one. In order to show you how the software works, you might have noticed that ive bought myself, some new friends so for the purpose of this video im going to film them settling into their new home. Now, if you do want to find out a bit more about this tripod, its awesome, it does that overlooking thing also go super tall and have a look at this review here. Okay, so ive got a little bit of 4k footage. We can work with now im going to show you how to get and use this free editing software from video proc, so ive been playing around with it and now im going to show you why i think its pretty special actually in terms of free editing, software. Okay, so i said to a video pro: why do you think that my audience would be interested in this particular editing software? What they said to me was its really cool for vlogging action, cam footage all that sort of thing, so i said well, thats great lets. Give it a go thats what i did i liked it so im going to show you so the first thing youre going to want to do is download the software now just follow the link in the description below, and it will take you to this page here Now i was a bit concerned when i got this fish tank that the filter might be a little bit loud and then i remembered that i happen to have a pc with one of the loudest fans in the world.

So Music neednt worry about that. So yeah youre just going to go to the link in the description and it will bring you to this page and youre just going to hit free, download and download the software, then youll install it on your mac and pc. It will go through some sign up details, itll, ask you for your email address and then it will send you a license code. You just pay for it. Free of charge send your license code, and then you just put that license in when you launch the software ive already launched it here. It is. This is what youll see when you open up the video proc vlogger editing suite okay here it is. It looks very much like any other editing. Software youve got your media library here. Youve got your preview screen here. Your timeline here. So its really nicely laid out nice and simple. So first thing, youll do is start a new project and to do that, its really easy just go to file new project, and then you can choose where you want to save your project resolution of the project, all the way up to 4k resolution, so theres loads Of different options here so lets choose the 4k option frame rates 3060 or 120 id like to have seen 24 here im, not quite sure why there isnt a 24 option, as this is designed more for vlogging 24 frames per second 30 frames per second youre, not Gon na notice too much difference, i dont think so like to see 24.

Maybe they will add that in the future, but at the moment, 30, 60, 120. Okay, so lets keep it at 30 and hit new project. Okay. So now weve started a new project. Now, on the left hand, side here – this is where were going to add our media, so im going to click plus this big plus icon, im going to go and find the media that i want to use so heres. All my b roll footage that i just shot of my fish tank im gon na import, all of that okay. So there are all my files imported done. It really quickly, 4k files straight in no problems. There lets add some music and find a song. I want to use add that so now, weve got the music and weve got our video, bang nice and easy in the media section of the editing software. Now next, the media library weve got transitions, titles and effects ill. Show you how to use those in a minute but theyre all drag and drop nice and easy to use so lets go back to our media library and lets click on all our footage and just drag that onto our timeline. Okay, just drag and drop bang bosh. All the footage is there on the timeline. If you want to zoom in on the timeline, you just click and hold okay and you can zoom in or out of the timeline, so thats, nice and easy.

I like that, really intuitive its probably a hot key for it as well, but thats how you do your mouse. Okay. So now weve got all our clips on the timeline and then lets just drag our music underneath and it will drag it onto this audio track. Underneath, as you can see, the timeline is split up into different sections, so youve got your video track. Your overlay tracks, if you want to overlay a video on a video youve, got the track that underneath got your effect track. Where all your effects go. Your audio track, where your audio goes and your subtitle track, where subtitles go, underneath that okay, so its all split out into really nice easy to see easy to navigate timeline, then, above your footage, youve got all these different tools. Youve got your split tool. Youve got your ripple edit, your speed, the crop motion, color detach record test im going to go into all of these in a bit, but lets just say: we dont want this clip because we dont, we just click on that clip. It will highlight the whole clip and youre just going to go to delete and delete the clip. So now, weve got our five clips on the timeline and weve got our music underneath you dont want this end. Bit of audio so were going to do. Is click on our little scissors tool which will separate the clip? Then we just click on this and delete that part of the audio clip.

Okay. So now the audio clip fits our timeline were going to click on audio, were going to highlight this end section and were just going to put in a little fade out. Okay and then that will fade that clip out and you can move that if you want it make it bigger, make the fade out last longer. You can do loads of other little things. You can change the volume, you can add a little bit of eq. So you can do little bits and pieces to the audio okay, so were going to save that. So now weve got a little bit of a roll out on the audio. At the end of the clip and with the video you can do. The same thing lets say: we dont want this part of the clip. We can just drag it and then it will make the clip length smaller. Now we could do the same with this clip or you could just use a split function and just get rid of that section of the clip im not going to go too much into the actual editing on this video, because its just me feeding some fish im. Just showing you how the software works okay, so this is where this editing software gets really cool with action. Cam footage vlogs that sort of thing youre going to be wanting to use speed ramps a lot of the time just to make your footage look more engaging speed, ramps, look cool super easy to do on this software.

So if we just select this first clip, if we then click on speed – and you can see youve got all these speed ramp, presets already built into the software okay, so lets just use, i dont know ease in and out okay, so you just click on ease In and out and then youve got all these different parameters that you can change. Okay, so you can change this. You can move where the ramps happen, so you can customize it all yourself after youve selected these, then you can apply it to your clip and, as you can see, theres a speed up there and its slowed down at the end. Okay, so its not perfect, but you know i havent really played around with it enough. Then you can custom, you can do your own, so lets say you want to speed it up and then slow it down. Speed it right up at the start. Slow it right down at the end apply play that now so be quick at the start and then slow at the end. Okay, its a really cool way of doing speed ramps with this software. I love that i think thats easier than a lot of the paid software around so big thumbs up for me on that function. For sure so say you want to add some transitions to your project. Its really simple! You go to your transitions. Tab and youve got all these different transitions, loads of them and youd literally just drag and drop it and itll.

Stick it on the transition and then you can just delete it. Lets try something else. 4K video, remember theres, no issues with the playback drag and drop. These transitions in between your clips again as easy as paid software in terms of these transitions now ive only used this a couple of times, but its just so easy to use now. On this right hand, side youve got all your color correction. All that sort of thing, then this is where you can mess with the scale of the video. So you can zoom in and out do all that sort of thing: uh, change, the positioning, rotation, blah blah blah and change the opacity, and this is where you can just play around with the the colors and do your your color correction, your contrast, your saturation and Youve got some advanced settings, so if you click on this color and filter editor advanced settings, you can play around with the whites and the blacks. Now whats really cool about this – is you can add your own luts luts that come with the software that you can use? Okay, so you can have a go at the luts that come with the actual software itself, so theres some cool little luts here, some cinematic luts or you can add your own lap, which is really cool. So i can go and find my drone shameless plug and i can stick those on this videos lets choose my emerald lap, which would be quite nice for this fish tank.

Okay and now, if we go to the bottom, you can see theres my emerald lot, which brings out the blues and the greens added to my fish tank footage: okay and then what you can do is you can go into the color because thats a bit overexposed. You can bring the exposure down up the contrast. Saturation highlights shadows all that good stuff. You can do here and then you can change the intensity of the light as well, which is cool, so you can have as much or as little as a lap as you want, which is good because luts you dont want to just chuck on and leave. So you got all those options here, so anything youd want with a paid software color correction you have here now. I havent played around with the color enough on this to see if its of a really professional quality, but just looking at it first glance. The parameters that youve got to play with youve got a bit of a color scope here, so once youve played around with it, you get your colors, pretty tickety boo, using this color correction suite in this software, so another thumbs up in it now. Not only that lets say we want to add some sort of funky effect to our footage. Then we can go to our effects. Tab at the top uh lets go for color glitch. Okay, so we drag that on what youll see is it doesnt drag it onto the actual video dragged it onto the effects layer underneath and then you can apply it to the whole of the clip or the whole of the project or whatever you want really.

So then you just play it and now its got that color glitch over the top, which you probably wouldnt, really want, but nevertheless – and if you want to drag it across the other clip as well, then you just click and drag lets. Try something else! Um, this old tv so lets just pull that down onto our footage. Now we have our goldfish bowl cube. Looking like an old tv sort of food, you can add some snow if you want, if you want fish in the snow, you can do it. You can also add some titles, so lets just do an at the end bit. Stick it at the end. You can change the font and all sorts of stuff you can do with the text. You can change the position, how it comes in anything that you can do with a paid editor. You seem to be able to do with this, so when youre all done youre just going to hit the export button and then it will give you your export options. H.264 codec connect is brought in high quality up to five. You can change your bit rate, so its variable constant. You want to make sure that enable hardware acceleration for encoder is on the audio. You can export in 48 hertz, so high quality audio call it test, and then click start bosh, so that from the start to the finish of this project, its just been really simple to do, and i have really enjoyed the way that this editing software works, especially With the speed ramps, the way you just drag and drop drop, the effects on and the way that you can use your own luts pro features free software youre going to find this hard to beat so now its saying its exported lets.

Just click on the video and there we go theres our video, no watermark free of charge. Bosh, i dont know man. Now ive used a fair few free, editing software suites in my time, theyre a bit hit and miss most of them got something missing. That high ended it in suites. Have this one? I cant really thought the only thing that i would change at this stage is the having the option to have 24 frames per second timeline. Apart from that everything i need to do premiere pro. I can do in this, and this is free, the premiere pro isnt, so if youre new to editing or you just bordered your edit and sweet, i want to try something different. Give this a go free of charge, follow the link below what weve got to lose its really easy to learn: theres some great tutorials with the software. You just click on this little bell icon, and it will give you all these little tutorials so yeah. I highly recommend it thats. All i can say really. I hope youve enjoyed this one if you found it useful, please do give it a thumbs up and leave me a comment below uh. Give me some names for my fish theres 12 of them in there. So i need 12 names and, if youre not ready, please do consider subscribing to this channel all things filmmaking just trying to help you guys out grab a bit of a community.

Have some fun learn off each other yeah so subscribe. I think youll enjoy it.