Um were gon na use it today without the app im gon na see if we can get this thing off the ground theres a lot of wind out today so were not gon na fly. Super high were gon na. Just try to keep it right here at ground level, so we dont crash. It were gon na plug the battery in. I know you guys remember the battery here so im gon na, take it and match the shape right here in here, its a little harder than it looks if your lights come on. That means that your battery is good to go and then were gon na slide. It in here, hopefully i dont, break it and stuck all these stick all these cables up in here. Somehow, all right when you hit a click sound that means its locked all right so lets turn this thing on all right. So usually i want to back up. Usually you press up and then down and then it should take off, but this is the app. I think you need and well see how that works out. So again, like uh last time with the other drone, you got to make sure that you connect to the wi fi for the drone before you can fly it all right. So i wasnt able to get this started. Im gon na call this uh too difficult. For me, um, maybe theres something i missed, but i wasnt able to get this thing to fly at all.

I wasnt able to get it off the ground. I got the app installed the app and it didnt work. Well, the controls im im over here matching these buttons all over the place and following the instructions that were given to me and im still not able to get this thing to fly off the ground for these uh flashing lights. Here, um, if you know what i missed, if i missed anything in this video um, just let me know in the comments below but as far as uh, this review goes. I would say uh if you know what youre doing with these type of drones go for it, if not, then stay away from it uh. It just depends this isnt, a drone youd get for a little kid, or maybe an adult, and somebody whos into tinkering with uh stuff like this. So this isnt, like a straight out of the box kind of thing so yeah all right. You guys uh like and subscribe hit that button wherever its at and ill see you in the next video. So this is what your completed drone should look like. You should have this landing gear, you have your propeller protectors, your camera and your battery pack should be inserted here. Mines isnt, because i need to charge it, but this is what it should look like. Cable should be inserted there. Antenna should be connected here and yeah.