You guys im gon na, say it one more time for you: tdr drones, e bikes and scooters. You dig im uh drop a link down below in the description, make sure you go over. There check my boy b out and if you do go check him out, make sure you tell him drones and dogs sent you all right, you guys, so he sent this guy over for us to take a look at. He sent me a big box of goodies. Make sure you check out my huge unboxing that i did about a week ago, huge box of goodies for us to fly guys now the weather has been really crappy here, lately its actually cold and windy. Here, right now, im gon na attempt to try to get this guy out in the air for you guys today. So i know its kind of windy so bear with me you guys uh, like i said, with it being fall, we just got ta. We just got ta deal with the weather, we get. You know what im saying. Mother natures got ta take his course its nothing. We really can do anyway. This is the sand rock u61w. You guys bang this little guy is like a little whoop style. Type of drone has a 720p camera. I believe, as you see i just like whoop style body, which is like ducted fans like prop guards around. It has a picture of the remote right here.

Its a 2.4 gigahertz remote controller um, this guy has smartphone control, um, all type of little goodies photo, recording video, it says photo recording. Basically, it takes photos, photos, video, recording altitude mode. One button take off landing real time. Fpv wi fi fpv, basically guys custom route out of range alarms, itll beat when you go out of range, wi, fi controller, uh heading home mode, which is basically um what they would call a headless mode and low battery alarm, guys so packed full of features packed Full of little bangers in this little guy u61w thats, the item number for this little dude and uh. It gives you some more specs of the drone here in the back, like the weight and the length and all that good stuff. The app for this guys, the flying c app you guys so lets, go ahead and take this, you dig octa binox and show you guys what we get so right away on top. We are greeted with the drone now. This is not essentially how it comes per se, keep in mind. This guy has already been been unboxed by tdr drones, e bikes and scooters. So if you want to see a original unboxing, you probably have to go check him out and see the original unboxing of how it originally comes out the box. This is how he sent it to me, so were going to take a look at how he sent it to me, so right away were greeted with the drone here.

On top really nice, like i said its a larger whoop style drone here here, it is in my hands. You can see its not like a little tiny loop or nothing like that, or a little eachine is rather as large, like double the size of those um. I have a 720p camera here. Look like it is manually adjustable guys you cant, adjust it look at that you can face it all the way down. Look out! Look at the ground if you want to just like fly high and look at the ground or look over your roof or something like that has a red body which is real slick like that. Has these tri bladed propellers here so theres three blades. So it should be efficient flyer, um, nice little landing legs here should be able to stick. A good landing looks like it has an empty hole here where it would have been like an optical flow but theres, nothing leading there. So maybe theyre gon na have an optical flow version of this bird, maybe maybe in the future heres our battery bay theres, no sd card slot. You guys so were gon na get wi fi uh recording directly through the wi fi feed theres an on and off switch here and the back, which is a bonus. I love on and off switch on the quads, so thats the drone here and heres. One of the batteries, its a 3.7 volt, 500 500 milliamp hour battery and its proprietary, of course, and its proprietary casing, and they give you two of these.

I do have one charging currently so, but they do give you two of these heres. Our connection to the drone, the polarity here is a usb standard micro, usb port, which youre going to use so thats the charger and thats. What im using just my old android charger. I actually have the original charger for the drone still in the back here, but micro usb is what you can use um. The guy goes in here like this wow, so i mean i wonder if that battery has any juice yeah, so theres, no leds on this boy. It looks like just you just get that flashing led in the back thats. The only light you have so this might. This would not be a night flight candidate, but looks pretty cool, though with this battery in here take this battery out again, so we can get this boy on the charger. 3.7 volt 500 milliamp hour battery. You guys, bang here, is our remote and its its a nice feel to it. Doesnt feel cheaply at all nice gimbals, the gimbals feel pretty good on and off switch here. Four double a batteries for the back. You have this little space in here where youre gon na put your phone holder, video photo headless mode and one key takeoff, so it seems to be pretty good, pretty simple, remote like it when its simple here is our phone holder, you guys just essentially just kind Of just pop that in there thats really easily pops in there, you put your phone in there bye yall youre good to go like i said, four double a batteries for the back really nice setup.

We have instruction manuals. You have one in like german here. You have one in english its going to give you everything you need to get this guy in the air. Give you some information about it, the transmitter and all that good stuff, which you should and shouldnt do so make sure. You briefly read that you guys heres our goody bag where we have our traditional phillips little toy screwdriver. We have our charger here, which is a usb to micro, usb charger full set of extra propellers, which is nice and a screw, maybe for the back of the battery or for the yeah screw for this battery bay here, and we have a prop remover tool, which Is nice and that seems to be all the content of the box theres your warranty, so everything in the unboxing for the sam rock? U 61 w guys so, like i said its pretty windy outside what and pretty chilly im gon na get this guy on a charger get when these batteries charge down. I got one charging right now. Excuse me im a little hoarse just cold outside and let me get this guy in the air. You guys all right so give me a moment, well be back all right guys, so we are out here for the first flight of the sand. Rock! U 61w! You guys now, as i said, it is cold and breezy so, and this is a whoop style drone. So hopefully the wind doesnt affect it too much, but were going to see what we can do.

Lets go ahead and do this so lets go ahead and turn this quad on got the on and off switch on lets do a up down that should bind us to the quad all right. So now we have to connect to the wi fi signal that the drone is putting out. So we want to get into our wi fi connections on our phone and look for the signal of this here. Drone all right, udi, rc, wi fi, connect to that once it connects, were going to back out and connect to this flying c. All right so were connected, so were going to click on this fly and see app by udi rc. You guys im going to connect to the quadcopter portion click on a little quadcopter there, all right! As you can see, we have fpv feed you guys, so we have photo and video on this bumper here and we have headless mode and take off on this bumper. So im gon na go ahead and see. If i can start the video from the uh transmitter lets, do a long press, okay, video started from the transmitter, it has started. Okay lets go ahead and take off Music and i didnt even look to see if this thing had any rates or anything lets see. If i click in on a joystick that doesnt do anything all right so clicking in on the lets see clicking in on the right, joystick is actually your rates so thats how you access your rates.

So we are in a second right here, because the first raid i was getting blown away, so it is hanging im surprised you guys. It is hanging sand rock. I wonder if it has flipped nope has no flips all right third rate, so it does have three rates, at least so were gon na stay in this third rate, because its quite breezy here were flying nice little whoop style drone sent over to from me from My boy b over at tdr drones, e bikes and scooters he sent this guy over for us to take a look at you guys. This would be a great little beginner camera bird because it has those little whoop style, prop guards around it. So you can pretty much crash into stuff and just bounce right off of it, so the camera looks to be about a 720p camera. It looks like my my feed is its freezing up a lot, though im getting a lot of frozen frames but thats to be expected with wi fi see if we can stop that, recording okay ill, stop that recording just to make sure i save something i want To bring it in for a close look. Look at that bird, the! U 61w, guys sarah bye lets see. We can take a photo here. The wind is kicking up its blowing from behind me. It did take a photo. I dont know if it got me because im not looking at the my wi fi feed im just trying to keep my eye on the drone.

So i took a couple photos lets go ahead and trying to start this recording here. Our recording has started again without timer calm down, so its not a bad flower. Even im surprised its holding up in this wind. You guys see the geese over there. Can we get the geese Music, otters. Oh dont fly away on me now, its holding up. Of course, im in a third rate the whole time, but its actually surprising me that its being able to fly in this wind, you might be able to see the geese. Now. Oh dont hit that pole. Oh vortex range state the geese. I was trying to look at the geese. They flew away on me and this guys also supposed to have a low battery alarm and also a out of range alarm, so it should be when i go too far, Music connected and theres our low battery alarm right. There uh so were just gon na call it right there. I think the wind just got too much for it and just kind of just blew it out of the sky. Let me turn that off, but i think this is an excellent flyer. You guys this is the sam rock. U 61w, look at the trees, its quite breezy out here you guys for this little guy and it held up fine. So i think this is an excellent flyer. I want to say thank you to my boy b over there.

Tdr jones e bikes and scooters for sending this over im your boy, jones and dogs catch you guys in the next episode.