So this is the main important stuff that you see whenever you open it. It actually does not come with these assembled and put on them. You actually have to clip the guards on, but its no biggie its very easy work. It comes with the battery that clips right inside the drone right there and um theres the drone power button, theres the beautiful sandrock label and right here we have our controller and it has a clip that you can put your phone on and the actual controller part And then here is the usb cable that you plug the battery up to one thing i like about the usb cable: is it actually has this black dot right here and whenever it is charging and its not fully charged, that will be red and whenever it turns Green, that means its fully charged, and it also does not come with this uh brick. I actually put this on a few minutes ago to show you what it looks like and its um its six inches long now that weve covered everything here lets go and fly. It so im here at my first location, its uh in this big field area, a buffer between us and my neighbors house, and its right in the center of our neighborhood and im gon na see if i could get a good clip: Music, Music, Music. Music. Thank you guys so much for watching my drone review. I hope you enjoyed it and im going to link this drone up in the description below and dont forget to hit that like button and the subscribe button.