So my friends im here in the outdoors whats up everybody welcome to drone mania. You can see with the no branded s88 well, i think it is a branded name. It just says: yls 88, you guys be the judge. So anyways were here, like i said in the outdoors, were gon na: do a flight and camera test for this little guy and see how well it performs. I go with me here an ammoniter to test out the wings to see how well it performs in these type of conditions, so lets jump into it, my friend showing five six, so this is really a little tiny drone, so i dont want to take it. So far out, so you people will be able to see its uh full potential really cute drone. So lets power it on powered on oh, the bright lights. You can still see the bright lights, even in this bright bright day, very powerful, led lights. Really awesome lets bind it. Okay and im gon na go to first speed rate and see how well it is so there it is okay, as you can see, there is drifting now to the right, so winds coming from the right slowly slowly, but look its still holding its position, its not Drifting, crazy and surprising, its actually holding the spot really well wow. I didnt think it would hold it that well, look at that! That is awesome im. Getting this same experience when i was indoors of its stability and held position, so i think its doing amazing here too lets take it out: Music wow, its a really really great flyer, but its not really moving in full force on speed rate one because the winds Are too strong for it? I guess or something i dont know its not moving as you can see really really slowly.

I hope thats in the shot, so lets go to rate two okay, now its moving a little bit better yeah, much more faster, doing really really. Well, so far, look how nice, the lights are going. You can still see them. Surprisingly, in the sun, you can still see the lights. Amazing im very impressed with this drone, the colors everything wow beautiful and it has some punch to it. It has some power. Oh almost almost crushed it, but lucky i didnt okay, so thats uh rate two lets go to so now its i dont know what its doing, but anyways lets go to raid three so now its in speed rate, three Music, really really nice flyer. I cant wait to test the camera for outdoors because indoors it was amazing quality. I was really shocked with the quality of this drones camera. So i cant wait to see the quality and i cant wait for you guys to see it too. So i think, were gon na go into the camera right now. Ive seen enough of this, and it looks really good lets just see if i can get a flip if its okay, i dont, know how to do a flip. To be honest with you, i didnt read the instructions for it, but okay lets land it and see how to do a flip and then try it real, quick, Music, perfect! Well, my friends, i cant see how to do the flip.

It just shows on the instructions. The button needed to press and thats it lets just try something flips do not work here from what i know, if you guys have this drone, be sure to check it out and leave a comment in the description below my friends so now im gon na drop. It and go straight into the camera flight. Tell me what you guys: think: Music Music, so Music, okay. So this is a major screw up people, as you can see its like its just stuck up there. I had to press record for whatever reason. Just so, you guys can see so im pulling complete throttle down and the drone is not coming down its like. It just lost its connectivity or something with the controller and its just holding the position up there. What im lucky is that it has really good uh, stabilized holding position and its not flying over the place and going into a tree, so thats good. But the bad thing is im. Gon na have to wait till the power dies out and here its coming down. Now, slowly by itself, because battery dead and boom it just crashed, but of course nothing happened. So i got the flight for it, but it really screwed up man. That was really really a bad thing that it did so keep that in mind. This is not a drone for long distances or like any distance. I wouldnt keep it more than like three to five meters height and maybe away from you, not even five meters height seriously.

That is really really really crazy. Okay, thats pretty much it my friends for this video as the battery died out. First thing off i want to start is its not advertised correctly, that is a complete. Complete lie, its not 15 minutes at all, youll be lucky. If you get five to seven minutes like general quadcopters, but it does not surprise me for its size. I just dont like that deception, that these people do online about its flight and everything it has a good flight. It flies really nice. It holds stability really well. Even against some light winds, its not so bad, its a great great quadcopter, the camera of it, they say its 4k, but after seeing outdoors its not 4k, its still a lot better, the quality than most toy grade drones, you see out there. I think its really really good quality of uh footage for the type and size and quality and price of a drone. I will leave a link in the description if youre interested in this, but my friends, it has a really beautiful light. I love that led light. I think its really really awesome. I want to show it to you guys again, hopefully itll power on nope. It come ah there. It is wait. Lets try that again. So here it is, as you can see, the light is very, very powerful, like maybe through camera and stuff. You cant see it so well, but in person believe me, its really powerful and its beautiful the color changing is awesome.

I really really like it. Okay to the major major con that can almost be a deal breaker, but that depends on the consumer himself when flying this drone from what ive experienced just now, it doesnt have a long distance at all. Maybe if im not over exaggerating, i would say no more than five meters. I wouldnt take this in distant more than five meters and i wouldnt take it up in a distant more than four meters, and if you go, five, six meters make sure theres nothing in your way, so it doesnt get stuck in a tree or something. Unfortunately, there is no uh automatic stop engines, meaning like the propellers just shut down, which is a really good feature to have, but it doesnt have it from what i noticed. Overall, it is a really good drone, just be very careful with it fly responsibly. If you want to still keep this drone, the angle of the camera, though, is terrible. I dont like the angle that they have of the camera its like already in a real degree that i cant really see so well uh. You can only see like basically almost going direct. They give you a really good option to see as bottom. You know like completely downwards if you want, but when it comes to, like you know, first person view that you can see everything in your path like youre. Just standing and looking with your eyes straight, it doesnt have that here, as you can see.

So that is a real, real bummer, maybe im thinking, maybe because of the area that im located in maybe theres a lot of interference with uh buildings or wi, fi or bluetooth or whatever the hell can be the interference so maybe thats why i was acting up A little like that, so another test should be made and will be made in a more open spot to see with less interference, to see how well it performs, and if it does the same thing to me. But, according from what ive seen from first impressions outdoor, i would be very careful with it. There is option for 360 flip, as you can see its right there, but i just cant get it to work. Ive done every combination, which is theyre not too many to try to get it work and it doesnt work so thats. Basically my experience with this drone, its not so bad, but still there is cons, but of course, its a toy grade. Drone always keep that in mind, so i hope this video helped you out. I hope you enjoyed it till next time.