This is the latest drone that is brushless, but do not have GPS, And this is an upgraded version of the cheap drones that Ive reviewed before Join me. Lets go Ok before we proceed. Lets do a shout out from our subscribers and viewers Shout out to you Boy, Pasaway, Morilla, Ritchan, Rentino, Ritchans, TV Kyle, Esports Vince, Explore Tv, SIkader, Tv and Loft Montage Tech, Jackie Delos, Reyes, Francis from Pampangga The Great Thief and Richard Manuel. Alright. First, I will teach you how to fly this and before that lets, remove this plastic first. Alright, ah, Lets try it without obstacle avoidance since well. Try some of the features first, I forgot the landing pad well put it here in the pavement Power up the drone heres the power button underneath Beautiful music, Then power up the remote They Automatically connect, bind and calibrate gyro calibration, So wha t well do next is Connect it to the wi fi. Ok, this is the wi fi Id FLOW171D1B lets, select it Ok after we connect it to the wi fi. Ah, lets connect it to the app The app is: WI FI, UAV Music. Oh no theres a bit of wind gust guys! Well see if we can fly this without any problem. Ok, we have camera feed Heres the quality of the camera, guys To start the motors press. This unlock button, the propellers, will spin then another press to take off or push the left joystick up.

Ok, video record on start motors and take off. Ok guys. Do you see its a bit dragged buy the wind Lets check its stability, Music. Ok, even with this wind gust, the drone is still stable because of the optical flow. Underneath Ah lets try the speed. Ok, there are 3 speeds first. This is speed. 1 Lets push it up a little bit. Speed 1 Ooppss … Dragged a little bit. Lets do Speed 2 Slight of wind gust. Ok, speed! 2! Speed! 3. Ok Ill remind you guys that this is not a GPS. Drone So be careful when flying outdoors Fly when not so windy, because it might be flown away, But since this is brushless motors It can handle it There, a bit wonky and all over the place. Ok lets move it further On specs. It can go 100 meters Music, A bit wonky because of the wind Lets, bring it down a bit. We cannot send it further because of the wind Haha jerky in speed 3 Speed, 1. Only Music Camera tilt lets. Try the camera tilt Heres down then up Music. Ok lets try photos Lets, take some photos. Ok, Ill turn the obstacle avoidance on. Is it working Music? Ok, guys well test the obstacle avoidance inside Because it didnt work outside, maybe because the sun was too bright. It only relies on infrared light to work So Well see how the obstacle avoidance would function. Ok, switching the obstacle Avoidance Indicator light is blinking.

and then, if it detects an obstacle, it will beep There lets move it forward. Ok, its not moving forward Because it detected the front Then to the right. It wont move. Also, Then, to the left. It wont move also Because the spacing inside is narrow.