Outdoors, as i mentioned, there is slight breeze coming and im going to take off, hey buddy im going to take off from the shore, so you can see the sea and also house, and i will get some good footage and as long as this little guy does Not interfere with me lets see if i can take off from my hand its going to. Let me do that. I dont know if its stable enough, but okay lets take off and it is flying well, Music, resisting the wind quite stable and lets get a little higher and see if its going to stay stable – and here is my fathers house – lets, get l higher and lets Move l forward Music get up a little higher the higher. I go, the more when there is its drifting a little back as you can see its adjusting using its uh camera. Of course, this camera doesnt have 3 axis gimbal, like the dji minis. So, every time its making a change its electronically stabilizing pretty good. This is the maxim actually i think i hit the ceiling because it doesnt want to go up higher than that. So im trying to go up and i think thats, the maximum so lets rotate it. A little bit and then fly forward this way, turn it around towards the sea and now im going to fly it out to the sea. A little bit lets turn it around a little bit, get get it down rotate it.

So you can see me over here. Lets bring it forward, and here i am its quite stable, Music, okay, so im going to test out some of these things, because we already tried the flips im not going to fly it here so up and away. There is up and away record a short video about flying off for and backwards, so fly and open box without obstacles and tap x on the screen to exit in Music. I think its doing it right now. Yes, so its going up and away trying to keep me in the center and thats it that was really short. Let me try again bring the little closer lets: try up and away again: okay, yes, so now its doing the up and away. Ah, that was quite short and its coming back where it was before all right. What else does have it has a 360, as you can see? Yes, so its just going to rotate kind of making me a little nervous because right above the water right now, so it is just completing 360 right now, okay, im going to bring it closer to me, i just completed it just a little closer uh. It turns a little quick. I just dont want it to land. You know deplete the battery and land somewhere on over water lets see what else does it have? It has a circle function. I dont know. If you have enough space to turn around circle, confirm you are flying an open area and then i should be able to maybe hit x.

Maybe if i dont want it to hit something. So if i say yes, let me get it a little farther back all right Music, so it is turning around me, its not a really white circle. Maybe it just knows kind of where the the phone is. I dont know if theres a detection mechanism, but it is turning around me and in the breeze. It is quite good and im checking im checking the the video and, although its moving a lot image, stabilization is taking care of it. So its going to come back to the same location, yeah more or less its uh, its rotate a little bit, but here i am again all right. I mean thats it its really nice and even the breeze. It is quite stable, as you can see so im. Just going to land it now Music lets see. If i can do the autoland on my okay here we go, it landed. I cant stop the recording im just going to hit the video and it is still showing quite a bit of battery. I mean look at that uh, it is, it is good. I like it folks, i like it, i mean for less than hundred dollars. It is really nice and i may take a couple of family pictures later and put it at the end just to show off its capabilities in terms of taking pictures. I can actually do it now as well uh, since the sun is really nice right now.

So im going to use uh this throw and go so im going to hit that, and here we go, throw and go and the dog is running away. Of course they didnt like it and let me take a couple pictures of myself. So how is that? Its record start recording again. Let me stop the recording and lets go up a little higher go back, make it a little more cinematic and switch to the camera view and lets take a couple pictures saving to the phone its sending it. I think, and while im waving and looking towards the drone and lets get another one, it will come forward and down a little closer up all to the side, get myself into tray. Maybe a little over the camera is tilted all down and by the way i should mention that all the videos and pictures taken are being sent directly to the phone. Doesnt have an sd memory card, so heres. Another picture lets take another one heres another one. Okay, so lets bring it forward and just do a manual landing. Can i just tilt it around and then oh its, seeing my my hand, so its following my hand. You see Music optical flow positioning sensors so lets try doing a manual landing. No, it doesnt want to okay im going to the automatic landing in that space. Here we go automatically landed and how much the battery is about a little below 50 percent, but this was a quite a bit of uh supplying.

So i really like it – i mean after taking off those uh prop protectors, it flies really nice, really nice outdoors and you can see there is quite a bit of breeze right now, so folks thats it. This is a ryze or dji tello iron man edition, which i got total like 88 about 86 dollars, im really happy with the purchase.