I saw some out there, nothing in there, but i think there’s something in here, but just to make sure here, oh there’s, one over here: okay, oh it’s, four welcome to ryan’s world Music: hey guys, i’m gon na play you a song! Robocombo! Oh hey there! Ryan! Yes, robocombo: i have made an impossible escape room challenge for you. Well, what do i get if i do it a mystery box with a surprise in there, but good luck, because you’ll never get it game on okay, ryan. The escape room challenge starts at your door. Okay, you’re gon na lose, you mean you’re gon na lose. I guess i start here ryan welcome to your escape room challenge. Good luck! Oh thank you robocombo! I never knew it would be nice, okay, this wasn’t here before i think i can use this for something. Okay, start here: okay, open it up; okay, hmm, okay, wait a minute! Hmm! I don’t that maybe it goes together. Maybe this oh i’m doing something p that looks like an o. Oh no, okay, there’s red! Here pulp! Oh wait! No! Just pop okay! This goes here. This goes here looks like a balloon. Pop hmm wait pop okay. I forgot this part. Oh, that means i’m going to have to pop balloons. I saw some out there and a needle to pop them. Okay. Okay, this way, i see something red. Oh wait. Wait on my first pop there’s already something: okay guys, so it reads: eight okay, let’s pop another one, nothing in there.

I think there’s something in here, but just to make sure another one: okay, it’s, two now let’s pop some more balloons. No here here here, oh there’s, one over here: okay, oh it’s, four, four, eight two, maybe that’s for the log; okay, so four, eight two or eight, two four or four or two eight four one of those okay. First, let’s try four eight two: okay, that didn’t do anything i’m gon na look again: it didn’t work; okay, four, two: eight, because this one is in the middle okay, four, two: eight okay, you go Music, hmm a cup, some color, paintbrush and paper. Wait this side. Okay, so i’m gon na have to draw four things: okay, i’m gon na put some paint in here. There you go now get my paintbrush put it in and paint like this bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, plus sign fan and then star yeah. I don’t know what i’m supposed to be drawing guys, but i am still drawing something wait a minute. I see something: oh, oh, something over here: Music, okay, i’m, gon na. Do this everything? Oh wait! There’S! Something over here. I think that’s a d right there bed your bed, my bed like that there’s a lot right there – not here, not here not here here, look, i found some puzzle pieces. Three of them are purple and one of them are black there’s more over here. Oh those look like they connect this check: okay b, a check, ball pit check ball pit there’s, even a picture of a ball pit.

Okay got it check the ball pit. Okay, this vinegar bottle wasn’t here before. I think this is what i need vinegar, plus something equals chemical reaction. Baking soda right there, hmm huh! This is super hard. Okay, i think i’m supposed to put the vinegar inside Music whoa that’s a lot. It almost overflowed. Okay, something’s! Definitely inside this wait a minute. I see something, look there’s, something okay, i’m, going to drop it out, drop it out, drop it out. You know you want to get out of. Oh wait: Music, huh it’s a key. So that means whenever there’s a key there’s a keyhole Music. Okay, oh wait here! It is there okay, it says, find a cut me open box wait a minute. I think i saw that in my room, okay got ta cut it open. I wonder what’s inside here, okay, okay, wait! I see something find the container of blue water. Okay, where’s, the blue water, and it also comes with the magnet okay there. It is do not spill the water wait there’s! Something inside wait. Can i oh Music? Oh no! No! No, but i got ta move it over here: okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, it comes with some sort of message find scan me on wall i’ve been past that i know where it is scan me. Okay. I think i can do that with my ipad. What is this? It doesn’t look like anything upside down: either: okay, uh, hmm, Music.

Okay! Here, wait! Wait a minute! This looks like this eye right here with this part, yeah. Okay, nothing inside wait a minute there’s a key here. It says: let’s see what it says. It says: game, room, okay, so use this game; Music, guys there’s a box here and there’s a lock, so i’m gon na use it with my key there. You go the wires are here Music. There you go congrats ryan! You completed the escape room challenge here’s some robux use it to try to beat me in a real game from robocombo hahaha wait. Why is he giving me the robux? Oh ps, because you need it? Okay, it’s a robux gift card, all right, robocombo, i’m gon na beat you in this game bye guys. Thank you for watching. Remember, always stay happy and rise up.