So how does this camera compared to the original runcam eagle that came out a while back? I felt like both these cameras had a decent latency. They this one, the original one has a little more. That Eagle two is fixed up a little bit and it has about the same latency now as the Swift, according to Oskar Lange on his review Channel. If you look on his website, you'll see the specs, but these are. These are both 800 tvl cameras both have wdr and the new eel 2 actually has a really nice wdr setting. If you go into the settings and you change it back, turnoff wdr, it's, unbelievably different everything, looks like dark shadows on the trees and you lose all of the detail that you see out in front of your camera. For me flying freestyle and that's my favorite, I need some contrast in the tree branches to see the ghost branches coming at me, especially when you're kind of zipping through gaps. If it's kind of muddy, then it's really hard to see where you're going – and I think this camera is great for those low light level changes that occur a lot when you're flying under trees and especially out in the Pacific Northwest it's. You know sometimes it's kind of dark here and we need a camera that has a better color saturation as well for dark skies and something that had those contrasts, not contrasts that handles low level light much better.

So this is the camera for me, as of this month now I didn't really care for the monkey mEagle too much. I felt like I had too much sort of noise in this, and I had to really bring down the sharpness and contrast levels to match what I wanted, and that made this camera a little bit too soft. But the newer Eagle 2 seem to be able to be adjustable. Jashub are well showed his between 4 and 6 and that's about where mine's at so that's. How that's how I like mine, I don't like mine to show that grain on the screen. It'S is really ugly, looking and it's distracting when you're flying, so if it became already tuned down that would be nice from runcam. If people didn't see that right away because they get it, you know you get a bad impression of the camera. If you see that first thing out of the box, it also does have OSD settings in here. You have all the same enhancements in here for like sharpness saturation, you can mirror the image you can change the brightness contest you can actually zoom in and you can change the wdr on and off and you can change the game up and down, which is super. Nice, you also have automatic, daylight and night modes. You can turn that to color and keep it color saturation. So if you go into a dark spot, it stays color instead of going black and white because, like some people don't like that transition – and I don't like it myself, so I actually have mine set to color.

You can also change the video standard from PAL to NTSC and that's kind of nice, doesn't really matter on my goggles, but you can also update the firmware, which is pretty sweet. So you have all this different stuff inside this camera menu a pretty nice camera. It has a 2.5 lens on this. One has a larger lens here and they have this kind of shiny, new red alloy, looking exterior, really nice and it fit inside this frame really well. I set this up. Last week before we went to race with team Ferrari. America – and I put my tattoo 30 AMD Shot – ESC is on there with the 23 of the six Emacs motors and those new Obon props. So this is the setup that we use to test out. The new run cam Eagle 2, and it did quite well. I was pretty impressed with it, especially because we went to one location where we had a huge cliff and there was a lot of trees around the backside of this parking lot. So as I dip down in to this cliff into this little parking lot, you got pretty dark and shaded down there, but we were able to actually fly this thing and see so that's a that's, a big deal when you go down and you're flying in such A harsh environment you want to be able to see and that's what's important with these F preview cameras. Now this one does come with a little OSD programmer.

This is actually the video out cable, but it does come with one of those little programmers. I don't know if it's in the box here nope, but you also get just a little joystick. Thank you guys, we've seen them before on the channel, but this is another backplate that comes with it. It'S, a pretty nice metal, alloy backplate with nice coating, all the products from runcam are pretty high quality. If you're seeing some of this runcam stuff for the first time, you definitely want to check out runcam comm. You also have this little extra additional amount. If you need it – and you have some mounting hardware in the box as well and a lot of times, I keep these boxes, because these are actually really nice boxes for putting screws actually have some mini quads over here that are small enough to fit in here. For transport, I just built this one from flex RC a few days ago and that one it's happily inside there for transport in my bag, I'm just running out to fly real, quick and come back. So a very useful box is really nice. But beyond all the tech stuff guys, let's go outside and let's actually give you a real time view of what this camera looks like with my tune and we'll show you a few different spots that I flew not the greatest most amazing pilot skills in this video, But it will give you a good idea of how good this new runcam eagle is.

So thanks again for watching, enjoy the footage. Ok here we go guys just to help you out in this video. Give you something to take home something to look at difference between these different popular cameras by run camp it's, a guy with a fire hose look out for that guy. This is the eagle 2 and it's it's pretty good. This is a lot of color saturation. I, like the definition with this camera. I like the fact that I can see those ghost branches a little better than I can with a swift two. I swear it's just a little brighter and has a better wdr than the Swift 2 does. In my opinion, might not be your opinion, but there's a guy with the fire hose again watch out for him, so this is one of my favorite cams right now. I I really like this entire setup on this quad and I'm still getting used to it. A little bit here and I had no idea where I was going out on this track, but I was just trying to follow the outside course. There and I'm, not a racer, so it's not really my thing, but it was fun to fly there. So this run, cam 2 looks pretty good, so let's show you a combination of both the Swift. This is some my wintertime shots on the left and one of my more recent trips with the Eagle in this quad new quad that I have and you can tell right away, look at the trees if I can slow down with the Eagle for a second there Dip down into this little parking lot right here, you can see definition in these trees, much better contrast, brightness.

In my opinion, you can see definition the leaves and the branches ghost branches that almost got me right there up and over these trees and the trees on the Left kind of looked like black blobs and now here's, the original eagle. You can see all that noise that people don't like about that camera, and this was one that I got as a prototype. So this was an early version of the Eagle might not be totally representational of a final product eagle. But when I first put this on my airplane for a test, I didn't like the way it looked. I had way too much noise and I tried to tune it, but I just couldn't get it right. So now we're back to the Eagle 2, and I just wanted you to see some more of this footage, because I think this camera is fantastic. I feel, like I see everything around. You have a really good awareness of everything in front of me with this camera. The field of view is decently wide enough that when I'm flying in close proximity to trees, I can get in there pretty close like right through there. I can see that gap just plainly, so in my opinion, when I'm flying new spots like those that I've never flown before, I want a really reliable camera. I'Ve had cameras in the past. Some of the emerging cameras really got on my nerves, because the darkness light and contrast when you come up out of the shadow into the light they don't change, quick enough and some of these run cams really do that quite well.

Keep that wdr on for this one and you'll have a great camera for your quad.