Typically, what youd see extra propellers, which were keeping set that aside ill, show you with it fully open a little bit actually lets show it full open, stiff to open so bear with me there. It is fully fold the camera fold it back. Okay, fold folded! Back now the control which is pretty interesting, so you open that, probably oh it already. Oh its charges. How do you turn it off? Oh and then the antennas click into place, so you have to unclick them there. They are. You have to click them back. You can unfold those thats, the grips so im guessing thats the power you have to hold it to turn it off. Oh, i guess you have to do that. I also got sd card more extra propellers, which i dont see an sd card slot on it. So i dont know there might be one and i just dont see it okay. Oh there is an sd card slot. I just didnt see it yeah its right there. I just didnt, see it so yeah thats, pretty much it its my drone. It has a removable battery its a smart battery.