com in this episode im going to review the ruco u11 pro drone. Now this drone costs under 350.. But if you watch this video all the way through im, going to give you a link and a coupon code where you can save more than 25 on the purchase price, so not only am i going to tell you. Is it worth buying im going to tell you where to buy it and im going to save you some money in the process, what a deal, but the real question is: is it worth buying lets find out Music? Just before christmas, i got a email from a friend of mine jane, and she asked me what was the best budget drone to buy. She just wanted to get started and messing with drones and taking some family snapshots that sort of thing, and i of course steered her to the dji mini 2 or one of the mini series drones and two days later, i got a message from my ex wife Asking me the same question and i of course steered her to the 3dr solo and the gopro karma. Okay. No, i didnt. I still did the same thing: the mavic mini 2, one of the one of the mini mini series and in both cases they responded that that is more than they wanted to spend just to get into drones. Now, historically, i have kind of viewed drones in two categories: youve got drones up to the mavic mini that are, i always put in the toy category and then from the mavic mini on up those were camera drones and i got to thinking about it and i Realized that there was a gap between toys and real camera drones somewhere in the 200 to 500 range.

There were drones that kind of shared characteristics of both types of drones. So what are the different characteristics that differentiate a toy from a camera drone build quality, gps connectivity? Does it have gps connectivity and how well does it work app quality, the quality of the app itself that you use to control the dont? Do the drone toys tend to have really lousy apps to operate the drones and obviously camera drone apps are usually much better gimbal? Does the drone have a gimbal? Does it work very well, for that matter? Does it have a camera at all? A lot of toy drones, dont have cameras, video resolution and quality. Obviously, a toy drone is going to have a much lower quality. Video, lower resolution, lower bit rate and a camera drone obviously has much better of those. Does it use a wi, fi connection or a better transmission system? Almost always toy drones are going to use wi fi transmissions obstacle avoidance. Does the drone have it thats a luxury really uh in a drone and its very difficult to find obstacle avoidance in a drone that costs less than 500 return to home this kind of ties into gps? Some some drones will fake a return to home. That kind of heads backwards in the direction it was flying, but thats not really return to home. Will the drone come back to you if it loses its signal or you hit the return to home button or the battery runs low, thats, thats, a feature of a higher value drone and, of course, battery life? Uh toy drones have really awful battery life.

You charge them an hour and a half for the thing to fly, six minutes or seven minutes or ten minutes, and obviously your camera drones fly 20 minutes and longer, as i thought about it, i realized theres this gap between drones that maybe were 200 to 500. That kind of crossed between the two big categories of toys versus camera drones – and i i came to realize that they really could be categorized as starter drones. They have some actual use and value for a particular type of drone operator. A starter drone allows people to dabble with drones for the first time without having to spend over 500 dollars. A good example of this might be a teens first drone. It allows people to learn how to fly a starter, drone isnt as automated as a camera drone, but it will have some features to make them easier to fly than most toy drones and for people like my ex wife and my friend jane. It allows them a less expensive way to pop up a drone and take some quick family snapshots about the time. This all was happening. I was contacted by a company named rucco and they invited me to do a review on their drone, the rooko u11 pro so im going to do a review on the u11 pro, as i said before, this drone costs about actually about 330 dollars. If i remember correctly – and if you stay through the end of this video, i i can give you a coupon code where you can save eight percent, which works out to more than twenty five dollars, so that actually makes a very low cost drone, even cheaper thats.

A good deal now in this review im not going to compare it to a camera drill, im, not going to say heres how this drone works compared to the mavic mini or the mavic air, 2 or thats, not a fair comparison, any more than it would be To compare a mavic mini to a mavic 3 or an evo 2 pro, instead im just going to look at this drone for the purposes that i just talked about a minute ago. Is this a good starter drone? Will it work for the people that i described and give them value for doing what they want to do with it? So lets get started with a look at this drones build quality, so looking at the you know, actual build quality of this drone. I think its probably closer to a camera than a toy drone its in im not going to compare it to the mavic mini 2. But it if you want kind of a sense of how this is built. Its very close to the mavic mini tune to mavic mini to, in terms of its uh, build construction, its not the more flexible type plastic that you find in many toy drones that are its put there. Assuming that those are going to be doing a lot of bouncing on the ground, i dont think this was designed to to be crashed. Its designed to keep flying a problem with a lot of toy drones is that the motors tend to fail all the time.

Youre constantly having to replace motors on them, which is one reason i dont fly a lot of toy drones. I havent had this drone enough long enough to really test out its motor durability, but these are brushless motors and i get the sense that these things are actually built uh pretty well, so i would put them more in the camera drone category as well. The best feature of all of the u11 pro, i think, is its gps connectivity. It does connect to satellites to help it hold its position and thats really helpful when youre learning how to fly, it improves the hovering position. Uh keeps it in control, even when its dealing with modest winds and that allows the drone to have a legitimate return to home function. So if you want to learn a drone want to use this kind of a drone to learn how to use a higher end. Camera drone, ultimately, this is going to give you a much better experience, much closer to what youre going to be doing with the camera drone than a toy drone would so. This is probably a better first step than starting with the toy drone. So what else? The rooko u11 pro uses the ruko gps app and, as i said before, low price drones typically have really awful apps theyre, very buggy and laggy, and they got all kinds of problems. The app for this drone isnt too bad at all its limited, because theres a lot of its its limited in its features, but overall, its a well organized decent app.

Now the video transmission to the app is is very low resolution, which you might expect and theres a little bit of lag in it. But overall, if you go through the screen, you know that the main screen that youre youre flying your fpv view screen is uh. Its well laid out its easy to see the things you want to see like your telemetry and all that no problem there and its menu settings. Those screens are also very well organized now, some of the buttons on those menu screens dont work, which is kind of what you get with a lower price drone, but overall, its not a bad app at all, and one thing i didnt mention, i i really like How it has a voice, prompt that tells you when you hit points like maximum altitude maximum distance? Your battery is running low things like that it triggers a return to home. It gives you a voice prompt that way, youre actually getting the information that this is whats happening with the drone. Even if youre not happening to look at the app itself, so yeah yeah build quality, definitely on the dividing line between toy and camera. I think it definitely leans to the camera drone side of things now. Having said that, youre talking about a 500, a drone thats well below 500 and so theyre going to have to cut some corners just to make it viable to sell at that price point.

The biggest problem with this drone is that it does not have a gimbal, the camera is, is there its and and it will do the the tilting, but there is no gimbal to keep your image stable, stable and so as youre flying around. You are definitely going to get a lot of bumps and jiggles and everything in your video and that seriously influence the quality of the video that you get out of the drone. Also, you know not surprisingly, this does not have obstacle avoidance, its really hard to find obstacle avoidance in a drone under five hundred dollars. Thats thats more of an added feature than a necessity, and this drone does not have and uh id also have to say that the controller quality. This definitely is a toy drone controller, its very very inexpensively made. It works fine, but this is not the same. Caliber of a controller you might get with with a camera drum, so you know overall, build quality on the drone is pretty darn good. I have to also add that i didnt mention it before it comes with not one but two batteries and it comes with a a carry case. I wish the case had a strap, but otherwise this is a really nice little case again. Im not comparing it to the mavic mini, but its very similar to the case that came with the original mavic mini uh. In terms of you know the quality of construction and everything.

But this is a nice little case and when you figure that a battery for this drone costs 59 and youre youre getting two of them, thats, actually really good value for a drone that costs 330 dollars. Uh total price so lets talk about flight performance im going to show you some clips here for the next several minutes that i shot doing several different test flights with this drone and give you a chance to see it fly and then im going to make a Lot of commentary about the flight performance, as as i go one thing i will say im not going to include it in this video, but there are certain steps that you have to take to get this drone ready to fly its a little bit more involved than The typical camera drone, where you just take it out boot everything up and fly away. There are different things calibrations and things that you need to do before each flight and im actually going to do a separate video. I want to keep this one. As short as i can so im going to do a separate video that shows the steps for preparing the ruco u11 pro for flight, and i will link that in one of the corners up here and you can check that out. If you want so for now. Lets watch some flight video so to start the motors on this sticks down and in like most any other drone there.

It goes and then to launch im just going to push the left stick up fly i like to let the drone hover for a minute just to make sure its all settled into its gps connection. You can see that weve got a slight breeze blowing here from this way to this way, uh and its still holding its pretty positioned, pretty darn. Well, that makes it a drone like this, a lot easier to fly for a new flyer than a toy drone that has no gps connection. Okay, im just gon na fly it around a little bit now: Music, Music, Music, bye, Music. This thing is really flying very nicely im very impressed. The u11 pro has three different speed settings now its in its top mode uh. That was three beeps. I press it one its one beep now its in slowest again its a two beeps and its in its middle mode. Uh. If you fly it in the middle or upper mode, it tends to be a pretty peppy little flyer ill show you here. You can also tell that the the uh image is a lot more jiggly when youre flying in a higher a higher speed, okay, ill put it in high speed, thats high speed mode. You can see it drifting quite a bit. I let go of the stick and it overflies a bit. It actually is locking in pretty darn well to its position, though so im very pleased with that.

Again i hover and it moves a little bit primarily in the vertical axis, but its holding its horizontal spot. Pretty darn well now, if i switch this over to uh low power mode single beep. Now, if i fly it its a little bit more stable and i get a little bit more stable flight out of it and bring it back and its coming back a little bit more smoothly a little, you know obviously more slowly now this is very limited in The sense that there are no settings on the camera i cant change my resolution. I cant change my shutter speed, obviously or aperture. I cant change my iso. It is what it is and thats pretty much standard on on a drone that costs under 500.. The resolution is slightly higher than hd resolution and ive got the drone up at 13 meters. It did not. Let me change from feet from meters to feet. So meters is what we got for our metric uh im flying forward now again, im still in the slow setting and uh thats. Actually not too bad, definitely want to keep it in slow mode. If you want to get video with this thing, but thats not too bad at all, pushing the stick all the way up or the gimbal the camera all the way up, so even at straightforward youre, getting a little curvature because uh its such a wide angle lens And the subject isnt very close ill, try tilting it down.

There is a no adjustment for the for the gimbal for the i cant keep calling it a gimbal for the camera and i tilted it down a little bit. You cant adjust how fast or slow it tilts so thats. Basically the speed you get, which is pretty fast again, its not really useful for doing while youre, while youre recording but to set up your shot and then start recording it works just fine. Let me point out one more thing about the camera. This is not a rectilinear lens. This is not a high value, uh camera or camera lens. So, as i tilt the gimbal down or as i tilt the lens down the camera down come on there, we go. You can see to the corners of the image youre getting that barrel distortion right. You can see the curvature there on the left and the right and the middle is higher than the left or the right. So another tip if you want better quality images. Out of this is try to shoot it as straightforward as possible, sometimes thats not possible, but the more you tilt this gimbal, the more curvature youre going to get in your image. The more barrel distortion youre, going to get one good thing about this drone not having a gimbal, is that it really gives you more of an fpv experience if thats what you want to create, for example, when i push the right stick forward to make the drone Fly forward, the drone will naturally lean like this and, as you can see, among the view, my my screen also shows that im leaning forward, if you have a gimbal, it will correct for that, and it would continue to point forward so so youre getting that fpv Effect same thing, if i were to bank to the left its going to do this and youre getting that effect on the screen bank to the right youre going to get that effect on the screen as im flying forward.

Itll. Do that and then settle back into this position? I let go of the stick and its going to do this so anyway, youre getting a real feel for flying uh with this kind of drone, because it does not have a gimbal Music, Music, so Music, drone, low voltage, return home theres the battery return to home. The drone is flying up height emitted, spinning around spinning around again and now its coming down. We got to be careful, but it doesnt come down on our heads drone low voltage. It should stop a couple feet off the ground for a minute. Give me a chance to react. If i want to yeah there, it is, and then itll land itself look at how close that is to where it launched. That is very, very, very good for a drone like this stop return down. It goes fly Music now its holding. This is why i like to let it hover for a minute uh before i take it out and buzz around just to make sure that weve got everything all locked up with the gps connection. It is not really holding its altitude very well, but it is locked in horizontally. Okay lets fly this around im going to put it lets. Let me check my speed. Theres three theres one looks like, but by default it goes into the middle speed, setting and im flying this at one theres holding its position better. All right, you can see.

Ryan is walking out there. Im gon na im testing it a little bit further distance hes. Taking 100 steps should be about 200 feet and well make sure that the drone can get out there again with a wi, fi connection. You really cant count on it having a long range, and that goes back to the uniques very expensive drones. They didnt have nearly the range of the dji drones uh. You know that basically was a modified wi fi connection, so uh well see how this does. Okay, hes out 200 steps or a hundred steps well see how close he is to 200 feet. All right were flying it towards him whoops. Needle far, you can tell the wind is: is low today its like five to six miles per hour, but im up higher im up 10 meters and uh its definitely getting poked around by the rays. The wind is picking up too thinking out there, 60 meters distance limited. We have reached my max distance and thats as far as i can go and it works just fine drone is. You can tell its battling the wind a little bit because, even though i have the the camera pointed all those way straight forward, the the tip of the nose is pointing down because youre definitely seeing that curvature. I have see im down to 55 on the battery Music and well just fly around some circles here. Music, one thing i havent talked about is how fun this little drone is to fly.

You dont typically fly your camera drones around like that. But this is just a fun little guy to play with good way to develop your stick. Control too. You can see that the wind is pushing this drone. It should be level but because of the wind. The drone is actually at an angle like this, but the gps is holding its position. Okay, just looked higher all right, you got ta, bring it down right, itll, land itself, itll end it Music, look how close that is to where it launched for a drone that costs well before below 400 thats, pretty darn, good, okay lets sum all this up. I want to talk through the things i mentioned before, that define the difference between a toy drone and a camera drone and see where the u11 pro falls on each of those types of things for build quality. The construction quality of the u11 pro is closer to what youd expect from a camera drone like the mavic mini, and it includes two batteries in a case, so theres a lot of value with this drone gps connectivity, the u11 pro has gps, which works fairly well, Its not going to be quite as precise as what you get with djis ocusync, for example, but the u11 pro typically held its position pretty darn well for app quality. The ruco gps app is well organized and easy to use. Not all the buttons worked for me and the video transmission quality was very low.

Lets put this in the middle of the range between toys and camera drones. The u11 pro has no gimbal and it really impacts. Video quality. Ruko has other drones that do include gimbals and i hope to have a chance to check one of those out in a future review. Video resolution and quality is more on the toy side of things, especially with the drone lacking a gimbal. I gave a couple tips to get the most from this camera and a beginner drone pilot can get by with this. The resolution is fine for a starter drone, but id like to see ruko bump up the video quality and bit rate on future upgrades. As far as the transmission system, this is a wi fi transmission system, so your video transmission and your control ranges are going to be limited. Now i took it out to somewhere around 60 65 meters and i had absolutely no problem with it. Uh but just understand this is a wi fi system, so you dont really want to take it its its advertised to go further and you can try it but youre responsible for what it does, because wi fis, just dont have the range and the fact is, if Youre using this to learn how to fly a drone, 60 meters is a lot of room to do what you need to actually learn and practice with it as far as obstacle avoidance. Obviously the drone doesnt have obstacle avoidance youll, find very few drones anywhere near this price that do have it, so you know no surprise there.

As far as return to home, i showed you two different low battery return to home landings and both of them were within a foot of where the drone took off. So this thing did extremely well when it came to return to homes and finally lets talk about battery life. I was getting 19 minutes and more every flight with this drone and i was flying at max power and i was shooting video and shooting pictures and all that and still getting over 19 minutes. So youre approaching camera drone range with that kind of thing. So the battery performance on this is extremely good. Overall, u11 pro performed very well, and there were some very pleasant surprises in terms of the gps connection, holding the position and return to home and battery life. You think, back to the use cases i had for a starter drone like this, the people who should be looking at a drone like this, and i think this is an excellent choice for them to use as a first drone as a learner drone. As a quick. Take it out of your pocket and shoot a family snapshot type drone. I think this is an outstanding option. In truth, i think a drone like this is actually a good idea for uh someone like me, someone like your experienced drone operators who have the more expensive drones this drone doesnt, do all the work for you like a like a higher end, dji or autel drone, And uh its a good way to brush up your stick skills and and make sure that youre really controlling the aircraft having those skills is unnecessary when youre flying a camera drone all the way up until it becomes necessary until theres a problem and – and you have To deal with it and the drone isnt working the way its supposed to so brushing up on those kind of skills every once in a while thats, not a bad idea at all, and this is a nice little drone to do it.

And the truth is its. Just a lot of fun to fly around. So what about that discount that i was talking about at the beginning of this video, i provided a link in the description below you, click that and use the coupon code. Jeff s and youll get an eight percent discount on your purchase, thats more than twenty five dollars off the price of the drone, so thats a pretty darn good deal its uh. That is an affiliate link and, if you buy from that link, youll be supporting this channel. So its a win win situation for everybody i mentioned before ive set up a separate video that shows how you set this drone up for every flight. So, if youre interested in getting this drone – or you want to learn more about it – check that video out the link is on the screen now uh, if youd like to learn more about drones, check click, the subscribe button, the cartoon jeff on the middle of the Screen, click on that and subscribe be sure to hit the little bell icon so youll be notified. When i publish again, i got a bunch of videos in the works and as always, i really do appreciate your comments and your likes and uh stay tuned ill.