I want to kick this video off by saying a huge thank you to all of you guys who have subscribed and who have left comments. I know its been a long time since i posted my last video its been over five months since my ruko f11 game review video its not for lack of interest. I enjoy doing these videos and i actually have quite a few that are starting to stack up and back up, but lifes just been really busy. Aside from all the storms and the bad weather that weve had here in northwest florida im also a full time. Drone pilot and a full time student at embry, riddle, aeronautical university, so lifes just been really busy the past few months, so i havent been able to get out as much review videos as i would like, but i really appreciate all of you guys who have reached Out and asked if everythings, okay and thats so im still making videos, i am im doing as quickly as possible. I really appreciate you guys sticking with me, and hopefully you guys get something out of these review videos. Okay, now with that, out of the way, ive got another drone review video for you guys. The last review video i did was of the ruco f11 gim and ruko reached out to me and asked if i would review the u11 pro as well now, the f11 gim is more of a high end model.

I guess you could say its got a lot more bells and whistles than the u11 pro the f11 gim is 400, but this u11 pro is more skewed towards beginners, its more budget friendly. It doesnt have as many features as many bells and whistles, but it does allow you to get into a higher end drone at a more comfortable price. Now on rukos amazon listing the u11 pro is currently 259, but you also get a 30 coupon that you can. Click on so make sure you click that little button on amazon for the coupon code and that takes 30 off, so the u11 pro is coming in at 229. So thats, not bad. Considering all the things that you get with this and ill go more into that in a little bit now im not going to do an official unboxing and a full blown like detailed unboxing for this. If that interests, you guys and youre curious, let me know in the comments and ill try to get one of those pushed out if youre really curious to see, but i think youll get a good idea of everything that you get in this package as we go Through this review, okay im going to break this review up into a couple different sections for those of you who have just purchased the u11 pro or maybe youre, considering purchasing one, and you just want to see how it works and how everything performs and functions.

This per this first portion of the review is going to be the flight review uh. What i did was, i took the 11 pro out to my local flying site and i put it through its paces. I tested every function every feature and i went through the setup process and how to how to get it calibrated and set up for flight. So i went through that whole process and i recorded it all now stay tuned after that portion of the video, because im going to do some more stuff that i tested, i tested the battery duration and the range just like i did with the f11 gim so Make sure you stick around for that portion of the video as well. Ive also got some problems that i encountered during my flight that i want to mention to you as well. So first lets go to flight review. Okay, guys today were doing the flight review of the ruco u11 pro. I just want to do a real, quick overview of everything you get with this kit now, with the exception of the landing pad, which is just this, is mine thats? What i use everything else you see you get here. The drone itself is comparatively tiny. Its about the size of a mavic air weighs a lot less its a lot lighter than a mavic air, but its similarly sized its compact portable has folding props folds down to a nice compact size just easily fit in a pocket or in your bag.

So it is nice and light and portable its built sturdy. Has these nice fold out landing gear? I think ive mentioned this in previous videos, but the ones with the uh the landing gear that sticks down. You want to unfold that first, so that you can get the back one out. If not you try to unfold the uh the one. Without that, first, you wont be able to do that it just they hit each other, so make sure you fold out the right one. First, youll figure it out, you guys are smart anyway. The drone itself is nice. Its built well um. The u11 pro does not have a three axis gimbal. It only has an adjustable camera. It is mounted to these vibration dampeners. I dont know if you can see those inside there theres these little rubber vibration, dampeners that allows it to to move and wiggle. So that does absorb some of the vibration that you get from the props and stuff like that. But it doesnt have a three axis gimbal, but you can control the up and down movement of the camera through the remote so uh. One thing that i wanted to mention that i really love that ruco. Does they give you this quick start guide, and this quick start guide is something great to have out of the field like this like i am today, it goes through real, quick. Just the highlights of the manual you get a pretty extensive manual that goes through all the details, 20 31 pages with all the details, but they also give you this quick start guide just a little card.

You can just keep out of the field with you. That goes through all the the essentials that you need to know calibrating it getting everything set up properly, um how to do the auto takeoffs and then some quick troubleshooting and then its got an overview of the buttons on the back and what all the buttons do. So this is great. I love that ruco does that its a nice little added bonus and just one of those little details that makes a big difference also with the u11 pro theyve touted this as a beginner friendly drone and theyre theyre, definitely um making it easy for beginners. They even give you this little card, which i think is just super awesome, its just this little overlay card. Just to give you one more explanation of what everything does um, you know its just a quick little reference guide that you can keep with. You just shows you the different controls. What each control does um, what the different buttons do and its just one extra little reference. You can just keep with you in case you cant, remember real quick, you just overlay it or you can just hold it down. Look at it be like oh yeah, okay, thats, what that one does so for those of you that are first timers and beginning. This is definitely a good place to start with this u11 pro, so you get uh you unfold, your antennas im not entirely sure.

If these are actual antennas, yet it does tell you in the manual to unfold them, so maybe they are um. I dont see any wires inside there just with my naked eye im, not saying theyre, not antennas, but id have to do a little bit more research to find out for sure, but you do get a cell phone holder which works fairly well. Holding my galaxy note. 20. uh, it holds it pretty securely, its not a super strong spring, but im not afraid that my phones going to fall out. So im happy with that, and then everything else you see here. You also get an extra battery. You get two usb c charging cables and then your different quick start guides, and then you get a carrying case. Theres also extra props and extra screws inside the carrying case that i didnt take out, but thats all thats everything you get so im gon na go. Go ahead and start doing the flight review now its time to get started. Uh, its gon na be really hard to see my phone screen as far as this recording goes, but im recording live on my uh screen recording on my phone, so i will show you all the stuff that im doing in case. You cant see it, but the first thing you want to do is turn on your wi fi, because thats, how youre going to connect with your drones, wi fi signal and get your video second thing you want to make sure is on.

Is your gps so make sure you click your gps button, its going to need to know your gps location because thats what the drone uses to follow you? The drone, has its own gps, but when it does gps, follow it locks onto your phones, gps signal. In order to follow you, doesnt work super awesome, but i will show you more about that later. Alright, once you have those two things, you really want to follow the the order that it tells you to do this on the quick start guide, i did have trouble connecting with the app and it seemed like every time i had trouble connecting. It was because i didnt do this in the right order, so i think the order is very important here. The quick start, guys guide, tells you to turn the drone on first and place it on horizontal ground or level ground. So, in order to turn the drone on were just going to press this button here and hold it, itll beep make all its noises and then lights will start flashing, theres green lights, flashing in the back and you cant see them, but im pretty sure, theres red Lights: flashing on the two front: arms uh, its just really bright out here all right. Next, the quick start, quick, quick start guide, says to place the drone horizontal and then it says, turn the power on the controller. Now, youll be really tempted to turn the controller on first, like i was you know i dont want to.

I want to have signal right away, so ill turn the controller on, and then the drone, but i think, thats bad. I think that order matters um. Then the guide tells you to pull down on your left. Stick youll hear that beep sound that connected the drone and the controller. So those two are connected now from there we can start connecting the app and doing all that stuff. So i think it really does matter the order that you do that so just follow that all right, im, gon na put my phone in my case here next – were gon na connect, our wi fi signal, so im gon na go to my wi fi settings and At this point, i should see there: it is ruko u11 pro im gon na click on that checking the quality of your internet connection. Theres not gon na be any internet. Its just gon na be a direct connection connected here without internet id already flown this today. So it automatically connected to uh the wi fi signal when it saw it, so it is connected to the drones wifi now, so it should be able to go directly into the app. The name of the app is ruco gps and there is a link theres, a qr code on the front of the quick start guide for both apple and android directly to that app, so real easy to find im going to go to the root code, gps and Sure enough, it says right there at the bottom go flying now, like i said when i, when i tried turning the controller on first and connecting to the drone it let everything connect and i could connect to the wi fi.

But i had a lot of trouble. Getting the app to work properly when i went out of order, so just go ahead and follow that that order of operations and order of connection – and i think youre, going to be okay. So next thing i want to do is hit, go flying, make sure your uh make sure the u11 pro is selected. There is a u11 the older model option. I dont think it will. Let you connect just make sure you have u11 pro selected hit, go flying and it will open up the app now. Every time you fly the u11 pro you need to calibrate it, not a bad thing. Youre just calibrating the compass, but it does ask you to do this every single time. You fly the drone, even if its back to back flights, so thats real, easy. The controller uh screen shows you what to do so. It gives you a little indication of how to hold it and what to do so, youre just going to hold it level for the first part of it and im just going to rotate it 360 degrees until it beeps and tells me to change my my hand, Grip, hasnt beeped, yet and theres a note here to stay away from metal and electric devices you dont want to do this around any metal objects that will compromise your calibration. This is taking a lot longer than normal. It didnt beep. I dont know why.

Okay, there goes after it beeps you can hold it face down, even though all right, the app is still telling me to continue doing it. That way, so im going to keep doing it. That way, i dont know why its having trouble it didnt. Take this time. Long last time, all right there it goes its switched so now, im going to hold it face down nose pointed towards the ground. I dont think that matters continue making myself dizzy. Theres the beep, but the app hasnt told me to stop yet im gon na wait on that, get myself a little bit. Dizzier. Are you good? You want more. It wants more. Okay. There we go turned off. I didnt throw up im, definitely dizzy. Okay, everythings gon na be ready to go now. Um one thing make sure you have an sd card in there. I think i mentioned this earlier, but uh if you dont, have an sd card in and you record its gon na record to your phone. The phone video is gon na be relying on the wi fi stream and its not going to be as high resolution as it would be if it was recording onboard video. So i did put an sd card in mind. I think the one i have in there is a 16 gig im, not sure what size it goes up to, but that should be more than enough for multiple flights, so i am going to hit record, so i can record this whole flight and everything that happens.

Im recording with my screen and im recording with this, so we should have all our bases covered now. Theres two different ways to take off. I can do it manually its ready to go so you can see the drone in the background, if i hit these two sticks towards the center. Like this, you see all my rotors fire up, shes ready to go. If i gave it some throttle, it would lift right off. You heard it say flying im, not off the ground, yet so im going to disable it i kept holding down until it turned off, but i could also just hit these to arm and disarm the motors. The second way to do it is to actually do a auto takeoff and hit that little button up in the corner and its going to ask me: are you sure you want to take off im going to say? Yes, let me adjust this a little bit, so you can see it jump into the air im going to say yes, lets go for it and shes going to jump, auto, take off and just hover there in front of me and wait for more inputs. Now one thing i wanted to mention uh do make sure before you take off that you have all your gps signals more often than not as youre getting all this stuff ready to go and getting set up thatll happen automatically. It seems to access its gps fairly quickly, so thats not really an issue, but make sure you dont, like just jump into the air, because wherever it gets, its full gps signals is where its going to recognize its home position and that might come into effect later.

So i want to go through all these different functions and features with you guys. Im gon na gain some altitude get a little bit farther away from me now, its fine, pretty responsive and pretty peppy, so its in high mode right now, this button here, this hl button will change the speed setting. If and the number of beeps indicates what setting its on so, you heard that three beeps thats in the highest setting so its going to be the most peppy and the fastest and the most responsive and have the most control for those of you that are learning. I highly recommend staying in the low position, while youre learning, that was the one beep and that, as you can see, im going full stick now and its going a lot slower, its a lot more docile, its still pretty peppy. But it gives you a lot more forgiveness now. Another thing to mention, too, is up in the top corner. Here of the app i am in beginner mode. I dont need to be in beginner mode, but beginner mode limits, the distance. You can fly the maximum altitude. You can fly and it sets the return altitude now i can turn that off and set all my distances so im going to do that just for for a sanity check for me just to show you guys what it can do, but if youre learning and youre Just starting to figure this thing out go ahead and keep flying in beginner mode, and it wont let you get too far away from you in fact, maybe ill.

Keep it beginner mode and just show you what it does but were going to go through the rest of these different features and functions. Now im i am recording video. I started that right away using the app, but there is a button here too. I could hit this camera button theres a camcorder button and an actual camera hitting the camera button. Snaps photos itll beep to indicate that its taking a picture and all these all of these are recording directly to the memory card. I can also hit this camcorder button and it will stop recording video, so i did that it just restarted the video because i was already already recording um. But if you want to start and stop your video, you can just hit that button and cycle through the start and stop of the video. Now the other switch that you have on your controller. Is this gimbal control switch? I guess its a camera control switch because this one doesnt actually have a gimbal, and what i mean by that is, i can angle the camera down and point it at me. So now you see its pointing at me more, but a gimbal, a three axis gimbal would take away all the other movements. You can see the drones bouncing around a lot with the wind and thats normal. I would expect that, but any side to side movement gets translated into that video. So if youre flying real twitchy and fast and zipping around all over the place, it does aggressively compensate to try to stop itself.

So if i give it full forward, you can see it rocks backward to negate that forward, motion and slams the brakes on basically, but all that twitchiness translates into the video itself. So, although you can control your camera up and down and the vibration dampeners do take away some of the bounciness of it, you do get a lot of that movement of the drone itself. So if you want to take that away, youre going to need a more expensive drone with a with a better gimbal, so a little note about that um. Now a couple of other functions that we have here: theres a gps mode. Now this gps button im supposed to be able to turn this gps button off while im in flight and lets say, for example, i wanted to not rely on gps, and i wanted to just do some people call it uh, aerobatic mode or acrobatic mode and thats, Not relying on gps youre just flying the drone, i havent found a way to turn that off yet im supposed to be able to press this button and hold it and gps mode supposed to go away and its supposed to go into optical mode. For some reason, thats not working im contacting ruco about it to see what they say, but for now i have to fly in gps because it has all the satellites thats not a bad thing, but it can get you into trouble ill talk about that later.

When im talking about return to home, a couple of the other functions we have here is gps. Follow so ill. Show you that real, quick im gon na get a little bit further away and im gon na point the camera up a little bit so its pointing at me more. But if i press this gps follow button, oh shes, getting really twitchy! That seems to be wind. Induced i was trying to compensate for the wind, it is pretty breezy, but that was pretty twitchy. Okay, im gon na press gps, follow here its gon na say: follow me ready, gps mode, okay. So what thats doing is relying on my phones, gps signal, so the drone has its own gps, but its going to point the camera at my phones, gps signal and its going to keep that within the frame. So as youll see, if i start walking, the drone should change its position and follow me seems to be doing a good job of that i can control my camera still, while im flying and adjust that now i havent tested this with anything fast like a car, But i would imagine that anything faster than a bike uh the drones probably going to have trouble, keeping up its pretty fast as far as its flying goes. But it seems like theres some lag in the signal as far as being able to compensate and lock onto the gps position. So i wouldnt put too much faith in this, but as far as basic movements, you can see its doing a fine job of keeping me at the right distance.

So as soon as i gave it some some input on the sticks, it it said exiting, follow, exiting gps follow mode. So now i have control again its no longer trying to follow me now, its just its just flying itself. Okay, so the next thing that i can do is the orbit function. Now that is going to be a a function where the drone flies around you in a circle. The best way to do that is wherever you hit this button, its going to record that as the center point of the circle that it flies. So if i wanted to fly an orbit around me, i want to get directly over my head. Put the camera down to myself im going to hit that button and its going to say starts around to gps mode. Now its going to back off a little bit ill. Show you guys that, can you see it so shes flying around me now cameras not pointing at me. I get up a little bit there. I am so now lets find a really close circle. Thats too close thats closer than i wanted to fly, but i can use my sticks to control where that orbit is so im going to pull back and back the drone away from me a little bit its continuing to fly its orbit im going to change my Camera position so its pointed back at me. I can change my altitude here too, so im going to come down a little bit to get that right perspective that i want.

I can go back further fly even further away and its just going to keep doing its orbit thing and its going to keep flying in that circle and its just going to keep doing that. So i have control over where its flying in that orbit and where its flying in that circle, but it stays in that mode until you hit that button again. So, no matter what input i give it its going to stay in that mode until i hit this button and itll say exits around gps mode, so you do have quite a bit of control as far as operating it, but its going to continue to maintain that Orbit around you, okay, next thing i want to show you guys. Is these different slide out functions here? There are digital joysticks. You can put those on. I havent gotten those to work and i think its because i always have the controller connected, but i think if i didnt have the controller connected, i could actually use those uh virtual joysticks and i might try that later. But you can use the virtual joysticks on here to control the drone without the controller. Again i havent messed with that much, but they are here every time i click on it. When i have the controller activated it automatically exits out of there. You could also start gps follow mode through the app. In addition to the button on the controller, you can use the app as well theres these different camera filters.

I havent messed with any of those um, but you can change the way. The camera looks the way. The video looks on the camera for editing purposes and stuff, like that uh then theres, the vr mode, the vr mode, just splits it down the middle into two separate uh screens with the same picture. So if you want to put it into a vr headset or something like that uh, you can do that as well uh. What i really wanted to show you was the waypoint uh theres. Also one more thing ill show you real quick is the camera angle. You can adjust the camera angle on. How do i exit out of filters? Get me out of filters. I dont want filters on anymore, okay, see a little slider that came on screen here. In addition to my rocker switch for the gimbal here, i can also change the cameras position with that slider on screen. So, if youre flying without the controller and using those those uh the app based controls, you can still control your camera function and stuff like that. With this on screen, slider im gon na go ahead and turn that off again, i dont want the cluttering up my viewpoint, but you get that and i can also activate orbit. Like i said in the app i wanted to show you waypoints real quick now. One thing that i another thing ive contacted ruco about is for some reason. My maps wont display, and i dont know if i have to download them through wi fi at home, or something like that.

Most of the flying that ive done has been at remote sites. Without actual wi fi, so i thought it would pull maps from my phone. It doesnt seem to have done that, so i dont have any kind of display on my phone as to like what my surroundings are. I have no reference point so thats. The only thing that i have is a complaint as far as this waypoint flying goes: um youll notice, the little um paper airplane, looking uh indicator on the screen, the little arrow, that is, the drones position and the blue dot with the orbit around it. The radius around it is my position, so what we can do to add waypoints is just click on this waypoint function. Here, im going to do the dots and im going to manually click, these different dots around me, okay. So that is the track that i want. The drone to fly im going to give a little bit of altitude and im going to get a little bit further away from that waypoint so that you can see it going to it. Okay, so the drone is over there and im going to want to fly up to waypoint 1.. So as soon as i press, this upload button its going to send that flight plan to the drone, and even though it doesnt say anything on the controller, it still says gps mode. The drone did start climbing to altitude and its flying over to waypoint one.

You can see the paper airplane. The arrow indicator on the drone did change now. The only problem that i found with this is, if i hit the sticks at all, it takes it out of that mode. So it will fly its waypoint. You can see its flying. The waypoint and i can control my camera still. I can move my camera up and down, but it repositions itself every time it gets to a new waypoint. So thats not really a big issue, its not a huge problem other than the fact that i cant point. The camera at me, so if i wanted to fly a circle or a star pattern around myself and point the camera at me, i dont have that control. I can move the camera up and down, but the drone is flying its its set path and any movement that i give it exits that flight plan mode. So i have full control again. It kicked it out of the flight plan mode, so youre kind of resigning yourself to a face forward. Camera angle, when you do the waypoints, maybe theres a way to fix that. If there is, i havent found it yet. As far as i know, though, thats the way it works, but if you did want to send it yourself on a video, you can use that orbit function that works great. But as far as flying like a box pattern or something like that, while youre aiming the camera, i dont know that thats an option youre pretty much just setting your way points and going with whatever its going to do, because i think it it automatically orientate orients Face forward as soon as it gets to the next waypoint okay, i want to show you the return to home functions, theres a low battery return to home function, but were not there yet.

Its still got plenty of battery left rucco advertises 25 minutes per battery pack. I will actually test the endurance indoors in a controlled environment, but for now ive gotten pretty consistently over 20 minute flights. With this thing, so im im pretty sure its going to be close to that 25 minute. Mark again, it makes a difference on how youre flying in the weather conditions its pretty windy today, so its probably going to get less flight time, but it has been pretty good now. The drone does have an automatic return to home function. So when the battery level gets low, the drones automatically going to come home to its its return to home waypoint, which is where it got its home location with all its gps satellites. So im going to get a little bit further away and show you some of the other functions that it has see im going to get closer to the ground, so you can see it climbed out. Okay, you heard that beeping thats because i tried to get too far away and im still in beginner mode, thats great its not going to. Let me fly outside that circle, so i came back within the boundary it wouldnt. Let me fly any further. The app said distance limited and it kept making that beeping sound, thats, basically saying hey youre too far away come back and i did and it stopped beeping. So as soon as i get past that boundary marker distance limited there, it is because im in gps mode now, if i dont want that, i can turn off that function.

I turned off beginner mode, and now it should. Let me go distance limited. Oh, you know what i turned it off, but i havent said it yet. I still set max distance, so im going to turn this up now, its not beeping, because i turned my distance up so now its not an issue anymore, but anyway again, if youre a beginner, you want to keep that beginner function on and just stick with that. Thatll, keep you out of trouble. Itll keep the drone in sight. You want to worry about getting so far away where you cant see it that guy does get really small really fast. Its a smaller drone, plus your wi fi wi fi transmission range, does go out before your um actual flight range, so youll still have control of the drone, but you wont be able to see what its doing thats, where your return to home functions come into play. All right, theres theres three ways to do this. I can use the on screen app button to hit return to home. If i hit this button here, its going to say return to home and land, i slide that it would start automatically returning to home and landing, or i can hit this button right here on the controller return to home, the lights start flashing, the controller, the drones Gaining altitude, the controllers beeping and its coming home its going to climb to a set altitude to get over any obstacles and its going to start making its way home.

All right im going to hit this button again to cancel that she said: stop returning home. You know why its still beeping there it goes okay, so i disabled it. Ive got full control again, theres one other thing i want to show you so ive got low battery return to home, which well see as soon as the battery dies. Theres. The automatic return to home function you hit this button or you hit it on screen. Whenever you get into trouble, youre disoriented, you dont know where youre at hit that button and the drones going to go up to altitude and and fly home. I do want to make a note here that there is no obstacle avoidance on this drone, so make sure youre not around trees or forests or towers or buildings. Anything like that, because the drones not going to know what its around it when it climbs to altitude and its just going to start making a beeline towards its home point. So, if theres any obstacles in its way its going to hit it so make sure youre flying in an open area with no obstructions, so thats your public service announcement for flying in a good location. Now. The other thing i wanted to show you is: it does have a remote uh transmitter loss return to home function, so i wouldnt normally do this, but i wanted to show you guys and demonstrate the function here, but if i turn this transmitter off ill still have Connection to the drone, through my camera, so ill still be able to see whats going on, and the drone should still be recording onboard video.

However, its going to automatically start returning to home. So i turn that off. I should get a notification up here, return to home gps mode. Now, as you can see, i can still see what the cameras seeing because my phone and the drone are still connected. However, i cant control anything because i turned off my controller, but the drone is returning to home, so it got to its altitude, its flying straight line in a fast track overhead and its starting to come down. So what im gon na do is im gon na turn. My controller back on lights are flashing, its initializing im gon na pull down like i did before and cancel return to home. Okay. So, as you can see, she was directly overhead, its probably easier to show you with this theres, my launchpad, so she was home and ready to come back with no controller, so thats a good thing um. I love that feature. I love that function. Ruco also does have a function that i havent tested because i havent needed to, but it does have a lost drone function where, if you actually lose your drone uh thats under this tab here, nope thats under calibrate, not sure where it is anyway thats. Neither here another were getting a low battery, pretty close its getting red, so im going to get away from us a little bit again just to demonstrate that, so you can see it come home on low battery and what im gon na do is flying around nice And lazy doesnt use that much battery, so im gon na get it to return to home for low battery just by going to high speed mode and just flying it fast there she goes okay, i gave it to juice and it was getting close so its automatically Going into low battery return to home mode, shes climbing altitude again shes going to start making her way directly over here once he reaches the right altitude height limited, so it got to its set altitude its coming back.

Now, if i let it it would come all the way to the ground. I dont want to do that because sometimes the gps does have some inaccuracy its not its, not perfect um. I think its like three meter accuracy with normal gps, so it might not land directly on the landing pad and its pretty sandy out here. So what im gon na do is when it gets close. Im gon na cancel im going to cancel my return to home. As soon as i do that it gives me a warning, it says: hey, youre, low battery, you dont want to do that. It wont its like well return to home and im going to say okay, its going to let me keep flying, but its going to keep that beeping going on. Just let me know like hey dummy time to land, so what i did is i switch it into low power mode. Nope dont want to call right now i switch it back into low power mode and im just going to control it all the way to the ground. I know its low. I dont want to fight it. I dont want to mess with that. So im going to get it over the landing pad and its not windy and drop it down and thats it. Okay, as you can see, i was able to fit quite a bit of things into that single flight and that single battery pack. I was able to cover a lot of stuff, but i was really curious to see how long it would fly for in a controlled environment with no wind all right.

What i did was. I took the u11 pro and set it up in my garage with the helipad and just hovered it in one spot, no wind, no control inputs or minimal. I just wanted to see how long it would fly for and hover, because advertising 25 minutes of flight time per battery pack. What i got was just shy of 24 minutes when the drone automatically landed itself so 24 minutes per battery pack, even though its not 25, like theyre saying, i still consider that a really close call or really well within the margin of error, so im pretty happy With 24 minutes, you can do a lot of flying in 24 minutes, so not bad for something this size and for what it can do. So, in addition to the battery duration, i also wanted to test the range testing the flight range for the 11. Pro is a little tricky. I live in an area where theres not a lot of open area and uncontrolled airspace, so i got to be really picky about. Where i fly now, i was able to find a straight strip of road that goes on for several miles. Where i can just drive in a straight line, so i went out with my friend bobby and because it was controlled airspace. I attached to a pole on the back of my truck and i had bobby drive in a straight line as i was operating the drone. Now, even though it wasnt flying it thought it was, i could rock it side to side and move it back and forth, and i was also getting a live.

Video feed and what i did was just had bobby driving a straight line until all the video dropped out or until the drone said returning home or bobby, saw that the drone wasnt being controlled anymore and it wasnt moving in the side to side rocking motion that I was doing so. What we found out was: i got 0.3 of a mile which was 1584 feet before the video dropped out, and the drone said that it was returning home now, considering that ruco is saying, 1 640 feet thats only 56 feet of difference. Thats really good, especially considering where i was flying a lot of signal, interference, a lot of congested neighborhood, i wasnt very high in altitude. The higher up. You go the better your straight line, line of sight, distance distances for communication, so the higher up you fly, the better. Your range should be so considering all those factors im really happy with the distance that we got. I absolutely believe ruko is right with their 1 640, so thats pretty good control range and, as you saw during the flight test portion of the video, when you turn off the controller, the drone does come back home so make sure you stay in gps mode. All right overall ive been really happy with the u11 pro. It flies great. Its got a long battery duration, its a really nimble, responsive flyer. It handles wind, well and its surprisingly, durable ill, get more to that in a second and its a really good overall drone and its good learning tool.

However, there were a few issues that i encountered that i wanted to bring to your guys attention so that you dont make the same mistakes that i made. The first thing i encountered was a map issue. You may have noticed during the beginning of the flight review portion of the video down in the lower corner that my maps werent actually loaded. I could see the drone position and i could see my phones position represented as gps dots, but there wasnt a map to give it any frame of reference as to where i actually was for the life of me. I couldnt figure out how to get these maps to work, so i reached out to ruco and they immediately responded thats. Another quick note, i should say is: if you have any trouble, please reach out to ruco theyre super helpful and super informative and theyve always been eager to help me, and a lot of you guys have commented that youve had the same experience so make sure you Reach out to ruco first with any problems, theyre a super great company as far as ive seen so far, okay. So to fix the map issue, ruco told me that you need to make sure your your phone is connected to wi fi and without connecting the drone leave the drone in the off position open up the app by itself, then click on enter device and enter camera View and thats going to bring up the app itself again the drones not connected if youre on wi fi its going to automatically load those maps up and that worked instantly for me as soon as i did that the maps loaded for some reason.

That was the fix. I dont know why i dont know what caused it, but that was the perfect fix and its worked fallacy ever since so hopefully thats helpful, if you guys cant get your maps to load all right, theres one more issue that i encountered. It was kind of a big deal and it did cause a crash, so i wanted to bring it to your attention now for flying the u11 pro indoors, its a slightly different process that you have to go through for setting it up. The u11 pro has a gps mode and normally outdoors its always connected to gps. In fact, i found out its impossible to turn off gps mode while youre outdoors, as long as it has satellite signal its going to use gps. I contacted ruco about this and they said yeah. If youre flying outdoors, you cant turn off gps, its going to default to that its not a big deal, its not a bad thing, because youre always going to have that control signal. For some reason, you lose contact with the drone its going to come back to your position, its home position, so you want to leave gps on most of the time since this one is designed for beginners its probably a good thing that you cant turn that off So just wanted to make a note. You cant turn off gps mode outdoors, so im flying indoors im doing my battery duration test. I have gps turned off now.

The u11 pro is equipped with whats called an optical flow sensor, thats a little tiny downward facing camera. That allows the drone to lock on to whats, underneath it and hold that position based on the changing picture. So it uses that to look to lock onto its position now when i took off it was flying really great and the optical sensor was moved was was working very well and it was holding its the drones position very well. It did slightly start to drift, so i wanted to use the trim function now. Thats. Another thing that the user manual mentions is the trim function. It actually has a manual trim control when youre in uh attitude mode, not gps mode. When youre in attitude mode with gps turned off, you can add, trim now theres. No physical trim buttons that you press in order to add trim like a normal controller. So, in order to do that, you press down on the left. Stick i dont know if you can hear that clicking, but you press on the left stick and then put control inputs based on which direction you want to go to compensate and itll put those in. As as trim inputs now, when i was testing this in the garage, the drone was holding its position, it started to drift ever so slightly, so i tried to put control and put in or trim control in to compensate for it. Well, when i press the button, i heard the beeps like it was putting control inputs in, but nothing actually happened.

So i tried it again in a different direction. Again, nothing happened. So i did it one more time and thought: well, maybe its either moving. So incrementally maybe i should do it longer, so i held it for a little bit longer. Ultimately, i decided that it wasnt working, so i just skipped over that part because the optical sensor was working pretty well. Well. All of a sudden, the drone started sporadically moving in different directions: im assuming it was correlating to the control inputs that i did and it was just extremely delayed. I got the drone to hover stably over the um helipad again, it was in a nice, stable, hover and then all of a sudden it just took off and headed straight for the garage door and smashed into the garage door. Now. This leads me into the second problem that i encountered once it hit the garage door. The drone hit underneath and one of these rotors was stuck underneath the garage door and stopped spinning. The other three were still spinning. The drone was in idle mode. I guess the the motors were spinning pretty slowly, but i wasnt able to turn it off. I held down on the controller for down throttle which is supposed to land the drone. I did the motor cut off control input where you you push both sticks down into the center. I couldnt get the motors to turn off now they werent spinning very fast. This was idling.

It wasnt that bad, so i was able to grab the drone. Take it and flip it over and as soon as i flipped it over the remote, the rotor stopped spinning. Now i reached out to ruco with this issue, and i asked them what was the problem? What they responded was if youre flying in attitude mode indoors with no gps, you have to rely on the optical flow sensor. They said they highly recommend. You dont use the trim function because, if youre trying to use the trim, while its using the optical flow sensor, its going to cause problems like it did for me, so they recommend, if youre flying indoors. Only if you notice some aggressive drift in some direction, which you shouldnt with the optical flow sensor, they really highly recommend that you dont use the trim function. I dont know why they would include it if they dont want you to use it. That seemed a little convoluted to me, but hope this is a cautionary tale for you, guys dont use the trim function if youre flying indoors. Also, i asked them. Is there an emergency off function, a lot of drones that ive flown have an emergency off button where you can actually hit emergency and it will just kill all the motors and and turn everything off? Unfortunately, the u11 pro does not have that um, because it is a beginner friendly drone. They said they didnt want somebody to accidentally hit the button, kill the motors while its in flight and have it crash, so they actually eliminated that function im a little disappointed in that.

I think that one comes in handy if the drone is headed in the direction that you dont want it to go and its headed somewhere, you dont want it to be, or its going to hurt somebody or its going to fly somewhere. You dont want to fly. I really like having the ability to manually press a button, even if i have to hold it for five seconds at least thats, that emergency control that i have to kill it and make sure it doesnt injure somebody or fly someplace. I dont want to go so this is a scenario where that would have really come in handy. It was stuck underneath the garage door, and i had no way of turning it off um. What ruko actually recommended is if its stuck somewhere and the motor is still spinning, you actually have to flip it upside down to kill those motors so thats, something im not too pleased about um. I wish that was slightly different with the u11 pro that could bite some of you guys that are first time, flyers and learning about this for the first time. So, just something i wanted to bring to your attention um as a as a possible issue that could that you could encounter so keep those things in mind if youre flying indoors. All right now something i wanted to mention about flying indoors is: i did test the indoor flight functions using only the phone without the controller.

Now, if youre, if youre, eliminating the controller and youre not using this, it is possible to bring up virtual sticks on your phone and actually use those virtual sticks to fly the drone completely independent of the controller. Now i tested that in the house, but theres a few things i wanted to mention about that as well. The u11 pro doesnt come with any kind of prop guards, even though this is a lighter drone, its not too heavy these. These rotors are spinning fast enough, and this drone is heavy enough to put a pretty hefty dent in the wall and drywall or to nick something or hit something or knock something off of the uh of a table. Its got enough mass to cause some damage. So, im a little disappointed that ruko didnt give you any kind of blade protectors, especially if theyre pitching this towards beginners and first time flyers – and this is a beginner friendly, drone im a little disappointed. They didnt give you anything to practice indoors with to keep your walls safe and keep the drone from getting damaged. Now i did test this function. I flew with the with the phone and the virtual sticks left the controller and connected it and flew it, and i got ta say it was terrifying um, even though it flew well, you get some definite lag with the app using those control inputs. You dont have any tactile sense to know how far youre moving a stick in different directions.

There was definitely some drift. I think the optical sensor didnt work that well even the manual says to that certain environments. Um, the optical flow does not work as well, because it cant the camera. Cant distinguish different features, so if theres, nothing for it to lock onto it, doesnt know how to hold its position. I found that flying indoors on the hardwood floors. The drone was not holding its position and when i try to compensate with the virtual sticks, i had no idea how much i was moving. The sticks um, so the drone was kind of twitchy. There was some lag. It took a second to respond, so i was a little bit behind on all the controls and again with the mass of this drone and as as quickly as these rotors are spinning. I was definitely afraid i was going to cause some problems. Dont tell my wife: crisis was averted, nothing happened, but it definitely could have so please be careful if youre flying this indoors. I would highly recommend you always use the controller. Dont rely on the app if youre outside you can fly with the app um. That should be perfectly fine. You have a lot more freedom and control, but if youre flying indoors definitely use the controller and just be careful im going to wrap this video up with a couple final thoughts on the u11 pro overall im very happy with this drone. Its compact portable, it folds up nicely.

You can fly it without the controller, so you dont need to carry that with you. If youre, if youre slipping in your pocket and going somewhere, you can actually use your phone to fly it its durable these arms fold up in a crash like it did when i crashed it in the garage and i was able to pop them back out recalibrate. It and take back off so its really durable. It holds up well its got good wind resistance, real quick advertises that – and i can verify that i flew on some windy days and it held this position really well. Gps works great on it. Every time i tested a safety feature like turning off the controller or low battery, it always returned to home and did a great job of coming back. So i have confidence that the gps and the safety features there work well a couple things i didnt like i dont want the fact that it still doesnt have a safety feature uh for an emergency shut off thats, an important thing to me even for new beginners. I feel like its important if youre getting a pickle and youre not too far off the ground, you should have some kind of ability to just shut off the drone and and save it. I understand it could cause some problems if youre high up in the air. I understand the the issues that it could cause, but i think its got more benefits um that outweigh the potential downsides and the risks um.

I dont love the fact that the trim function doesnt work. I dont know why they would include that if they dont want to use it, so that was a downside as well, but overall this is a good flyer, its a good thing to practice on a good thing to learn how to fly a drone. If this is your first, one id highly recommend the u11 pro just keep those things in mind that i warned you about youre going to have a lot of fun with this thing, all right, thats all i have for this review so im going to bring this One to a close real, quick though i wanted to say thanks to ruco, for letting me do another review on the u11 pro i wanted to mention. Their customer service has been top notch. Everything that ive heard about ruco and everything ive experienced working with them has been fantastic uh. Some of you guys have even commented on the f11 gim that your drone flew away and you got a brand new one from ruco, because something was wrong with it or you thought something was wrong with it. So they stand behind their products.