You want to see the review unboxing and what it looks like to fly this cool new drone, so heres what were going to do first im going to fly it then im going to come back, give you the review and then, if youre still interested in well, Do the whole unboxing talk about it in detail all right? How about we throw it up in the air lets go fly it: Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, now, okay, here it is the roku u11 pro i just got finished flying it. You saw that you. I obviously youre still here so youre curious about it. So this is a very interesting review. I have to share with you its kind of like a little bit of a mix thing. I really love the way its put together, the way its so light, its so nice, its so efficient. So the controller feels a little flimsy as an example. I was a little nervous about my phone because it was definitely moving around a little bit on the fpv mount on there, but never fell out worked perfectly the whole time. So its just like a little bit of a uncomfortable kind of a feel. Then its a little bit the same thing even like the camera. The camera is outstanding. The image quality is great, its a little flatter than i would choose color wise, but the image definitely great, but at the same time theres no image stabilization whatsoever.

So if youre moving the drone at all that image is moving around too i mean you saw that i hope we didnt get anybody sick with that. It was definitely moving around a little bit um and then other features that follow me worked great. The return to home worked great and then my one last thing that wasnt so perfect. For me, the battery life was definitely a little lower than uh predicted and expected again. Not the end of the world flew around had a great time, just wasnt, quite as much flight time as i had anticipated. So overall, i have to give this a full 3.5. I dont know how i do that on 3.5 on the doug score for really meeting expectations, a couple things which were a little below couple things which were way above, like the image quality, the follow me. I really really like to follow me anyway. Lots of good things about it. I hope that was helpful. Youre still here, so yall want to see that unboxing lets go to that unboxing all right. You watch the flight. You watch the review youre still here. You want to see what it comes with and heres. Some of the details about it so lets do that lets unbox it and talk about some of the features of it. This is very exciting. Youve already seen it fly. This is my first time laying eyes on it, and this is a cool drone.

This is a full 4k drone, no jokes, no holds barred full 4k. The remote is a 5 megahertz remote, which means youre gon na get lots and lots of distance and accuracy with it check that out comes in a cool case. That is a really nice case, especially if your traveler like me, it is so nice that it comes with its own case. You put it in there and you can go and you dont have to worry about it, getting crushed in your luggage that kind of stuff. Okay, first off instruction manuals, i always recommend, read the manual it separates, struggling and trying to figure out controls the first time you fly it and having a perfect fun time. Your first time out, each drone is a little different. So you need to know how yours specifically works. Read it no matter how much you think you know that is cool. Looking im not going to show you the drone, yet whos got a noisy dog. I have a noisy dog, okay, a couple drone basics that it does come with comes with extra blades comes with some basic tools for repairing things, couple little hardware for the blades. If you have to replace them and comes with two chargers for the batteries which it comes with two batteries, each with about a 26 minute life lets, take a look at it. Thats almost like an hour that you could fly it lets see what we got here.

If you want to fly your drone using fpv, this attachment goes on to the controller to provide you that fpv view okay. So the drone comes with two 1900 milliamp composite batteries, which are chargeable with the usb cables that come with it. I will complain a little bit. They should come with the wall plug, they just come with the cables, but in any case you will get by with that ooh look its got a little power see you can see, it has a nice little indicator, so you know how much juice is in the Battery well, i almost feel like putting it up in the air right now. Oh yeah thats right, you already saw me, fly it so that wouldnt be so fun all right lets. Take a look at that controller. Here is the controller. There are your common features, your you know, your sticks to control it. You got a button for the camera for starting video. Obviously you have the attachment for the fpv. You have a speed adjustment. We have a return to home. A follow me feature and a uh turn on the gps turn off the gps. All the common features that you expect to find on here, thats perfect its a little uh ive kind of gotten used to having a little bit of a screen on mine but uh. Nonetheless, when youre using the fpv, you dont need any of that information anyway, because its all going to be on your phone all right.

I know youve been waiting for this here. It is. This is the drone itself, and this is a cool. Looking little drone check. This thing out, oh, it is super light. I can tell you and even with the battery in it it is very light. Let me take the battery out so yeah, so thats what it looks like lets unfold its wings, a couple things that im sure you want to know it has brushless motors, which means they are both quieter and more energy efficient. So you get more time flying additionally theyre a little less prone to break if you should crash for some reason see its got a cover here for the camera, so it has a micro sd card slot. But just so you know, and you know what to expect it doesnt record 4k on the inboard card. It records the 4k through the app on your phone just so you know where to look for your 4k footage, its not going to be on this memory card, but how cool is that? I think that thing is awesome. Im, assuming you enjoyed seeing it fly im assuming you approved my review, which is why youre still here so all i can say is. I hope that was helpful.