Welcome. I appreciate you stopping by remember, hit that subscribe and that notify button for me, so you dont miss any of my upcoming videos and while youre down there, what the hell hit the like button too. Why not? Today i got a good one, for you were going to check out rukos newest drone, its their u11 pro its an upgraded version of the u11. They went ahead and they put brushless motors on this bad boy, so its 100 better than the u11. In my opinion, not a bad price: uh 220 bucks theres a 40 off coupon right now, clickable coupon on amazon, so you can get it for right around 180 plus tax. In my opinion, this is a really great starter. Gps drone, if youre just getting into drones. Learning how to fly or even using it as a practice drone just to get some fly time in, because you can actually take this one out of gps mode and with the optical flow sensor, optical flow sensor on the bottom. You can fly it inside its, not too big, either its foldable ive flown it in my house. Its really easy to do its actually kind of fun lets go unbox. It check it all out, well see what it comes with im, going to show you how to set it all up. Its really simple to do then were going to put this sucker in the air and were going to see just what he can do so lets go, get started Music, dude out of his box and well check them all out and see what we get with it.

This is the box, it comes in its super glossy uh, so theres, probably a glare. I apologize if there is a glare again. I dont have all that professional youtube, lighting and equipment. So bear with me here, but this is the box. It is the rooko u11 pro on the side. Here you have a couple of the features it does on this side. You have 14 and up only im kidding thats what it says, and then you have your qr codes for your rooko app and then on the back. You have your warnings and all that other good stuff back there lets get this thing out of the box. Long nails they work here we go one big, huge ziploc sandwich bag. Save that recycle it pack your lunch in it. When you go fly your drone, you have something to keep it in. Ah kidding all right lets open this bad boy up here we go get rid of that because we dont need it wow its a really nice case. I, like the case this is pretty cool case, its a cloth case, its a hard case, so its probably form fitted on the inside. You got your ruko logo there on the top dual zippers and one handy dandy handle so very cool feels very well made. I like it, it feels durable, lets open it up and see what we got here. While these zippers are really tight, probably because theyre brand new here we go here, we go right off.

The bat looks like we have ourselves here: a quick start guide. U11. Pro quick start guide again your qr codes for the app and then inside. You have your. What do we have here? Your flight outdoor guide, your common use and problem solutions. This pretty much up top just shows you and tells you how to calibrate it in how to pair the controller to the drone and then on the back side. Here it looks like we have tells you everything you need to know about the controller. What all the buttons do so cool little quick start guide. Then you have your disclaimer and safety guidelines and all this is really guys just your safety precautions when charging the battery. When youre flying the drone, so pretty cool, you usually dont see a separate uh manual with the disclaimer and safety guidelines and its usually right in the manual so thats pretty neat. Then the holy grail of the drone, a little sticker on there from somewhere dont know where that came from anyway, the user manual. You guys know what i always say and im going to say it again, because i cannot stress it enough. You guys dont get the drone charge batteries and put it up in the air and fly it before you read your manual live it learn. It know it dont, be a drone dummy. Its pretty thick looks like its about 30 pages and what the hell is that it looks like we get a bookmark with it lets see.

What is that a calibration instruction strip so again how to pair the controller to the drone and then how to calibrate it? Thats, pretty cool ive, never seen one of those before we dont need that right now, its really well illustrated its detailed the manual. It just tells you everything you need to know about the drone right down to the technical information on the back page great looking manual. Get that out of here and get our little bookmark over there. Are you ready for it here? It goes Music cool, it is form fitted case thats awesome. So this must be the battery it doesnt feel like oh nope. This might be our goodie box lets see what we have in here: theres the battery no thats, not the battery well thats, our cell phone holder, so it looks like this is just going to clip on to the controller, somehow well figure that out in a minute, Then we have, what do we got here, one usb or micro, usb cable. This does take the bigger of the two connectors im, not dont. Remember the names offhand so um but ill show you real, quick, its just its the bigger one uh on on the newer samsung phones and that they have these this bigger. I think they call it a usb uh, a mini usb or something like that. But anyway, thats the charging cable. This is probably for the controller and the battery, so im gon na get that out of my way.

Then we have here we go. What do we got here? So we have looks like yep one full set of replacement propellers and then here it feels what is oh heres, the screwdriver and your extra screws for your spare propellers. So they just thought of everything cool. Now we have our controller, so we have a little another. Little quick start guide on top of the controller ive, never seen this before either. This is pretty cool, so it tells you when the drone goes out of range. It will make a bb beep noise um. It does have the fail safe. So if it does get too far and you lose the connection, it will come home by itself as well, but this will probably beep and warn you that hey youve gone a little too far and tells you what the joysticks and all that do, but were gon Na get into that here right now, so pretty simple layout on the controller, you got four buttons here on the bottom, your power button. This looks like it is your auto takeoff and land. Did i say that right nope? That is the return to home button. So if i could see it better without the glare, i would have saw that so anyway, we have our antennas on the top and lets see. Do we have a wire in here? I see a wire over here and i do not see a wire on this side so again, its one true antenna and one fake copycat just to balance it out.

So you dont have just like one antenna sticking up, but you can do it that way. If you want so cool and then we have on the top here, this is your charger. It is a rechargeable controller, its a 1200 mah 3.7 volt lipo battery. It takes a two and a half roughly two and a half hours to charge it. I dont know how long it lasts, uh being a 1200 mah battery im. Guessing you probably get close to two hours of usage out of it um this particular model only came with one battery, so if i use the battery and then plug the controller in right after i fly it and charge the battery, it probably wont take. But a few minutes for it to completely charge up. So if you have two batteries, itll probably take a little bit longer. So what else we have on the top here? So we have our camera button our photo button and you can do these in the app too and ill show you that when we get into uh the setup part of the video, this is your controller on your camera up and down 90 degrees to zero degrees. Then you have your joists: oh, these joysticks feel really good wow yeah, these feel nice. I cant wait to try this out so again. You know you have your up and down your forward and backwards are all left all right and then this will spin.

The drone left or right so this button here is your gps mode. If you long press this button, it will take the drone out of gps mode. So you can fly the drone indoors as well cool your auto takeoff and your auto land, and this is something ive never seen on a controller before this is actually the follow me button, usually thats in the app, but they have put it on the controller. Somehow that is pretty damn cool. I imagine you tap that and the drone will go into the follow me mode function, your speed, your high and low. I believe this is a three speed drone. If i remember right, so you just tap it each time and it should make the beeps um well do it here in a few minutes when we get it all set up, but i, like the feel of this, this isnt pretty feels pretty good. I wish they would have had grip sticks on the bottom. That would have made it nice too, but it doesnt feel bad. It fits really well in my hand, lets get this thing on here and see what we got here so im guessing it just pops right on the top here, yeah it does. Here we go there. It goes so we have our cell phone holder, and so it doesnt extend a whole lot, but it does look like my note. 20 ultra will fit in here out of the otterbox case, so ill more than likely have to take it out of the case.

It doesnt look like its going to be quite big enough to uh put the phone in there in the case, so very cool thats the controller. Let me move some of this stuff because were going to get the star of our show out of here. Im going to move this case out of the way to you guys and lets see lets before we open him up. Lets get the battery out here. It looks like oh theres a little protector in here, so if youre mashing that battery and you cant get it to connect, this little thing is right up in here. It almost blends in where you cant even see it so make sure you take that protector out, but if youre gon na store your battery in your drone, this is a great thing to keep in here. It will keep the battery from making a connection, and you wont accidentally having it turn on or draining the battery before you get to fly it so were gon na. Do the battery here next guys. So this is the battery again. It only came with one battery. I wish this one would have come with two, but it only came with one. This is also where your power button for your drone. Is you just press this, and you can see here it comes on. We have a fully charged battery. These lights will fade um. Each one will go down as the drone as the battery drains, so that is cool.

It is a 1900 mah, 7.6 volt drone engine. It takes three hours to charge this bad boy up. Uh charge it with a 5 volt 2 amp to 3 amp charger is what the book says on this one. You get 25 minutes of flight time and honestly youre, probably only going to get about 20. Maybe 21 minutes out of it after setup and all that other stuff, and that does depend on the wind and what speed youre flying it in if youre in speed, three youre, not gon na get that youll probably get right at 19 to 20 minutes. Out of the battery so lets turn it off here and you just long press it they go down its off lets open this bad boy up so lets see here, looks like we got to do the front arms first, then the back arms so front, and then The back, while they lock into place pretty darn good. I like it theres, almost like two little snaps and then you feel it pop into the final one. So thats cool its pretty light. It weighs 9.82 ounces, so 278 grams. You do have to register this drone. It is over the the minimum weight for not registering it, so you do have to register it with the faa, its not a hard process if youve already registered you dont have to worry about it. Just put your number on this drone and youre good to go.

I will put the link for it down in the description, so you can click on it, go right to it, its five bucks and you can register as many drones as you want, and i will even put a link where you can get some custom made stickers That you can just slap on here somewhere, and it has your number on it. Theyre really cool all right, so lets go ahead and slide the battery in first and it just kind of slides right in like this and locks right into place boom its in there. It actually adds a little more weight to this bad guy. When you put the battery in it theres two little buttons here, you just squeeze them to pull your battery out, put it in Music. So lets take this off. This is our camera cover. There is no gimbal on the camera, it looks like it might have some shock absorbers in there, but there is no gimbal, so your pictures arent going to be or your video is not going to be uh. How do i say it not real? It wont, be, it wont, be real shaky but youre going to have some shake in it depending on the wind speed when youre out there flying so. The camera is a 4k uhd, its 90 degree adjustable by the remote control, which is really cool. Your pictures are three 3840 by 2160 to the sd card and the mobile phone, your videos.

On the other hand, they are 2048 by 1152p, and that is 25 frames per second, and that is to the sd card. If you do not put the sd card in which it goes right here and you want to use a 32 uh, it holds up to a 32 gigabyte sd card um. I would recommend a class 10 u3 or higher it, its probably one of the best ones, to record the 4k or at least that higher resolution of video. If you dont have the sd card in here, your photos are going to be stored on your phone or your videos on your phone at 720p, the fpv view through the app and ill show you that later is also in 720p, its really not bad its actually Pretty clear for 720p but thats what you get on your fpv view: thats the app the screen on the app where youre, seeing what the drone is seeing through the camera so and remember that sd card needs to be formatted in the 32, the fat32 format. So here it looks like we have a little piece of plastic. I did not see that on there oh cool. This is nothing its just an added cosmetic feature to the drone. They even mention this in the description on amazon that their designer came up with this mirrored finish on the top. It actually is pretty cool, so i did tell you and im didnt get to it yet, but im getting into it now i did tell you that they made a major upgrade to this drone from the u11 to the u11 pro, and that is this right here.

Brushless motors, i dont, understand why any drone nowadays thats gps, at least doesnt – have brushless motors, but they upgraded this one to brushless, awesome, more power, more stability, higher wind resistance and theyll last a hell of a lot longer than a brushed motor, so pretty darn cool. So the range on this drone is 500 meters or what 1 640 feet and the fpv is exactly that as well, so thats cool you can get the fpv just as far at 16, 1640 feet very cool. It does say its a level: five wind resistance, the weight that im feeling on this im, not gon na, say its level five im guessing. You may get a level three, possibly a level four out of it. Um, it may handle level five, but its gon na be really hard to control and its probably gon na kill that battery really really quick. It does have three speeds: its uh. The low speed is actually three meters, a second which is 6.7 miles per hour, which is pretty damn cool. Speed. 2 is 13.4 miles an hour and then in speed 3 17.8 miles an hour thats pretty damn quick for this type of a drone. So really really cool, so we have a battery in the back. I showed you before your battery is your power button and you just turn it on and there you have. It makes that beautiful theme song everything comes on. It does have an optical flow sensor right here on the bottom and thats for the altitude and to fly it indoors, so thats really cool that has that in there these are just vents to keep it cool.

One thing i like about this drone and ill show you that once we go through the setup, when you turn it on, you can see these lights. Blinking like they are now they were blinking, quick because i had it upside down theyre blinking. Now, because its waiting for me to connect the controller and to do that, you just turn it on and then down on the left joystick its connected. Now these are going to keep blinking, because once you do that this drone actually defaults right to the calibration stage. Very cool im not going to do it now. Well, do it in the setup because im going to have to show it to you then anyway, but i thought it was really cool that you cant do anything else until you calibrate the drone, which is a really cool, fail, safe feature because you cant fly the Drone, if you dont, calibrate it its not safe to do it in gps mode anyway, but hey they defaulted it to it. I like that option, thats pretty cool theres, our u11 pro. I see we get this little dude set up well check out the app and everything else. Then we can get them up in the air and see what this guy can actually do. Okay, guys lets get this u11 pro set up, so we can get it outside. Im really excited to put this thing in the air and see how good it flies.

So the first thing were going to do is turn the drone on just flip it upside down and press the power button until it makes that beautiful theme song there. It goes, these will all be solidly lit, yellow uh when your battery is fully charged. You can see here. I dont have a fully charged battery im, going to take a shot at it here and just say that each one of these goes away every 25 increments. The battery dies, so i guess dont quote me on that. I dont know for sure, but you saw there, the lights were blinking really quick thats, because i have the drone upside down. So now we got to connect the drone and the controller so lets get them paired. Its really easy to do just turn. Your controller on you can see here all these lights, blink really quick. The front ones on here are blinking red and youre gon na. Take your left, joystick and just push it down until it beeps, and there you go. We are paired so other than the in flight fail. Safe features on this drone, another good reason or another reason why i really feel this is a great starter. Gps drone for someone just getting into it. You can see these front lights are blinking red thats because it defaults to the compass calibration mode. So unless you take it out of gps, you have to calibrate it first before you can do anything else with the drone.

The motors wont unlock none of that good stuff, so really cool feature, so lets go ahead and get a calibrate. Its really easy to do make sure youre on a flat level surface, and the first thing were going to do is were going to turn the drone in this position. Clockwise counterclockwise doesnt matter, which way you go two full rotations and the controller will be to let you know that phase of the compass calibration is complete. So here we go theres one coming around to two theres two: now you can see the backlight here is blinking. Green so now its ready for the other phase of the compass calibration now youre going to take the drone and youre going to hold it upright like this again, it does not matter camera up camera down or which way you go just two full turns here. We go and the controller will beep again to let you know its done and then our lights will start blinking in unison, red red, green red red green were calibrated. Now we have to do the gyros very simple, to do youre going to take your right, joystick here and youre, going to push it down to the lower right until it beeps and then let it go. You can see. These are blinking really really really fast. Now, theyre back to blinking in order youre completely calibrated compass and gyros are good to go so the next thing we need to do now is we need to hook the drones wi fi signal up to our cell phone.

I get questions all the time. People ask me if i need an internet connection to fly the drone i dont have internet. Can i still fly the drone. You do not need an internet connection to fly the drone. You simply just need something that can connect to a wi fi signal. The drone emits its own wi, fi signal and thats. What youre going to connect to you can see it here at beeping and now my lights are solid, so we are actually in gps mode. Now, gps mode is actually bound and connected to a gps satellite signal. It is strong enough that it connected inside my house, which is very impressive already, so the receiver in here for the the satellite signals is actually really decent. I usually dont get a signal in my house, okay anyway enough of that. So again, no internet youre just connecting to the wi fi. If you have a cell phone laying around that doesnt have a cell provider on it and it works, and it can connect to a wi fi signal. You could absolutely use that as your drone phone. That sounds pretty cool drone phone. You can use it as your drone phone. Absolutely it will work as long as it connects to a wi fi signal. All thats doing is sending information from the drone to the app and your video feed to the screen of your app thats. All you need it for so lets, go ahead and get it connected and youre going to go ahead and go to wherever your wi fi settings are on your phone or your tablet.

Whatever youre, using under your available networks, youll see right here, it pops up ruko dash u11 pro dash a bunch of numbers. I dont know if theyre all the same, but anyway thats what it will look like youre going to tap on it its going to connect. You may get a pop up the first couple times you do it telling youre connected with uh no internet thats. Fine again you dont need internet. It may ask you if you want to keep the wi fi signal or switch to cellular data. Keep the wi fi signal were going to hit done were going to get out of here. Now we are connected to the drones, wi fi signal, so next were going to open up the app and take a look at the app im not going to go into real detail on the app because there is actually a really decent uh. Little mini guide in in the app itself that shows you what everything on the app does. There are, however, a couple of features: it doesnt tell you about, and theyre actually really useful features. So im going to point those out to you, then were going to take this little dude and put him up in the air and put him through the test and see what he can do so go download. If you havent already download the ruco, did i say that right, ruko rokus, the tv right. I always mix those two up too close of a name, the ruco gps app.

They have a couple different ones, just make sure its this one. You can see. I put the icon on the screen, so you know what it looks like and itll say: ruco gps were going to open our app there. We go. You can see here at the bottom. It says we are connected, you have the blue go to fly or go fly, it does use this for the u11 pro and the u11. You can see there to let you tap whichever one you want, but when youre connected it already knows which drone youre using you can see there, it flips back. So you cant change. It itll go right back to this one. So down here button the button down here thats your drone button that takes you back to this screen when youre in these other features, you have your album open that up. Of course, it shows your pictures, your videos and whatever is on your sd card. We dont nothing on it right now hit drone. It takes you back next. Here is the help link open this really cool heres. The guide i was telling you about that, shows you everything thats on the app and what it does so. Its really well laid out and easy to read and understand so were going to hit drone go back out of here. Oh i didnt want to do that. Your flight record. This will show you every single flight. You do with the drone.

Itll give you the date. You flew it the mileage, it went how far it went, the height that it went and your duration of the flight. So this is really cool, because you can actually get a really good sense of how much how many minutes youre actually getting out of these batteries. Well, hit back get out of here find drone. When you tap this im, not going to do it, it will open up a google maps. This will help you find the drone if you crash it somewhere uh, for whatever reason it falls out of the sky. You crash it for whatever reason and the drone lands. This will show you where the drone was last detected from with the controller and the app so wherever the last signal was that was sent back to your controller. This is where itll be its not going to be precise, but it will get you within about. I want to say two to three meters of where the drone crashed or landed at so its a good starting point. Youre gon na have to do some looking, but you should be able to find it with with two three meters away. Next is the quick operation. This is just like that. Little card we had when we unboxed it, it tells you the controller, some quick start. Troubleshooting things all the other good stuff thats. All of that now were going to go into the app and check it out, and you want to hit the go fly button and it will rotate your screen youll see that here in a second, it doesnt stay in this uh, what they call it portrait mode.

Itll turn to landscape, so go fly here. We go there, we are. We are now connected. You can see here. You do have a video feed, so very cool all right. So lets go over this really quick and then well get this little dude outside and get him up in the air up top here. This is your prompts and warning indicator its red now because its looking for a gps signal, if it finds it again while were in the house, this will turn blue and itll stay ready to fly. Itll also tell you, when youre in the bonus features that this thing does, when you return to home, when the battery is low. Another really cool feature on this app. She talks to you and it will tell you: oh there you go see there, it turned ready to fly were good to go says we are connected to wow nine satellites indoors, thats, pretty good dont. Let that fool you guys. Dont fly the drone indoors gps mode. It youre going to lose the signal and if you do that, and it doesnt get the signal back right away its going to go into return to home mode and its going to shoot right up to that height and its probably going to crash into your ceiling And im sure your wife doesnt want a pair of drone arms sticking out of the ceiling or a big hole there so always fly in attitude mode when youre indoors and im going to show you that now because she talks to you and its super cool ill.

Take it out of gps mode, so you can hear, but shell also tell you, when the drone is returning to home. Shell say return to home. Shell. Tell you a low voltage when your battery is is to a point where you need to bring it back home or its too low, so lets just take it out of gps mode here, and you can hear her talk attitude mode. Super cool, i dont know why. I know its crazy, but i absolutely love that feature on this app well long. Press, the satellite button on the controller again, gps mode, put us right back into gps mode, so were good to go. Everything else on the front face here of the app is pretty self explanatory over. Here you have your auto takeoff and land. You have your return to home when you hit these a prompt will come up and its going to want you to confirm it. So youll have to slide it over. I guess i can do it. I dont think it will fly up in the air return to home. If i do but ill hit return to home it may not do it okay, so it wont do it anyway. It will pop up a little screen in the middle and itll. Want you to confirm thats what you want the drone to do this little arrow. This is where your little, i call them bonus features. Are you have joysticks when youre in attitude mode? You can tap this and these joysticks will pop up.

So you can fly the drone with just the app. If you wanted, you dont necessarily need to hold the controller. You could just hold your phone and fly it around indoors or outdoors. You can fly it outside in attitude mode. You just wont have the fail. Safe features will not work. Next. Is your gps follow that locks onto your gps signal from your cell phone and if you walk around or ride a skateboard, your bike, whatever the drones camera will lock on to the phone and it will follow you wherever you go just remember, there is no obstacle Avoidance so make sure youre in an open area or youre going to crash into something. What its doing now is what is called a standby mode, its going to keep doing this for probably about three minutes, and then the drone is going to shut off the controller. Will do the same thing? It wont beep, but it will shut off after if you dont do anything with it for a few minutes. So im going to take it out of gps mode attitude, mode and im going to unlock the motors and pull the drone and make it think were doing something. So i can get a few more minutes out of it before it shuts off, and the motors unlocked you can hear this drone is really quiet. I was absolutely impressed with how quiet this drone was so there they go. They shut up on their own or you can do the joysticks again to shut them off.

If you dont want to, let it do it, let them do it on their own. So here you have your filters. This just changes different dynamics on the camera cartoon mode. Whatever mode that is thats kind of weird looking, then you have a spear mode. This is a really cool feature to use. If you take that camera and point it all the way down the ground and then shoot the drone straight up in the air, it makes a really great camera effect thats one of my favorite ones, to do all right. So we got those out there turn that off. Next is your vr mode. Yes, you can absolutely fly this drone with vr goggles. You dont need a special pair of goggles to do it just to pair your phone will fit in and tap this and it splits. The screen and its really super cool its almost like youre sitting in the cockpit of the drone and youre flying it. I love the vr option, its so cool well go out of here. Next, here is your waypoint. When you tap this, it will open up a map and your ill. Do it theres one of the prompts see right there. Okay, it says were not connected, but we are, i think, let me move the camera and see yeah were still connected so anyway, it probably wont do it, because we dont have a gps signal when you tap this its going to open up a map its.

What i call the cartoon map you can change it to satellite view, which i do, because you can see everything, trees and all that stuff in that area. You can literally put little pins all through the app on the map, tap it wherever you want, and the drone will actually fly from point one, two, three: four in order that you put them and where you put them until it gets to the last point. Uh again, no obstacle avoidance so make sure you absolutely know where the points are going, so it doesnt. You dont have one here and then over here you have one but theres a tree in the middle. If youre not high enough its going to crash into that tree, so just double check, you have the room. You need to do that next, one orbit mode. This is the point of interest or circle fly. Some people call it um. If you have like a tree or car or yourself or whatever, and you want to get a circular, video recording of it just hit that and the drone goes up, i want to say its about 15 feet and then itll back up a couple of probably a Foot or two, or even three from where you have the drone and then it will just start making a complete circle with the camera facing in the whole time. So you could stand in the middle and it will just do a circular recording of you in the middle, pretty cool uh video feature next one here.

This is your camera angle. You can actually control the camera angle with the slider to me kind of a wasted bit of space, its just to me its really easier just to do it with the wheel on the controller. But if youre in attitude mode and youre flying with the joysticks on the screen, i guess that would make sense to have the camera slider there. So you can do it. It looks like it may get in a way it make might get in the way of those that right controller, though um theyre pretty decent size anyway. Thats. Your bonus features guys lets get out of here over here. My camera slider is still on, oh because i didnt turn it off all right this little circle down here. This is your drone and it actually shows you which way its facing. This is a little compass. You can see the end. There says north the tip of that red triangle is the front of your drone. You can see here if i turn it its turning as well. This really comes in handy if the drones too far away and youre, not sure which way its facing you are in the middle at all times, so you can see here im behind the drone and it is act showing that im behind it anyway, if youre in The air and you dont know which way the drone is facing and you dont want to hit the return to home feature to bring it back to you.

Um or you cant see it. This really helps you determine which way the drone is facing. So its really cool to have that on here on the bottom here: real quick! This is your distance. You have your height, your vertical speed and your distance speed, so your distance is how far away the drone is from you, your height, how high it is vertical speed, how fast its going forward or backwards, and then your or your vertical speed is up and down. Sorry, your distance speed is forward and backwards and for some reason, its probably because i dont have a gps signal. Its telling me that this damn drone is about 15 feet away from me, but yet its right here so again, no gps signal, thats. Probably why its doing it all the way on the right, your gallery, your camera and your video camera. I love that it has a button for each. I have a couple drones where you have to tap a button to switch it from camera to video camera. So and here you just take a picture here – you can start recording and then, if you go to your album, which i wouldnt recommend doing while youre in flight so im not sure why they put that there. But you can see here theres the picture we took. The video we recorded all right so out of here real quick, come on there. We go okay right here. Above all, that is your sd card.

I do not have one in the drone, yet i just got it so i have not put one in there. Remember up to a 32 gig, u10 class 3 fat32 format, otherwise your videos are going to be saved in your phone and to this album on the controller in 720p. So its a big difference to have the sd card in here. This will tell you how big the card is, how much room you have left on it up top. You have your satellite, you can see here. It says it theres. It says its picking up nine satellites, but its not connected and thats, probably because im indoors, i like this one. This will turn white this little satellite when youre connected, and this will turn green, as you saw earlier. I like that. It tells me the number of satellites that i have. I have a general rule of thumb. If i have anything less than six satellites, i dont use gps mode because chances are youre going to lose the connection easier. I always like to do it six or more. Next is your controller battery level? You can see the bars there. Those will fade as your charger or your controller battery dies. Then you have your drones battery level and this will turn yellow where it is now and when you get to, i believe its like 40. It will turn red now when you get to about 20 percent. Its gon na put it in the return to home feature its one of the fail safes that will trigger it and its going to want to bring the drone home.

It will pop up and ask you to confirm thats what you want it to do. If you dont want it to do that, just cancel it and the drone will stay out there. But just remember if you dont have enough battery to make it back home from where its at its going to land wherever it is, and i think its when the battery gets right to about 10 to 8 to 10 percent. Its gon na do an auto land. Okay, anyway, all thats on that one little guy. This is what i really wanted to show you these three dots. So if you tap these, it opens up your parameters when you first get the drone its going to default to beginner mode, and it will let you go about 98 feet away 66 feet high and 66 feet return to home height great for starting out. The drone wont go too high too far away from you, so its really a cool feature once youre comfortable with the drone turn it off, then you can take these sliders and you can move them all the way up or wherever you want them to go and That will control the distance. The drone will go. So if you dont want to go all the way you could put it 700 feet, it wont go any further than that. Your return to home remember your return to home height has to be the same or lower than your max altitude height or wont do it.

I usually keep mine right about at 110 feet ish. I know that way. It will clear everything out where i fly it, because when it, when you hit the return to home the drones going to lift up to the height you have set here and then its going to come home. So just always keep that in mind so thats that next is the drone were gon na tap on that ill. Show you this okay, sorry, talking too much! I needed a drink. This is the footprint or the stats of your drone in total, so its going to show you your visited origins. So if you start in california – and you apply the drone over to hawaii or china, it will show you im kidding. It wont go that damn far the max amount of mileage you have on the drone, the max altitude, the drone is gone. This wont be a combined total. This is actually the highest. The drone has ever went same with the max mileage thats, the furthest. The drone has ever gone your max speed, the fastest its ever gone, cool, simple, stuff right all right, so next were gon na go. Let me get this out of the way, calibrate and ill show you this again real quick. I know we already calibrated, but you can do it in the app as well. The first one it says: acc calibrate thats the gyro calibration. If you tap it youll see the lights, will blink really quick thats? The gyro calibration then were going to do compass and when you do it through the app it actually pops up here, you can see there.

It shows you which way to turn the drone you dont have to go in the direction its telling you to go, but it shows you how to hold it its got this little, please stay away from metal electrical device, sources and electricity, because that can mess up The actual compass calibration so were calibrated again real, quick here and well turn it, and we should have one more ready there. We go didnt go quite far enough. Now you can see that picture has changed and its telling you to hold the drone upright. This one shows the camera down, but again it really does not matter which way you hold the drone camera up camera down again, two full turns there we go thatll go away now were calibrated again, all right. So back in here really quick. You can see these three dots are still highlighted, theres more, yes, theres, more tap it again. This brings you into other settings. This is where you can change your meters from meters per second to metric kilometers per second, i keep mine in inches of miles per hour. This is what youll see on the app when youre looking at your distance itll be in feet. Instead of meters, your speed will be in miles per hour instead of meters per second or kilometers per second a whole hell of a lot easier to do it. That way than trying to to multiply the 3.28 or whatever it is by the meter to see how many feet you are, oh, were going to standby mode again, the one under thats track.

If you turn that off, it wont track where the drone is gone or where its going so you wont get your stats. Next is the prompt thats, the one where it shows you ready to fly waiting for gps? Those wont be up there. Itll still do it, but you just wont see them the bottom. One voice prompts that is this lady right here, gps mode, oh, were in gps mode, but were in attitude mode attitude mode whatever anyway unlock them real quick. So that thing shuts up for a minute. So if you turn that off, you wont hear she wont talk to you, i leave it on because i absolutely think its one of the best features of the app. So i just leave it on its really really cool out of here out of here back thats. The app were calibrated were good to go, were going to take it outside, were going to get our satellite signal and were going to put this dude in the air and were going to see just what it can do so lets head outside guys. Okay, guys here we go were going to launch the rooko u11 pro and check it out and see what we can do im going to go ahead and launch it with the one key take off button on the app you see that pops up, you got to Confirm it with the slider here we go flying wow. That was one of the smoothest takeoffs ive ever seen with a drone, and he goes right there and he just stays right there im going to hit record as well, so you guys can see the record.

You can hear the difference with the brushless motors what a difference it makes on this drone. So let me fly them around a little bit here were in speed, one so ill tell you what well get them out from under the tree here first and then ill pop him up in the air and well take him up high and give you guys a Look at the neighborhood, oh here we go, wow hes, really quiet. I cant even hear it thats crazy. So right there were only at 67 68 feet and ill turn him around. Well, he turns really quick. I hear him a little bit now. Wow thats awesome. All right were gon na bring it back down wow. This drone is super quiet. You guys, i dont think ive heard a drone. Quite this quiet before the controls are really responsive, theres, no delay in it whatsoever. That is awesome. So what im gon na do now is im gon na take him down the street and ill go through the speeds for you. He does have three speeds, so let me take him down here and ill turn him around. So here we go. This is going to be speed, one wow – that is a really comfortable speed great for video. That is awesome. All right were going to turn him around. He stops on a dime too, that is great. Im gon na hit the speed button theres the two beeps now hes in speed, two lets see what he does here.

We go a little faster Music, not bad. Quite a bit of speed difference. I cant wait to see speed three here we go speed. Three gon na let this car go under him. First shes, looking up at like dont. Let it hit me all right here we go speed. Three for another car comes ready, speed, three whoa wow, speed 3 is really fast. Thats awesome that is really cool. Speed. 3. Is really fast, thats fun? You can hear im gon na bring them closer to me, because i have the mic on, but listen to how quiet this thing really is im really impressed by how quiet it is. You got your forward and youre backward and then ill. Ah, im left and right, you can see it well, go right, well, go left and i like how he just levels out and its a nice level. Ah so hes not tilted sideways the whole time that is, cool, really really responsive. I, like it so im gon na bring over here and because ive never seen this before on a drone im going to go ahead and put them over here and were going to hit. This follow me mode that is actually on the controller. Instead of being on the app and were going to see what happens so here we go all right: im, gon na start, walking across the street and well see. If he follows me, Music, its working, you can see im not doing it and hes.

Actually, following me, thats really cool. To have this feature on the controller you dont have to look down at the app to do it i mean granted. You can see how hes hovering right there. You have plenty of time to do whatever you want great drone. This thing is super easy to fly now. Hes backing up trying to find me again lets take him out of it and there he goes. He goes out of it. That is really super cool, so there are some features in the app im, not sure if i have room to do them here, all right, so theres an orbit mode and he is going up and now hes going to circle around. I dont know if hes going to hit anything but Music there he goes Music. I dont know what hes doing all right, hes corrected himself, so theres his orbit mode. So on this one, it didnt allow me to pick or or change the radius of the orbit. So i guess you pretty much would have to get them up to the object. You want to circle and circle them around. You can see there. You can do the camera as youre doing it Music. So lets go ahead and end that one Music and then you can adjust the camera angle, so thats pretty cool guys im going to take them down the street and put them up in the air some more for you. Let me turn them around and well take them for one last spin, i, like the controls, they are really responsive, thats awesome, so lets get them up, see how far down the street we can get them to go.

We should just about be clear of the trees. Maybe so here we go now that speed one. I really like the speed of speed, one, its very comfortable, its, not intimidating its not going too fast to control the camera. You can tilt it as youre flying which is really cool. If you look at that little pop up screen, you can see, i dont have my sd card in, but the video on the fpv is really clear and hes still cruising were at about 250 feet away. So were gon na come back. You can see there hes rocking a little bit with that little bit of breeze. I dont have much wind at all today, so it was a perfect day to do this overall im impressed, he flies really easy. Theres no delay in the controls whatsoever. I love the way he took off. That was awesome. That was the smoothest takeoff ive ever had not a fan of the waypoint. I cant figure that one out yet but im sure i will, but you can see there is no shock absorber or any kind of image stabilization in the camera. So really the only big upgrade to call this. The u11 pro would be just the brushless motors there. Really isnt anything else: thats been upgraded same battery same body, all that good stuff, and i like how he levels out once he gets to the speed hes supposed to go, he bends, but then he just levels right out comfortable.

All right so lets try the return to home real quick. While we still have some battery and ill bring him down the street here a little bit. Oh, look at that hes just rocking thats me doing that! Not him all right! So we got a truck coming. Were gon na go ahead and let him go by first and then im gon na hit return to home im, not gon na. Let him land all the way because hell hit the tree, but were gon na see if he responds and he does it. So here we go were gon na, do return to home im gon na hit the uh return to home on the app. So here we go, it wants you to confirm it. Here we go now hes going to go up to the height ive set for him to come home. You can hear the remote control is beeping away and as soon as he gets over here, so i can see here on the distance in the height he is coming closer back to home. He comes really slow, now hes turning there. He goes. He stopped right over from where he took off and now hes going to come down and hes going to hit the tree hes. Turning coming down, stop returning home wow. That is really cool. It worked. I should have let him go all the way, but i have that tree there and i knew he was going to run into that tree because i took off kind of under that branch.

Super cool ill, bring him over spin around a little bit. You guys can get a good look at him and ill just arm in a circle and ill stop him. Once i get him facing the camera again a little bit, and then you guys can see how smooth the camera adjusts on it. Theres my camera man and even on the screen down there in the lower right, you can see its a nice smooth transition up and down so not bad Music. All right, im gon na hit the one key land on the controller, this time and well land him and see how it works. So here we go. Oh nope all right im going to hit it on the controller. I think that actually puts him into an orbit mode. There so well see, but here we go, and here it goes ill confirm it down. Lets see how much how good the landing is its straight to the ground. So he clunks down not bad im impressed im. Gon na go wrap this video up and ill give you guys my final thoughts, okay, guys. My final thought on rukos u11, pro big upgrade with the brushless motors. Naturally, that was just a game changer on this drone. The u11 has the brushed motors. So this one youre gon na get a hell of a lot more flight time out of it. It has more power in it, and the motors are going to last.

You a lot longer, so you cant even really compare the two its like apples and oranges. The brushless motors great improvement to this drone overall, i was going to do four stars, but im going to give it five only because i was really impressed with the takeoff speed. It was super slow and it didnt shoot way up in the air. So it really is perfect if youre just starting out and its not intimidating. So that was a great point on the drone, the camera and not so much ive seen better cameras, its really kind of shaky but youre not getting it for professional videos or photos. Fpv. You can see where youre going that definitely worked. The three speeds were cool couldnt, get the trajectory flight to work, but thats, probably my fault.