This is the ruco f11 gym 2, which, just if you look at stat sheet, this thing has got a lot going on so heres. What were going to do in the video first thing im going to do is im going to take you to the fun flying because thats what everybody wants to see what it looks like in the air, what kind of images it creates and then were going to Come back im going to give you the doug score from one to five. Let you know what i think of it, whether it was good or not good, and i will tell you in all fairness. It was provided to me, but with no rules. So i will happily tell you: it is only a one if this thing stays and then im going to come back if youre still interested ill show you the full unboxing of what it comes with talk about the features. All those amazing features i was talking about earlier in the video all right lets: go fly Music, so Music, so Music, Music, okay, wow crazy day, so im here, standing outside its dark, i got some cool shots of the sunset which im sure you saw. This was such an interesting drone to fly some quirky things, some good things. It was definitely good in the wind like it was supposed to be. I saw a little bit of digitalizing in the video and that kind of stuff which you know at this price level.

For 4k thats about what youre going to expect, but my big secret, which i said i was going to share with you, is so initially when i started to fly and decide where we were going to go down by the beach and that kind of stuff. I happen to know from my djis that that area, a little down the block from where you saw it fly, is actually in one of those. No fly zones for an airport now, obviously were only flying 50 feet up in the air, but with the dji, its like ng wont even take off this guy took off now it happens to be, we took off and then nikki found a better splat down the Beach, which is where we ended up and where you saw that video and thats in a regular fly zone, but what a discovery if you needed to be able to fly, maybe on private property, but where its a no fly zone or something like that. You could definitely do it with this, because this, while it does geofence it will limit you to it, will limit you to 400 feet, which is just what the faa wants, and it will limit you in distance to really pretty much visual rules, which is pretty much All in line with what the faa wants, but if youre in a no fly zone it will still go up in the air which is a cool plus. If you want to be a little naughty or you have a legit reason, why you know, if youre only going to fly 20 feet over your pool in your friends backyard and its a no fly zone, its up to you, its a no no to do.

But its up to you, if you want to do it anyway, thats a cool thing about this. I thought – and i was happy to share that with you, happy to discover that i am going to give this drone a four out of five hang out. Stop the review for one. Second, i have to tell you of all the drones ive flown, including the dji drones and every other drone ive flown. This drone and the software is the best for calibrating the compass every time you turn it on. It says calibrated its got great digital view on your phone of the calibration quick, easy every time, excellent, okay, just for that im gon na promote it to a five out of five on the doug square. Okay, i hope that was helpful. Hey lets go! Do that unboxing? All right you saw it fly. You saw my review. Obviously youre still interested lets, unbox it and see what it comes with and talk about some of its features. This is always a little weird, because youve already seen it youve already seen it fly. Im seeing it for the very first time, so this is all kind of a little extra exciting for me when i get to do the unboxing, so okay, so ruco their products. This is the second one that ive tested out and i love that they come in. These really fancy nice cases. I think its really big, because for me i generally take my drones when we travel and um it is really nice to have it its own case to bring it in.

So you dont have to worry about it in the luggage and that kind of stuff. So a couple things that you, you should know is dual axis: stabilize the camera, which is again great for having that nice smooth video that you want to get from your drone. Whew that thing is cool. Looking check that out put it the right way. There check that out. That is a nice looking case right and it is 4k. The camera is 4k, which is obviously really good quality. The drone has brushless motors and what does brushless motors mean to you? It means number one. They are quieter, they are more efficient, so you get more power for less energy use, so a longer flight time, and then also they are just plain old, less noisy, which is really nice. Okay. So lets start with some of the side stuff, which is a little less so lets start with some of the side stuff, which isnt quite as much fun, comes with extra blades, which is a good thing that these things all should come with. Extra blades comes with charging cables, which is important and finally, another set of charging cables. I like that, you can charge both batteries at the same time, because it comes with two batteries which i think is really nice that you dont have to go out and buy an extra battery to really be able to utilize. It here is the owners manual. Please please please read that it will make a big difference in terms of your first experience.

All these drones are just a little subtly different and just five minutes in there, and it just makes the whole process much nicer and easier to do here is what the battery is. It comes nicely packaged and its a its a nice looking battery the battery is pretty heavy again. This is the first time im looking at this um, so lets take a look see what this battery is like. You can see the one on the drone itself. Okay, so heres what the battery looks like im, always a fan lets see when you press down the button. I dont know if you can see on the video or not it lights up, so you can see how much power it has. So you know before you pick it up to go its got three bars of power, thats, pretty good out of four. Let me turn it off. I think thats a great feature that they have that on the batteries lets look at the remote. Oh, the remote is pretty hefty this by hefty, i mean big. It is like a not i like that, because its easier for me to manipulate and hold in my hand and work with. Obviously it has the holder for the fpv two antennas, your normal controls. Here, a blade, stop emergency, stop power for the remote return to home uh, you got the gimbal controls, click to start a video click to start a photo, and then i like these handles these handles are always really nice.

Just i mean it seems like a little thing, but it just makes using everything much more comfortable, much easier. Those of us who uh have djis and always look at this and were like. Oh, i should put the phone here, but no the phone goes here. These you just used to hold it very cool and then lets get to the magic piece that that you want to see there. It is for the first time i got ta say overall, with a pretty hefty battery, which is still on for some reason. There we go pretty hefty battery overall, it is not a very heavy drone. This thing is cool. Looking, obviously, the blades are pretty. These are pretty serious size. Blades everything folds out comes with a nice protective cover for the camera, while youre, storing it and moving it. Overall, this thing is really nice quality piece i mean look at what it comes with. It comes with the batteries, the drone, a really nice big. I really like this remote um. You know better than i did whether it flew good or not, and what the images look like. I hope this was helpful.