M2. 4K camera draw. First of all, i really want to thank ruko for sending this out to me, so i can try it out and give them some of my feedback, and i can tell you ive, had an absolute pleasure flying this little drone its been great. It captures beautiful video and captures wonderful photos. The takeoff weight on this guy is 562 grams, so you will have to register it in the us if youre gon na fly it one of the wonderful things about this drone is it has a beginner mode, which means it will limit the distance and height and Distance away from the controller that it will fly so that you can get used to flying the drone before you turn that off and you can just go into the settings very easily and turn off the beginner mode and then set everything like your return to home Altitude in all of those different settings very easily, you also have a two axis gimbal on the camera and in body stabilization, so the in body stabilization actually takes up for that. Third axis that you dont have on this particular camera and it works like. I said extremely well ive gotten plenty of great video out of it. It comes with a nice case, two batteries for 28 minute flight time, two usbc charging cables, so you can charge both batteries at the same time, a full set of extra props, an instruction manual, quick start guide and a disclaimer and safety guidelines document and, while youre Taking time to get used to flying the ruco f11 gim2 drone, i suggest that you read through the entire user manual, but always take the quick start guide in the case out with you.

When you go to fly because you want to reference it, so you can get used to all of the steps that are required in order to get this guy in the air and fly safely. Ive had a fantastic time getting out and really flying learning how to use this drone in in flight world truly hope. This video helps you in some way. If it does, let me know down in the comments section below id love to hear from you and ask your questions, so i can answer them for you.