So, first of all, just have a look at the box. Its got this really nice kind of like a metallic pearlescent finish to it, so lets open it up and see. Whats inside so were greeted with this really nice carry case of protective case that already comes with. The drone feels quite hard wearing its got a nice finish like material to it, and the zips themselves are covered. So when you open it up inside, there is a protective sponge layer over the top. Youve then got a zip compartment, which has got usual stuff in, like a user manual, a few warnings inside weve got a couple of charging cables which will be for the battery of the drone and also for the controller itself. This product for the price actually comes with two batteries, which is really cool and they actually last quite a long time. I will go through the user manuals because you know what ill actually show you later on in this video: how to set up the drone and get flying. So first of all lets take the drone out and have a little look at it first off. It actually feels and looks really nice its got like a sort of a satin finish to the plastic. If that makes sense, it does feel quite weighty and durable, and it comes packaged. Nice and safe lets have a little quick look at the controller, which first glances are really really nice.

I actually think in a weird way that this is actually nicer than my mavic 2, its quite cool, how the actual spare battery in the box comes in this little section that slots into the case itself, so everythings, really nice and protected so im, just showing you That this is the spare battery that you do get with the drone in this box, its actually quite cool to keep the battery in the box in the actual case, because it keeps it nice and snug in there. But obviously you know you could probably get rid of that box. The batteries illuminate with these nice blue leds again very counter intuitive. You know if youve used a lot of drones before then. This is the sort of thing you expect so back to the drone itself. So they come with these little like cardboard. Paper covers just to keep the props not from sort of moving in transit. Obviously you can remove them once youve got the drone and youre flying it just bin them, but the props fold out really nice. They have a nice kind of clunky, feel nice and safe to kind of lock into position. Youve got various like warnings on there, which you can just peel off like about the gimbal protector, its nice, that it comes with that very easy to take off and then the camera itself, which actually looks really nice with it. Having the multi axis gimbal. Just like a lot of the high end drones, you know im really excited to actually try this out and see what it is like to get nice footage.

It does state its 4k and now ive seen the footage actually after flying, i can actually say that the quality of the footage is really good. Batteries just come out with a simple sort of pressing two buttons and pulling it out and then slots in and clicks in really nice and again just to fold the props away. I always do the bottom ones first and then the top ones and, as you can see it folds in really nice into a nice comfortable, manageable size back to the controller. What i love is how nice and compact it is, but then everything folds out so youve got the actual phone holder there, which just flips out towards the top and then youve got the two arms that come down theyre, obviously just actually for you to have more Of a comfortable grip on the controller youve got the usual protectors on there, which are always satisfying to take off and leaves you with this really high gloss, piano finish, which just looks so premium and high quality, and it even feels its not cheap plastic youve got Nice textured areas, youve got the high gloss its a really nice controller. The joysticks also feel really nice and grippy and safe to use. So next thing is to get outside ill show you how to set up the drone safely, get flying and see what the footage and the live feed is like right. Okay, so were outside lets.

Get this ruco drone set up and go for a fly, see what see what its like to fly see. What the features are like so lets take this little gimbal protector off, which is cool, that it comes with as well nice and easy, because sometimes these things can be quite hard to actually take off now. What im going to do is i will do a screen. Recording so that you can see sort of everything that i see and what were going to do is going to go to the ruco app and well go to you: click on controls to ensure safe, etc, etc. Start dont need to watch your safety video so unfold. The arms done that remove the gimbal done that long press on the drone, not sure if you heard that, but basically theres a nice little jingly jimmy chime just to let you know that its been turned on lets go to next unfold. The antennas lets do that unfold, the phone holder, the dirt and fold the handles and long press on the transmitter. I didnt actually need to long press it just press it on so its saying connecting and its saying it can take about 40 seconds. So lets just get my phone mounted and actually one thing straight away to point out. Is i love this phone holder? It is so nice to use its very similar to the old sort of way of, say, dji phantoms. This is how you used to use it, so you controller sort of down here with your buttons, and then you had your phone mounted up there, whereas the new, more conventional way with a lot of drones is the phone goes here at the bottom.

Actually, its nicer to look up, but anyway right so weve done that lets go to next. So now it says we need to enter the wi fi wi fi not connected lets, find our ruco connection. Here we go ruko gim2 tap for options. Now. Do this because its saying basically it hasnt got a connection. Itll disconnect you, so you want to say yes that you want to stay connected, lets open the drone app back up again, so weve connected weve done that so now weve got to rotate the drone in that direction. It just did a little beep. Do it this way, and then we heard two beeps, so that confirms that its done move the left and the right joysticks is saying to the one oclock 11 oclock sorry and one oclock positions for gyroscopic calibration lets. Try that check gps signal set the flight parameters. Push the left and joysticks to the five oclock and the seven oclock, and there we go. The props have started up im going to fly just right now. Lets just go to ok, and here we have the live feed, so the top right i dont know if you can see that, but it says 29 of the props have just stopped, probably because i havent taken off thats a cool actually safety feature. It does that. So if you notice you havent done anything itll automatically, stop thats cool, it says its ready to fly. Uh weve got gps mode.

Weve got a good strength and yep at the top right. Youve got your memory card, which you can format so and youve also got buttons here. Youve got your zoom in and out youve got the angle of the gimbal, the camera. You can take pictures and you can record so im just going to click record which hopefully you should see on screen now, but im going to put as the main background now. It wont be my point of view: itll actually be the um recording from the actual drone itself, as well as the screen recording. So you can see what its like so ive just started. The props again lets get up and have a fly right, so i just wanted to actually show you is a little bit windy today. It does cope with light winds, but when its heavy winds, the drone isnt very good in heavy winds, but i wouldnt recommend that, with with any drone really that is keeping nice and smooth really really happy with that. That is really good. So it looks like its been calibrated correctly lets go up and have a little fly just to see what its like to actually fly. First, so the footage wont look great, but im just going to manually watch the drone, and i just want to see what its like to fly. Music flies, really nice really smooth yeah. That is really cool. Now, actually, one thing to point out on this drone uh.

It might be good to show you actually sort of quite close to me, but if i click this little button bottom left and the screen, the first one is camera mode which, if im go fully back, look at that and fully forward or the wind is going In that direction, so its probably helping the drone lets actually do it this direction. So now, if i click this button again its gone to normal mode, which yeah i can already tell that that is all yeah that is definitely faster so now lets click it again and its in sport mode, which is not much faster than normal mode, got. Ta admit its not massively faster than normal mode, maybe a tiny bit, but what well do is ill, probably just keep it in lets. Try and just keep it in normal mode lets say all right lets go up and just again have a nice little bit of a fly around its quite a nice shot that looking over the bare tree into the fields, so ive gone to a height there of 90 feet its quite responsive, just pitching the camera down a little bit. Look at this field lets go out to the field, its flying, really nice and smooth over towards the river lets gain a bit of height, that is nice. That was quite a nice little cinematic shot just burned back around to me. That is nice, that the live feed is awesome.

Live feed is, i would honestly say just as good as my three times more expensive, dji mavic. That is a really really good live feed. Honestly, i think for the price point that is excellent, really happy with that. I mean im not sure if it is, but it looks hd to me. Oh i just had a train mean this is the perfect time to use the zoom and again look at that. Ive zoomed into the train in the distance thats cool youre, not gon na get cinematic footage from it, but look look at how far away it zoomed and again look at that. That is really cool. So what im going to do now is actually lets. Try the return to home feature so lets fly the drone. You know a good little chunk away from me. First, so were 200 feet up and weve got quite a bit of a distance right lets. Try the return to home confirm return. Oh, the wind has picked up. I can feel it hitting me lets see how well it copes so because ive got the perimeter set, i think, to full height that the drone is actually climbing. First, thats fine ill just fast forward that so the drone went to a full height whoa. It sped right over towards myself, so the drone went to that height because ive set it in the parameters at the top. Just of everything i had maxed out, but actually in reality i dont need it to be that high whats interesting is, i think it has.

I think, its just reoriented itself. Its just turned around to be in the direction that i actually took off from, which is cool. So i think its re pointing back in that direction. And if you look at the distance, its hovering around like theyre 2.6 to 3 feet away from myself and the height is dropping, lets just see exactly whereabouts. It comes to okay. I can see thats right above me, so im just going to cancel that for now and now what i think im gon na do is lets try a couple of the other features. All right lets, try weve got loads of different features here. Root roots lets. Try the root one. Now, let me just change this to satellite. Just so i can see where it isnt going. One lets: do it just in front of the pavilion: well go down the field sort of middle of the field and then back again slide to start lets. Click back on my live feed cool! Look at it its flying in the direction that ive set it to. So i dont actually have to do anything. So if you actually just want to have a nice straight set route, you know all you can do is i think i can control the gimbal. Let me just see if i tilt it up. Yeah there we go, the gimbal is just tilted up tilt it back down again a little bit and its actually following the route that i have set out.

How cool is that looking its turning there, we go and it should be going towards the middle of the field. I can see it there, so it should be going over. These pylons just pass this center pile on, and then it should be turning back round and coming here. That is really cool. That is a nice feature to have. Do you know what theres actually a feature that you know you do get in your higher end drones and its just nice something nice to have. You know you dont have to do the flying as long as you use the satellite make sure youre safe with your surroundings, with your heights and whatnot and uh yeah. Just let the drone do the thing it can do. That is very cool right lets. Do image follow star right, so im gon na have to bring this down now lets bring this down. Lets get it closer to me and there i am so lets draw a little box ive drawn a box. Is it going to follow me its following me? That is cool, lets, try and outrun. It nope lets, try and confuse it. Can it keep going? Can you keep going? Can you keep going? Can you keep going? It is thats, really cool, i mean dont, you know granted im not like perfectly in the center of the shot, but you know if i was maybe to go and have a a good run off into the distance or something on some fields or whatnot or on A bike then yeah, it would follow me that is cool all right.

We can turn that off and youve got various other things here. Youve got filter zoom, which ive shown you music im, not too sure what that is vr. So obviously, if youve got a headset, it looks like you can do it with that, and the lens angle just means you can see um the actual angle of the lens itself. Yeah ive, got to admit that is very. Very cool. Drone lets get a nice good. Close up of it Applause, Music, that is the ruko f11 gim2 yeah. I can honestly say that is a really good drone for the price point honestly, but yeah. The thing with this drone is what i feel like is its like a in between drone. So you know because its the 500 pound mark its not a cheap drone in regards to you know you can get beginner drones that are quite cheap lets, just say like a hundred pounds but theyre the type that you know youre not going to be too bothered About, if you do, you know, crush it and um. You know: youve learned some of your skills on like sort of how to fly a drone, but the quality is terrible and the live feed is bad, only goes about 250 feet. So then, this one it looks like it can actually go quite far out. The live feed is really good. It handles itself really well. I was very happy with that. I would say in stronger winds, its not going to be as good as a higher price point.

Drone i mean you can actually see by looking at it. You know its, not very aerodynamically designed you know. Youve got some really flat faces here, whereas obviously ones like my more expensive, mavic granted is three times. The price of this has a much more sort of slipstream look about it, but even with there is actually quite a bit of a light winds here today, im not too sure what the max speed is, but you know its safe to fly. But there is some winds and it has coped quite well with that, but anything stronger than some sort of light winds. I think you are going to struggle with it. I did come out the other day when it was very, very windy and yeah. It was very hard for it to fight against those winds, but granted it was quite strong and you shouldnt really fly in those winds. The controller honestly feels great in my hands its just like using a dji product, and i know me and my channel. I do associate a lot of the drones i test with dji, just because it is my favorite drone but, as i said, the price point of that drone is for pure cinematography, its not a toy. You know it is for producing proper cinematic videos its three times. The price of this, but this actually feels just as good. If anything, i actually think it looks a bit nicer and i actually prefer this.

I prefer having the screen above the controller. I just think its a bit more counter intuitive to have the controller in my hands and look up rather than having to tilt and look down a screen and away from potentially where the drone is in the distance. If im holding the control like this, i can just sort of you know. Now and again i can look into the distance and see the drone, whereas im looking down here, i know it maybe doesnt feel like a big difference, but actually honestly having it up here. Does feel really really nice, it does look and feel quite of a quality product. I like how it isnt like a battery charging one. You do charge it via a cable via the usb. Just like you would, with any other high end drones. The gimbal seems to work very well. It seemed completely stable when i was up in the air. It didnt once have any kind of little crazy mechanical issue where it might have glitched and messed about, but no it didnt. It seemed to work very, very well. The only downside from it is when you do tilt it completely down, so what i mean is it doesnt, go 90 degrees looking completely down flat. So you know if you are looking for shots like that, then youve got to bear that in mind that this doesnt go one like completely 90 degrees. But apart from that, i would honestly say for a dji user.

I can honestly say that that gimbal seemed to perform very well via the live feed anyway, so ill leave the video there. Everyone look. If you are interested in getting this drone, then i can honestly highly recommend it. I think for the price point of 500 pounds, it is worth it its a very good drone for somewhere between a beginner and someone wanting to produce full cinematic footage. You want something that flies well, its got a multi axis, gimbal its got good battery life, its got a very good controller, its got great live feeds. You know theres a lot of good stuff going for this thing.