Here i have my ipad set to the wi fi section of the settings now ill go ahead and power on the quadcopter Music. Okay, so lets wait for a little while and see if the drones wi fi network appears on the wi fi section of the settings. Okay, so you will see that the drones wi fi network will never appear no matter how long you wait now ill go ahead and turn on the remote control. Now you can also turn on the remote controller first and then the quadcopter second as well, and it will take about 20 seconds for the self calibration process, and then it will connect to the remote controller. Now, once they are connected, the wi fi network of the drone will now appear, and you can now connect to the root code. Gim wi fi network on your phone very soon wait until the bar on the right turns on there you go, and here you go. Ruko gim wi fi network just appeared so ill go ahead and connect to it. There you go connected, so the phone or the device that you are using in this case. My ipad is actually actually being connected to the remote controller and not directly to the quadcopter. All right so im going to go ahead and turn off the remote controller and the wi fi network connection will be lost because it will no longer exist. Okay, remote controller is turned off, lets wait for a little bit and it will automatically disconnect there.

You go it disconnected and it is nowhere to be found. So this is that enhanced video transmitter or the relay transmission system thats inside of the remote controller that they are talking about that allows this quadcopter to reach three kilometer in distance and have the three kilometer in fpv video as well all right guys. So here we go with the flight test, lets power on the quadcopter and power up. The remote control now were gon na have to wait until it finally connects. In the meantime, im gon na go ahead and start up my phone, not my phone but my ipad and go into the settings and get it ready in the wi fi section of your settings. So nothing will appear until it gets connected. So lets go ahead and wait so dont freak out if youre trying to connect – and it takes a long time it takes a little while now it is connected. I see the bars on the right side and i should see the wi fi network up here and it is automatically being connected from a previous connection. Ruko gin, wi fi network, all right its connected, and here is the app and make sure you choose f11 im going to go ahead and screen record. So you guys can see what im talking about three two one and there you go screen. Recording all right lets. Go into the controls and it slowly phases in there. You go phase then so before you do anything at all, you want to go into the settings and make sure everything is correct here so parameters.

I want to turn off the beginner mode and i want to increase the maximum distance. 3. 000 meters flight altitude, 120 meters return altitude im going to just leave it at default, which is 20 meters and hit save set successfully. It says all right so lets get back out oops. Let me go ahead and show you guys also here. It shows you some of the mileage and altitude and all that you can also track your quadcopter of its last position, so you can find it which is really nice as well. Just in case, you lose your quadcopter and you can adjust the pan tilt and zoom, and you can also change metric to inches and that stuff as well. All right lets go ahead and check this thing out. Oh yeah lets do some roll tilt and look at that. The two axis gimbal is working all right. So the very first thing you want to do when everything is connected is to calibrate the compass, and this is a gps quadcopter, so youre going to have to do this every single time. You fly all right to do that both sticks to the top, and in will initiate the compass calibration. There you go and the light in the rear is pink and it is blinking and in the app it tells you to spin it horizontally and it should send out a single beat once this is done, horizontal rotation. There you go. I heard a slight horizon: uh beep, coming from the remote control and its telling me to do the nose down vertical rotation.

Now the pink light on the rear is solid. Okay, double beep is heard, and the light in the front is solid as well, and the app is telling you it has finished gps. Satellite signal is weak, it says all right, so the next thing you want to do is calibrate the gyros and thatll also calibrate the two axis gimbal. So both sticks to the top and out lights are blinking and it is solid and i think the two axis gimbal automatically calibrates – you dont, really need to do the gyro calibration to do the two axis gimbal, but i have found while flying and i land and The two axis gimbal is kind of crooked. I do the gyro calibration and it straightens it out as well, so it automatically calibrates it, but you can calibrate it again with the gyro calibration all right, so we are good to go. You can arm the motors. Both sticks to the bottom and in and then manually take off, or you can even use the one key to take off and slide on the phone app as well. First things first lets take some photos, see how the photos come out. Lets see here im using the hard remote. You can also take photos with the app okay. It takes a little while to download it is downloading a 4k photo there. You go one more here, so, whether youre downloading it into the app or you got a micro sd card, it will still take a while and it will take 4k photos and there you go one more here and it is still downloading there you go lets.

Take one more so thats the behavior of the photo all right, weve done that now im going to go ahead and take a video there, we go all right. What im going to do is im going to leave my ipad on this table yeah. I got a second table like that. All right so lets just kind of wedge it right here, so it is staying still lets go ahead and check out the quadcopter, so both six at the bottom and in arms, the motors and then im gon na just manually. Take off here there you go holding position and it has acquired all of the necessary gps, because all of the lights are solid. If they are blinking, then its still acquiring the necessary gps. So if you take off at that time, you will not have gps positioning like it does now, and look at that. Let me go ahead and yaw. Oh nice, with gps position, hold it yaws in place Music. Very nice now lets check out the position hold Music, get it angry. All right goes right back all right, so you can turn gps on and off by long pressing the speed control button. So let me go ahead and long press it by default. Gps mode is on now, ive turned gps off and it says addy mode, so it is drifting now as you can see, and because it does not have an optical flow sensor. It just continues to drift, which is kind of cool when youre taking cinematic videos.

Let it just drift so its a moving video and youre not doing anything its just drifting. That should be pretty cool all right. Okay, so let me go ahead and fly it. I believe by default. It starts in speed number two, which is called the normal mode. So that is the behavior in speed number two and if i let go itll just plateau off and just glide until the breeze takes it and the breeze is taking it or the trim. So you can trim this thing. I believe somehow im not sure it is slightly drifting because of the slight breeze look at that very nice huh. Okay, im gon na go to speed number three sport mode, and this is still in addie mode, were not in gps mode. So you wan na fly. It around without gps position. You can do that with this quadcopter in mid flight in the air you dont have to land it to change, to non gps mode, the addi mode and back to gps mode. So let go and look at that comes to a hover and the breeze is slightly taking it very nice. Okay, im gon na go ahead and hit the speed changing button. Once again, now we got gps mode and look at that. It is holding its position very nice lets start off in speed number one, which is called the camera mode, so that is speed number one in camera mode, im gon na go sit down and check out the video.

Oh yeah. Look at that nice and smooth. You can take some nice smooth videos, so the two axis gimbal is just holding its position. Horizon is level. It does not roll when you roll or turn okay im gon na, let go of the sticks and come to a hover. I see a little bit too much sky, so im gon na tilt the camera down a little bit. You can also do this on the app as well, so you can actually tilt the camera using these buttons, which is smoother or you can use the dial. It just has a one speed, servo and back up and back to horizon, or you can intermittently hit it for a smoother slower tilt and because of the electronic image stabilization, it is still smooth its not jerky, which is just awesome all right. So that is the camera tilt and now heres the camera zoom see with the dial you can only zoom in intermittently, even though i hold it, it does not zoom in you just have to zoom in intermittently. I think i went to the maximum zoom okay im zooming back out okay, so you need to do that intermittently or you can do that in the phone app. Let me cancel that out and here oops there you go. You can also zoom in with the phone app and it allows you to zoom in nice and smooth. That is just awesome. Im not sure if that gets shown on the video record, but it is showing up on the app and looks like im, not recording.

What happened here lets see here. Yeah im not recording the video record, has stopped so im gon na go ahead and hit it again huh. I did hit record earlier didnt i, but it has automatically just stopped by itself. So let me do that zoom once again to see if it records so zoom is one x all the way up to five x. Is that what it is yeah kind of hard to see that yeah five x all right, so you can do that with a phone app or with the dial, but with the phone app its a lot smoother and it is recording right now. All right so lets go ahead and bring it in and we are in speed number one and here is speed. Number two: there you go speed number two in gps mode, Music, very nice and smooth just like the predecessor, the f11 pro 4k or the gim ruko gim. This one is the ruco gim 2, the one that has the three kilometer range, which is just freaking awesome. So eventually, all the other gps quadcopters gon na have to include this technology. The enhanced video transmission relay technology into the remote control. So you can have nice video. Let me see the video fly it in speed. Number two speed number two is still nice and smooth. Even on the yaw axis, even though it doesnt have that three axis gimbal, this two axis gimbal is doing a very nice job because of the electronic image stabilization.

Look at that wow, okay, im gon na hit speed, number three sport mode and im still sitting and looking at the video okay, you have to anticipate where you want to stop and stop a little bit ahead of time, because it kind of has a little bit Of a delay so right there boom, i stopped too early okay, im going to go ahead and turn around and stop on the car and try to keep the car in the center of the screen. So ill stop right now and look at that! Well, you dont need to stop that early, but it does help out a little bit. Okay. Here we go one more time, anticipating the delay oops check whether the propeller is damaged. It says i dont think the propeller is damaged, so thats a little unnecessary notification. There. You go turn a little bit to the right. I see a little bit of prop action on the top left corner of the screen, because the clock up there is just fluctuating like crazy, alright, so lets visually check out speed number three: our behavior is nice very good controls, and i just love the fact that The wi fi fpv video doesnt die out. Like other quadcopters, i mean even with the 5g wi fi fpv i mean. Sometimes the video transmission just stops once in a while freezes this one 3000 meters. That is just crazy, all right. So that is speed. Number three guys: okay, so weve checked out the speeds we checked out: the camera, zoom camera tilt, speed numbers, one two and three and i dont think im gon na.

Do the emergency stop. But if you are in trouble and you need to stop the motors and you cannot land it like its caught up in the trees or something like that – and you want to stop the uh propellers from damaging itself or whatnot, then you want to hit that emergency. Stop a single and a long press, i believe so. Let me try that right over here right above the landing pad just to demonstrate the emergency, stop a short and a long press. There you go emergency, stop and it just landed. Okay, so lets put it in the center of the landing pad thatll, be our new home point. I took off from the table so now this will be the home point, so lets go ahead and arm it and take off also lets go ahead and do the one t to land, i believe, thats in the app. So there you go slide and you can still kind of direct this path but looks like its doing. Pretty good takes a little while and the motor shut off okay, so you can manually take off or you can use the phone app as well as well as landing so arming the motors. But you have to arm the motors first before you can slide to take off there. You go taking off all right, thats, one key to take off okay, so first thing first lets check out its function: the return home function, let it hover right there, okay, so anytime, the quadcopter is away, and you wish the quadcopter to come back to you, but You dont know your way back.

All you got to do is hit the return home button and it will come back and land where it took off, which is the home point. So lets go ahead and do that. Oh, it says return home on the app turned around climbing up and it says going home on the remote control too and im pretty sure thats what it says on the app somewhere and you see the blue icon on the return to home lit up. Oh, it turns around again and it comes down nice lets see if it stops midway or right above the landing spot. Yes, it slows down it. Doesnt stop it slows down. Oh youre, gon na miss the landing pad huh. Okay, all right! So there you go, landed a couple of distances away, couple of quack up the distances away, all right. So what im gon na do now is im going to go ahead and go out again hit the return home and then in mid flight on the way. Its back on the way back, im going to hit the return home again and stop the return to home process and then retake control. All right so lets go ahead and arm there. You go okay, let me just see if it is still recording yeah. It is still recording, i dont know why it stopped recording the first time around so double check on your app to make sure you got the recording continuously recording. Otherwise you will lose your recording all right.

So return to home return home, it says, turns around goes up in the air, 20 meters preset distance and then on its way, back im gon na go ahead and hit it okay, it said something like stop return to home, yeah, stop return home and the quack Up the just halted in mid and i have retaken control of it all right so far, so good everything is working just perfect and you can fly this thing around and take in the sights because of the three kilometer distance. I can just continue to fly away from myself. Look at that nice, so you take it to a nice area where you know its, not all dirt like over. Here i got ta, take it to the park and take in the sides, because this thing is just awesome. Look at that very nice, very, very nice, so smooth and this thing records in 4k, video to the micro sd card. There is no other resolution option, so youre gon na have to record in 4k, and then you can downgrade it. If you want to use it as a 1080p, and for this video i wont be uploading, it in 4k ill be downgrading it to 1080p. For the purpose of easy, upload and then ill go out to the park and take some 4k videos and upload that in 4k, so you guys can see the resolution and the camera quality of the rooko f11 gim2. Okay, so im gon na go ahead and test out the fail safe return home.

But to do that either i have to go out of control, but you cant, because it once it hits 3000 meters. It heads its way back, but just in case you got obstacles in the way it will do. A return to home fail fail, safe return home where it loses connection, but to simulate that here at the field on this test, i have to turn off my remote control and, like i showed you guys earlier when you turn off the remote control, the app discontinues As well, because it has that relay transmission system going on so it is still recording from the hard remote. Hopefully that continues, but what im going to do is im going to stop the recording. So i have this clip saved and im going to hit the recording. Once again there you go starting to record the screen record. However, im gon na leave it on, so you guys can witness the uh app freezing, because its gon na be disconnected with the remote control. So that is the reason why this thing can go 3000 miles a relay transmission system. All right so lets push it out. Okay and then im going to go ahead and turn the remote controller off lets see what happens. Remote controller is turned off, so the wi fi transmission should be turned off as well. Look its turning around. It is rising up in altitude and it is coming back. Let me go ahead and turn it back on and see what happens.

The wi fi still stopped. It is not reconnecting thats going to take a while and look at that because it takes a long time to connect with the remote control. I cant immediately connect. So question that i have is, while its coming back from a fail safe because it lost connection, does it take this long again to reconnect with the remote control because of the wi fi relay system, so im gon na just leave it right here and lets see What happens here i know my battery is going down well, this is not connected anymore, its frozen in time, so lets see if the remote control reconnects. Hopefully it does so you are probably not going to be able to retake control right away while its flying back until the remote control reconnects with the quadcopter here so thats, one of the downsides of this relay transmission system or the enhanced video transm transmission. Its still not connecting – and i dont know if it ever will, because thats taking a while. So i dont know if its recording still yet because its completely disconnected with the phone as well as the remote control, so nothings happening nothings happening yeah. So thats one of the downsides of this uh long range quadcopter that three kilometer long range. We are sacrificing the reconnection and the loss of connection with the wi fi phone app as well the video connection. So if it happens to land somewhere, where Music, it loses battery power on its way back from a fail, safe situation, the only thing you got going for yourself is the setting here, where you can track your quadcopter, the gps location of your quadcopter, exactly where it Is last transmission? It shows you that so you can go ahead and retrieve your quadcopter, so look at that.

It still does not want to connect all right. So im gon na have to reconnect this whole thing once again, guys. Okay, so im gon na go ahead and turn it off, but it is not uh gon na affect the video recording uh. I have no choice but to turn it off because i cant control it. I cant turn it off okay, so i have no choice. Im going to turn off the quadcopter, okay, quadcopter has been turned off, and the power to the transmitter has been turned off im going to go ahead and turn it back on. Oh, i didnt hold it long enough. It doesnt want to turn on and the reason why is because the battery has already kind of depleted and it is in the low voltage situation, so it does not even want to turn on. So, if you have a low voltage battery, it will not turn on. So that is a good safety feature here, all right, so im going to go ahead and re place, the battery with a newer battery, all right guys got a new battery. Now it is starting up all right powering up the transmitter, so were going to have a lot of time to kill before the low voltage kicks in so waiting for it to connect. Okay, it is connected and we got video once again. All right so lets go ahead and calibrate you got to calibrate this thing. Im pretty sure it has memory, look at the lights.

They are solid, but im going to play it safe and im going to calibrate the compass and the gyros once again: okay, pink lights. Okay, one beep heard nose down two beeps heard gyro calibration there you go, gimbal has been calibrated, okay, arming it and manually taken off, and by default it should be in speed number two. Okay, so thats that and ive already shown you guys its maximum distance, which is three kilometers, so no need to do a range test here. So lets check out some of the special features like follow me and stuff, but somebody riding a mini bike. Look at that. I should bring my mini bike over here. I think its illegal to ride in this lot. It is not a designated place to be riding, but look at that very quiet. I dont even hear it. Okay, im gon na check out first im gon na go ahead and check out the point of interest, so lets go ahead and check that out im going to lower down the camera tilt. Okay, there i am im gon na rotate around myself, all right. So what you want to do is you want to place the clock up there right above the point of interest first and mark the spot, so its basically right above where i am, and you want to hit the photo and the video button simultaneously. Okay – and it also says, fly around and i dont know what the app says: okay, locked something all right and now you you can go ahead and place.

The quadcopter two meters to 100 meter distance away. So im about right here looks like im about 25 meters away and then go ahead and hit the photo and the video button once again to start the point of interest or circle me: there you go and it only rotates in one direction and there you go Point of interest very nice. Okay, how cool is that you can do that right from your remote control. You dont have to go into the app to do the point of interest, which i like a lot okay. So, while its doing the point of interest, you are able to throttle up throttle down to reposition yourself and you are able to yaw, so you can yaw. But when you let go itll bounce right back to face you once again, so i can yaw this way. It comes right back, i can yaw the opposite way and let go itll come right back. That is pretty cool, but if you touch the pitch and roll stick, the point of interest function will stop. So you dont want to do that unless you want to stop so that is kind of sad, because you cannot control the radius the distance as it is doing the point of interest and you cannot control its uh speed of rotation as well. You are stuck with this speed and you are stuck with this uh radius, the distance once you start the point of interest.

Okay, all right, so let me take a look and see how good it is doing the circle me, and it is doing it very well too. Look at that very nice awesome so place yourself right on top of a special point of interest, and you can do the circle me and take some smooth videos and you dont have to do that manually. That is awesome all right, so that is done so im going to go ahead and hit the right stick or you can go ahead and hit the photo and the video button again to stop its point of interest im going to go ahead and hit the right. Stick all right: there you go so once you hit the right, stick: the pitch and roll stick uh, whether you have mode two or mode one that mode one itll be on this side on the left. Stick. It will get you out of the point of interest. All right and back to control, okay, okay, so for the next one lets go ahead and see. If this thing has good follow me, let me go ahead and lower it down a little bit. Okay, let me go on this side here, so the car is not in the way okay, so we are right here im in the middle of the field. Let me position myself better so tilt down just a little bit Music. Okay, i am unable to show you guys a gps follow me, because this ipad does not have cellular data, but i can show you guys.

The image follow me, which is here: okay, prompt, you slide it, and then you make a square on the subject which is myself and lets, see: hey. Look at that image. Follow me works Applause, so you could be sitting over there and you could be following somebody else instead of yourself, because it is not gps. Follow me so on gps follow me, it will be following the whatever device you got. Goings, gps position, city payment uh. I got ta pay bills: okay, okay yeah. It is still working. Okay lets see. If i please reselect the target up, it has lost me and its probably because the car got in the way huh okay lets see. Does it did it reacquire me yeah? It sure did, let me go backwards here, go away from the quadcopter and oh, oh, the clock out. There is not following me, you know right to the bush. Oh, it still got me on target, but it is not following me. It should be coming this way and it is not. It still got me locked Applause and it is still following me in the yaw axis Applause, but it doesnt come towards me when i walk away from it. So i guess the image follow me is limited in its function here, yeah, unless i go out of the screen, no thats too far, already im, just so small now yeah, so thats one thing bad about this: huh, okay, im coming towards it! So if i come towards it and go beyond Applause, where its visual on the screen, does it reverse Applause? No, it doesnt look like it guys nope, it does not.

It just stays still, but its still got a lock on me and it is rotating to follow me so that is image. Follow me. Applause ill go ahead and hook it up to my phone and try to do the gps. Follow me next yeah there you go guys that is image. Follow me alright, guys here we go once again. I got everything recalibrated and this time i got my phone hooked up to it. So well have gps positioned with the phone as well, so lets go ahead and arm it and manually take off Music again. It starts off in speed number two by default: nice okay, lets see. Okay, lets leave it right there and let me lower it down a little bit the tilt angle, not up but down. Please, okay, its right about there and lets activate the gps. Follow me. It says something here. I guess the gps position is not strong enough or something like that. Okay, let me go ahead and hit it again: oops yeah, hey there, you go. It has gps lock now so its going to be following my phone, so its a lot more accurate than the image lock and look at that, this time im going kind of towards it and it is moving away from me going backwards. Nice could have actually brought like a bicycle or something and see if i can ride the bicycle. Let me go away from it and it should be following me now very hard to see the phone yeah there.

I am, and it is following me all right. Let me see if i take a little run yep, it is still following me run around the car hide from the car run around and yep. It is look at that actively chasing me around, so the gps follow me works really well, but probably at a certain speed. It loses you like if youre riding like a motorcycle or driving in the car there, you go look at that. That is just fantastic isnt. It all right guys im getting winded. I want to go ahead and sit back down here and there you go theres the gps follow me. So let me go ahead and exit the gps. Follow me and up tilt the camera just a little bit more Music. A little bit higher come on now there you go just a little bit more higher there. You go all right, im gon na go ahead and start the video. I thought i started the video when i started this thing, so there once again theres an issue of the video stopping by itself, so you got ta constantly monitor whether or not you are recording the first time around. Okay and the second time i hit the video recording the last time it continued all the way until i turned it off so make sure you keep an eye on that video counter right. Im, just gon na do some fpv guys to run out the battery Applause.

Nice, Music, so Music, very nice, Music, Music, here im looking at the app and it has yellow line on the top left corner and its heading towards me. Im gon na double check to make sure i got screen record turned on still yet. Yes, it is still recording, so it hasnt hit the first phase of low voltage, yet so im just going to fly around right around here until it actually does and looks like im supposed to be in low voltage. So there should be a geo fencing and it should come back within so many meters. And if my memory serves me right, it should be about 100 meters, but im still able to go pretty far beyond the 100 meters. Yeah im still going 140, and i have one bar remaining on the battery life indicator on the remote control and the yellow bar on the top left corner is getting very, very small, very short, so, im not sure if there is a first phase of low voltage Here now, because this is the first time that im trying it out with the battery that low there should be a first phase if im not mistaken, just like the f11 pro 4k and look at that whoa. Okay, it hit the first phase now, where the battery level is pretty low, yeah and its just holding its place right there. So there you go guys first phase of low voltage and i can still fly around and now there is a geo fencing and it has a kickback and it is still holding its position.

So this thing does not have very much of time between first phase and critical phase of low voltage. Unless the battery meter is wrong, distance limited it says so – theres a geo fencing, so you can only fly around within what looks like maybe 30 meters boom. Oh, that time it didnt say: distance, limited and theres a beep, okay, low voltage, beep, okay, lets see what happens. I dont want to stay too close, because i believe, if you stay too close, it will land in its spot. So im going to stay relatively further away like 15 meters, so i wanted to perform the return of homes. Oh, it says something here, but it is not moving its still under my control. Okay, just dont drop out of the sky once the battery dies. Okay, distance limited, but we still have a pretty good amount of time between the first and the second phase, but my battery level indicator shows me that it is out of battery just about but im still flying it. Okay, im still still flying back and forth, and waiting for the critical low voltage to kick in man. It has been a hot summer hasnt it. I think uh next week, its gon na start cooling down a little bit its been 100 degrees here, every day above 100 degrees and very humid this year, lots of monsoon clouds and it did rain, and that is the reason why this field is nice and green.

Usually this time of year, its all dried up, okay, im still flying, so it does have a pretty good amount of low voltage flight capability. Even though the battery level indicator indicates zero on the app as well, it is in the red it was yellow now its in red, drawn low voltage, it says so is it going to start coming back home yeah we havent hit the critical low voltage yeah distance, Limited were still in the low voltage, but it is not thinking about coming home, yet this is gon na be a very long video because im spending almost two batteries on this thing. Thank god i made that distance video and the closer look video by itself. Otherwise, put together, it was gon na be more than an hour. Okay, it is still not thinking about coming home. Does it come home Applause? So if you are owner of one of these quadcopters, you should immediately land. You shouldnt be flying like how im flying because its going to deplete the battery very low down to the zero percent, basically thatll kind of deplete the batterys life expectancy. That is not healthy for your battery, so you want to land the battery once it hits the yellow. So when you recharge the battery, it is a healthy battery to recharge and it takes shorter amount of time like this. This is a test to show you guys what happens when it ultimately has a critical low voltage, but you shouldnt bring it down this low.

Okay. It says low voltage again voice prompt, but nothing is happening guys. Oh, my goodness long flight time, okay, return, home distance, limited return home now, its returning home, whoa, okay, finding his position like really quick wasted, no time and it is coming down and it says its coming down Music and there you go guys. My review and test flight of the ruko gim 2, with the 2 axis gimbal and the 3 000 meter distance. Thank you so much for tuning in and watching have a great day and well see you again.