The rooko f11 gen 2 lets do a quick unboxing. Everything comes very nicely back and they included a very nice car in case. So you can take your turn around without being worried that you might get a scratch when you put in your backpack now we have a couple of sticky cables. We have a few spare screws and allen range and a few spare propellers. We have a quick guide. We have some other documentation alongside the user manual, and this drone also came with an extra battery for extra flight time. The remote and the drone both looks really nice. I, like the color, so here it is the rooko f11 chain 2 and the remote control both foldable first lets quickly remove the gimbal guard, so we can see the beautiful camera its a rather small camera, but there it is its not bad its on a gimbal And a two axis gimbal and like i said this is foldable so very convenient to take around the propellers are also foldable, so you dont need to take them out and take the name like some older drones and there it is. When this is open, you can see right there, it aint too big its more or less the of a. I think, like a little bit smaller than my mavic r2s, i think its on between a mavic r2s and the original mavic air and the remote, which is also foldable check this out. So this is the phone bracket, and this is right here.

They dont hold the phone just for hand support okay, so we have this very small antennas. Also foldable take a look at that and i guess its time to go out and test it strong Music. I came to the beach to try this strong and i just realizing that the beach well. This is where its always windy. It is very windy right now. I apologize for the noise of the waves, but you know beautiful being on the beach right, and this drone is so lightweight and small that i guess its gon na be quite a test to fly with this wind, so lets give it a go its holding everything. What look at that and its? Not that noisy, i mean its holding position quite well. Its pretty good lets. Try that out Music, no bad, how many can be pushed around and still holding the position? Okay, now lets go for a proper fly, so Music come on Music, come on Music Applause, Music, so Music come on Music. I have a very satisfying first fly, but i want to test the follow mode on this one. So im going to ask my assistant, michael from indonesia, to run around the beach and see if the drone can follow, keep up with him so to select michael. It was pretty easy. Just draw a square on to him. After previously selected, the tracking and, as you can see, michael, is running pretty fast, like crazy all over the beach and the drone is keeping up with him pretty well Music.

I did let that test run a little longer till michael got tired, and then i was ready to test the gesture motion. So, basically, you do this gesture and it will do a countdown from three to zero and take a picture so ive flown away till there is absolutely no more battery and im testing out the return to home, which is basically going back to where i take off. On its own, actually i didnt take off here. I took off somewhere in there and its kind of coming back there a little nerve wracking, because im so close to the water right now, Music, all right guys so ive been flying this strong for quite a few days – and i got ta, say im quite impressed. Now, especially for a drone that is being sold by a company which website is ruco, but it is supposed to be a toy trunk. I dont think so. It is actually pretty darn good. Definitely not a toy, so lets talk a little bit about flyability. Is that even a world im not sure, but anyway, how easy it is to fly and, to be honest, its pretty darn easy, so first, it connects really fast. Second, one is connect that connection that image transmission into your phone is rock solid, ive flown somewhere around 300 400 meters away, and the connection was really really good in all case scenarios, so ive flown in the beach where you saw it previously – and there are a Lot of ships around so they use maybe similar frequencies, and i thought that would interrupt the frequency that never happened.

Ive flown in the city, no problem at front in the mountains, no problem, so the image translation is so good that i will compare it to something like a dji, mavic air like its that good. Now, when it comes to the image quality, 4k kind of it felt more like a 1080p that was blown out into 4k, there is a lot of digital sharpening and there was a little bit of magenta cast into some of my videos but easy to correct uh. If you are like me, a filmmaker you, like color grading, you can correct that the digital sharpening not so much. I really wish to have something like a flat color profile. I mean. I know this drone is not supposed to be for filmmakers, but um. It would be nice to not be so digitally sharpened, um, but other than that, its pretty good – and you probably remember at the very beginning of this video i mentioned that this drone have an ace up sleeve. What im referring to that is that this drone doesnt have wait for it geofencing you can fly anywhere. It will take off literally anywhere, and i mean thats really cool. Okay, dont get me wrong. I dont mean for you to go out and fly somewhere. You can have an accident or do something illegal, but here is the thing there was about a few months ago there was a famous painter who wanted me to get a drone shot so like an overhead shot of him painting on the floor, so he will paint Like this big painting, where the painting was laid down on the floor – and i only have to fly three to five meters in altitude on a private property in an influencer – i couldnt take the job.

I lost a lot of money now they did not care about quality. Like i mean this thing would have been perfectly fine for the job. I got ta get money in my pockets, easy very easily. About a year ago i seen last year, i got a job offer where they were building a tennis court. Now this tennis court huge private property um. They only want me to fly somewhere around 20 meters in altitude. They just wanted to film 10 days consecutive to see the transition or the construction of the tennis court on an offline zone, and there was an offline zone literally for like less than half kilometer around a quarter mile or something like that. So they would. I would have been absolutely safe flying at 20 meters altitude on private property. My my dji drone will not take off at all. I couldnt take the job so uh. I believe that this drone is probably gon na make me some money uh and its gon na pay itself. Uh, i mean i see it from a professional bonus view and i dont think the non professional will kind of look at this. But, to be honest, the footage is uh just about okay, that i can use it for these purposes too, to get some shots, um flying a low altitude, not working, really low, because not your fencing, i mean so im pretty happy and keeping this strong, and i Highly recommend it for anybody who is either playing you wan na, buy a drone to maybe your son, your daughter, they can play with it its easy to fly and for people like me that eventually might wan na fly on a you know.

Maybe youre inside your house, my dji drone will immediately not take off because my house isnt a no fly zone. So a drone like this – i could just you know, fly for fun while having gps, maybe in your backyard or something i could fly like in my backyard or somewhere without and danger anything so ruko f11 g2 comes highly recommended.