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  1. Can i have one of your drone that you dont use bro im a big fan💜

  2. Hey buddy, отличное видео. Help's a lot. I got mine but when it flies it flies on right. Did you had similar experience? благодаря

  3. I just got one of these little things there fun

  4. how to use headless mode?? which button

  5. Эй, ребята. My son bought a SymaX22W drome and is flying sideways. How do you reset the factory settings?

  6. This may be more of an indoor dronebut the range on this one is extremely good if you ever go to try it outside. 🙂

  7. saw your review and ordered it today from amazon to add it to my collection.Perfect flyer for indoors while my gps drones are grounded for winter season. Thanks for the review subed to the channel great work.

  8. Hey my brother Just wanted to come in smash that like button and support you I hope you’re doing well good luck broAnd hopefully to return to you too I miss you guys

  9. I have this drone and it is great. Only con is it could have a better wideangle or fisheye for the camera

  10. that is cool im thinking of getting that but might wait for the X23W its a bit biggerbut still smaller then the X15W

  11. Pretty good demo buddy. Yeah it's a bit to big to be flying inside there. Syma usually has stuff that flies nice!

  12. Good review man and demo , looks like a great flyer

  13. милая. I got it is black but no camera. One of my fav mini drones ! благодаря

  14. Acts very similar to the x21w.. Wonder the differences besides that shape and the battery.

  15. Хороший обзор Донни, don't need the manual after a detailed explanation and video.

  16. Loved this video xx hope you can subscribe back to my channel! 😀

  17. Ницца мало флаер! The altitude hold seems to work well. Большой обзор Донни!

  18. Ницца Распаковка и обзор. This looks more like a indoor flyer anyways, I doubt it could handle the windy weather of NJ.

  19. Awesome of Brian to send you this. Nice обзор bro. 👍

  20. Thanks for the review Big Drone 👍🌝 nice.

  21. хорошо выглядит! I was like your going to hit the Christmas tree! =) T Up

  22. Good video have to get some outside shots and some dvr if it does it. Cool little trick I’ve learned if they don’t have dvr is to do a screen recording of your phone

  23. Ницца мало флаер!! 🙋🙌🙋🙌🙋

  24. 🌲🌲 Great. Big Like from Germany 👋.

  25. Nice job as always brother! Big thumbs up! 👍 Happy Flyin!!

  26. Большой беспилотный! Fly well through the living room :))

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