I had a drone coming in and in today’s video we’re gon na unbox, all the um we’re gon na unbox, all this stuff that came in i cut this bag open all right. I got a pad here that uh tells me what um should be here: um and then we’ll go through let’s. Just get some of these boxes up quick we’ll get this bag out of our way and uh we’ll unbox all this stuff. This bag is full of boxes, Хорошо, Хорошо, есть, that bag let’s get this box out of our way for now, we’ll open that up after these are all the boxes. If you’re new to the channel hit that thumbs up button, um subscribe to the channel leave a comment and uh in this video we’re gon na discuss uh the a drone um i contacted my company and um we’re gon na do a review on a drone and Uh, this is the swell pulp pro 3 трутень. They have different platforms. This platform is uh for filming and it’s the premium um so it’s a 1203 plus for filming premium, and what that um consists of. It comes with one aircraft, one remote, three drone batteries. One controller battery a balanced charger balance, charger cables, propellers battery charging, Кабели, ground station, Шасси, accessory package, carry case and a four case, gimbal camera that’s. All in one thing, the extras that were added is a sun shade for the remote, the trolling and safety tension release switch the fishing camera with the payload release button, an extra remote battery and the v fvp goggles.

So let’s open some of this stuff up, see what we got: wow here’s, some uh propellers. Let me tell you these things got to be 10 в 12 дюймов. It says counterclockwise on this one and clockwise on this. One it’s got a lock, padlock lock and a padlock open so i’m, assuming when you put those on and those are those are big props, все в порядке, так что я, assuming that’s what’s in that other box too there’s a few more crops, those aren’t um like rubber, either Those are some sort of uh plastic. I don’t know how you go back in there. We just leave it like that for now so that’s in that box i’m, assuming this is yeah that’s another set of uh props, because uh the sun propellers times four. So i don’t know if it’s four separate propellers if it’s sets four sets because there’s two there and two there so that’s four propellers, do they mean four such is there more in the other box, Хорошо, let’s see what this is all right in this box. We have oh wow that’s a waterproof three times: gimbal 4k camera. This mounts on the bottom of the drone. This camera pivots up down, rotates all over the place and uh it’s for it’s strictly for filming. This one is for, and it is waterproof, come with the instructions. Some extra rubber pieces for here and the plastic pieces here comes with a whole extra set of that that’s, pretty cool um.

How do i put this back in there? How about this pretty cool camera? я, like that aluminum i put this on first and then we’ll slide. It all right, all right so there’s that so we got i’m gon na check this stuff off see i don’t know if we’ve got four if it calls for four sets of props or um. Four um props themselves, so we got the four uh k. Gimbal we’ll mark that up. I know we got at least two props put a two here circle that um, but it says times four, so we can get rid of that box. Let’S see what’s in this. Хорошо, another camera: this is a fishing camera, so this one goes up and down my manual just stays down, because i don’t see no wires connected to that thing unless there’s some sort of magnet around it. But i imagine that just fishes down like this and it’s got a bait switch here and there’s a control remote on the remote. It releases the the bait. So this is the fishing setup. So this is the fishing camera payload with the payload and it did not come with extra rubber bushings and the clips and everything like the other one did. I don’t know if it’s supposed to, but i would assume so it’s got the key to lock it onto the drone, but it does not have that extra um. The extra pieces like the other drum has so i do not know if it’s supposed to, but i would imagine so why would that camera come in after pieces and not this one all right? So we got the 4k uh camera.

That thing looks nice and then we’ve got the fishing camera and setup all right, let’s see what’s in this box. This box has got a few sd cards. This says waterproof drone. This is sunshine. I think this is the sunshade cover that goes on to protect your uh, to keep the sun off your screen, so you can see it i’m. Imagining uh we’ll try that out after that’s a sunshade for the remote that’s right here, let’s cross that up now i did call these uh this company, because i did not it went to spam. I did not get the email that is shipped, so i called him out or i called i went to columbus. If you call the call this company i’m in louisiana, obviously with the name, ловит рыбу, louisiana and um, their time zone is like 10 hours in front of us or behind a time of 12 Часы. So if you want to get a hold of them, i’ve never tried calling them. But if i leave an email for them at nine o’clock at night, they get back to me within minutes, Я, emailed them twice and both times they emailed me back so fast that i was very impressed. They were very friendly. They always always answered my email. I did i emailed them three times and all three times that you emailed me do not pull okay. This is imagining this is the extra remote battery it’s a nice little sturdy battery, so let’s put across that off trying to make sure that we get what was supposed to be in the order.

Да, i mean let’s put that back in plastic Music. Пока что, i have been nothing but happy with the customer service, especially and this the speediness of it. I think it was only five days now. I know this country’s not overseas because of the way their time zone is so different than ours, but it was shipped out of texas and it got here super fast once they uh said the order was in once the order went in it was. It was days. I’M telling you four to five days it was delivered. I actually got this first bag of all these boxes first and then got um the big box later. So this must be the drone battery Applause and that’s heavy battery uh 5200ma mah Applause, yeah that’s a monster got a couple different plugs on there, Музыка, так что я. Assuming this is a battery too we’re supposed to have three drone batteries. Что ж, давайте. Look at this one. First and we’ll mark that, because i’ve only got two boxes that are the same size here, yeah by the weight of it and the size exact same those are both uh drone batteries. So we got two drone batteries, we’re looking for one more drone battery all right. What we got hereoh it says, s3 goggle, glass i’ve got a nice little carrying case, but you can fly this drone in first person view. ой, i can’t see nothing on my glasses, but uh it’s supposed to be real.

He’S got the instructions in here um. Some sort of piece of padding i don’t know where that padding goes maybe on the nose piece or something i don’t know. It’S got a couple antennas. The screw on here. It’S got a band button here, channel power, i don’t know what that m is it’s, either an m or a w. I imagine it’s an m. I don’t know that looks like power. I don’t know that one looks like a circle with a line coming off it. The power button’s got the circle with the line going into it. It’S got some things on the bottom av in and out ear out dc in usb and tf. It looks like an sd card slot and i don’t know what these switches do here. Oh and move your your lenses from left to right for your, so you can center your eyes and that’s really cool all right, so we got some fpv, goggles and uh from what they say. These goggles can be used with any other drone. ой – and it has a battery in here for the goggles there’s a battery there and here’s the batteries – есть, a battery in it and there’s a battery, so it’s got two batteries for the goggles that’s nice to know. I didn’t think they would send it with the battery in it so that’s, something that we just learned. So we got um the goggles, so that is actually all the stuff, and that is all the extras.

The only thing that i do not see, uh from the extras that were supposed to be, was just that little it’s, just a little piece and uh it’s a tension or a trolling thing for the um. You hook your bait, your fishing line to it you control with the drone and when the fish grabs it, the tension will let it release on its own. Так гм, like with this camera, one the one with the camera, you have to hit the button to release the the line. So with that one. If the fish bites it releases so let’s open this big box let’s see Music. I know this is the drone but there’s a lot of pieces, so wow check this out, it’s a suitcase that’s, impressive right off the bat and that’s very impressive that’s. A sturdy suitcase. This thing comes in let’s, take a look at what’s inside wow. It draws bigger than i thought this is a massive look at the size of this controller. Got its own computer screen check that out, screen tilts, i don’t know how this goes on there, but i imagine, oh i see, looks like this just clips onto it. Flips over the screenand this goes on it over the top like that, so when you’re flying that’s, you can keep the sun off it. То есть, nice calibrate the compass and the economy of the drone fully charge the drone and remote control batteries before you fly calibrate fully charge.

Remove the clear protector stickers on the top of the drone. Read the uterus manual review your tutorial videos on youtube swell pro. All switches must be in the up position when powering on the remote. So all these switches go up. It’S got air drop off on video preview photo. This has got gps cruise and atti. This is normal and return to home with a couple of buttons here down here. It shows the battery light status. It’S normal and smooth it’s got some knobs normal and smooth. I guess those are for the controllers. It’S got a hook right here. I imagine that hook is for a lanyard that can go around your neck, but let me tell you that is a massive controller, all right since the goggles had it yeah look there’s a battery here, plus we have a spare battery, so we’ve got two batteries, so Let’S mark this down um remote. We got a remote and uh controller battery, so we got two controller batteries. We just got a drone in here. I can see that right off the bat all right, let’s put this uh back in here very uh very well built man. This thing is very well built. Мы будем, probably get everything on charge tonight and then we’ll uh go try this thing out, huh all right. We got ta control it. We got here two more sets of props right here, so that was for four sets of props. Not four props, so we’ve got four sets of props we’ve got a drone, got some landing gear, that’s impressive, yeah that one’s on backwards.

It goes like this imagine it goes like, and it goes like this here, yeah the big drone grief. I think the monster okay, let’s take a look inside this. This is your gps receiver. It says this. This is the front you can see. It says front here, and here this has got a waterproof ceiling. This drone is waterproof, can be totally submerged, it’ll write itself, let’s see you should we got to remove this sticker before we fly, but we’ll do all that when we follow the directions on how to calibrate this thing, it does have a battery in here. I don’t know what this other plug is for. Here’S your power setup man. How do you even get the battery in that thing? It’S tucked way up under there? I don’t know how you get that thing in there that’s going to be tricky, got a whole microprocessor and everything in here here’s your gps, То есть, довольно прохладно. This thing is uh and press it we’re gon na leave those feet on and we’re gon na, so we’re gon na leave this uh we’re gon na leave these feet on. Теперь, while we um we’re gon na finish. Putting this thing together see what it looks like let’s see what else is in the box. We got the props, so we have the four props. We do have there’s a battery there, three batteries there, so we have all three drone batteries. This is the balance charger.

Stop restart status. Imagine this is the power cord for it. Действительно, it is so we’ve got the balance charger. В нем говорится,, balance charger cables. So goes like this. This pack here says accessory package. ой, we do have the landing gear we put that on. We have the carry case: battery charging, Кабели, баланс зарядное устройство, Кабели, Хорошо, let’s see what’s in here. ой, this must be that land yard that hooks it a remote that’s a battery charging cable. This is an antenna. I don’t know what this antenna goes through. There’S two antennas: Ох, they must go to the remote yeah. Those two antennas go on the remote. Это, Я не знаю. I don’t know what that is. Um the splash drone manual, apparently that this cable plugs into here. This cable plugs into here. These two cables plug into here and both of these plug into the batteries you got ta be careful. Those pins do not look. This is a usb cable um. So this must. I don’t know what this does. There’S a usb small part there power plug this thing. Does all kinds of stuff i don’t know what this is. It looks like a little loop and then these are the pieces that piece black piece right there. I think it’s the antenna for the gps and a padded piece, a spare one. There is one on the drone, so we do have a ton of cables that go with it. We’Ve got these cables for the smaller batteries, these cables for the bigger batteries.

We got this kit. It takes all those two cables to charge the battery. I don’t know why one of the computer operatorsbut this is the accessory bag and so i’m going to say those are the balance, charger cables and the accessory pack and the battery charging cables. So it looks like i do not see the ground station it’s a black box. I don’t know what these plugs go to. There’S a couple. Extra plugs only go on the bottom of the drone and a couple extra those and a couple stickers. You got how to charge these. This is battery charging instructions. You got the user’s manual there’s a bunch of stuff. You have to do to this thing before you start it up. I like how that sticks right there. This goes in here nicely. So uh let’s get this out of our way. Let’S set let’s see what this drone looks like with um let’s put one of the cameras on let’s see how simple this is to hook up. This is the 4k. This is for filming it’s, not the fishing one. Imagine it goes on just like this well that couldn’t have been any easier there’s a waterproof cap here to take this cap off and it’s got a waterproof plug that plugs straight into here. It’S got up down: Хорошо, the power button and mode button. There you got ta make sure you do not bend these things so i’m too nervous to push on this thing.

There we go just needed to be a little push in there. That’S got a rubber gasket in it makes it waterproof that’s pretty cool i’ll check that out. It’S got a kind of a self leveling feature. It’S got a weight on here: , это, a rubber that’s, a piece of a phone for transportation what’s under here: okay there’s, a usb port and a sim card port. In there there we go now. This thing should should do work on its own. I don’t know how this works, but we’ll check it out after but that’s the front of the drone. That camera said just like that that’s pretty cool let’s put some props on this thing. This thing is really heavy, Так и есть, it seems, well built okay. Now these say cw and ccw, so clockwise and counterclockwise. This says ccw, so that’s this crop and there’s a little dot above it. So i imagine this goes where the lock is on the unlock position. You don’t want to put much weight on this thing and then you turn it there. You go it’s locked, хорошо, То есть, easy and he’s going so easy same thing: cw cw put it where the unlock is slips right in locked cool, let’s put the other ones on. I do not want to lose this cat i’m going to put this cap in here, so you don’t lose i’m going to leave that camera out there for now. What i do wish is that the two cameras i wish those came with uh their own carrying case, because what am i gon na do to protect these cameras when they’re not on the drone, but my first first thought on this thing is, как я уже сказал, customer Service was phenomenal: the shipping fast real, fast shipping, but that’s what we that’s.

What we got this thing is a monster. Those props are at least 10 inches yeah they’re, all at 10 inches real super well built. This thing is nice it’s got. I can tell you right now: those are going to be the red and green lights there um these are some rubber plugs that’s. What these extra plugs are. I know that in here it’s got the power button here, an antenna here i already uh got my uh drone license um. I have a private pilot slices, so the part 107, and all that i had already taken all that.