You can link the drone to the snapton app via wi fi and fly using your phone or just the controller Music. When using the snapton app and your phone, you can view from the camera, you can create videos or take snapshots. I have an iphone and didn’t have any problems connecting and using the phone while flying this mini drone. My son has an android and he didn’t have any issues either, so it doesn’t matter. If you are an iphone user or an android user, you can have fun with this device. The mini drone comes with two batteries: each battery charges quickly in less than 45 минут. The fly time on each battery is about seven minutes. It comes with the propeller protectors, as well as extra propellers and screws in case they break in a crash learning to fly the drone. We had several crashes. The crashes did not harm the drone. We are still using the original propellers. The drone will shut itself off when it senses the ground or, if it crashes, как правило, i had to pull the arms back out some after a crash, but it was ready to go again. You can launch the drone several ways it launches from sitting still or if you give it a slight toss in the air, it will automatically start when it is paired with the controller and both are turned on. When the battery starts running down, it will start to beep. So you know you are losing battery power.

You can have the drone hoover do loops circle. It is endless what you can do with this little drone. I feel it has a good price point for what it can do. It is tons of fun. We had all the neighbor kids chasing it wanting to fly it. Как я уже сказал, my four years old grandson wanted to try and just giggled when he was flying it. Музыка, he only crashed a couple of times no regrets with this purchase. I hope to get some photos and a video up soon, to show you what this drone looks like and what it can do. Музыка. This drone is great for kids, это, small and compact comes with two batteries for more flight time. The remote has a phone holder built right into it. Setup was super easy. I was flying within minutes of opening the box because i’m a big kid at heart and couldn’t wait. Also this thing does flips. да, сальто. Your kid will love this drone. I have yet to use the drone yet, but i will say everything came perfectly packed and together the instructions are pretty clear and i look forward to using it Music. I am happy to say that it is a gift he is enjoying, but it takes studying the controls, patience and enough space to practice. Let me describe the product first, it arrived in a neatly packaged box which contained the drone folded. Two batteries for the drone blade guards a charging cord axed.

They are not included. You download an app on your phone so that you can have additional controls like taking photos and videos once your batteries are in. You can pair your phone and remote to your drone, but be aware that this must be done over a wi fi network. The controls are fairly intuitive and you can control it either with the remote or your phone. It does take some practice, Хотя, to get it right.